Monday, December 6, 2021

This is me

 Memorable car of the day:  In the 1950s world of boys customizing cars, this 50 Merc was the most popular for those who had the talent and money. It was also a year of so before Ike & Dick were elected.


For today:

I was too young to vote for Ike, but if I had voted it would have been for Stevenson.  My best friend’s dad was a Democrat.

I voted for Mr. Carter once then for Reagan. Sherry voted for Jimmy twice, cancelling my second vote. LOL  I had some problems with Mr. Reagan, but overall I think he was a good president.

I took some time to crack and pick about 3 gallons of Black walnuts that fell off our trees this year. The final harvest was about a ½ pint of goodies. They rest in Maple Syrup now and are DELICIOUS on chocolate nut sundaes.  Or on that sea-salt caramel I bought accidentally on purpose. (I gained 3-4 pounds)

I love banana pudding. My daddy could not stand it but mama made the best there was for the rest of the family and visitors.

Breakfast, Pork brains and eggs with gravy, love it.  Biscuits and gravy, YES!    EGGS? Any way they are fixed. Raw ok, but they don’t last long enough to enjoy! ;)

Chicken Dumplings one of my favorites, Sherry doesn’t do Chick’n and dumplings, but I get them at Jackson’s Cafeteria; just about as good as mama’s.

Sherry does a DELICIOUS FISH STEW. I am an Oyster stew lover, Sherry ain’t. BUT her fish stew comes so close I cannot fuss, it is delicious. This week it made 3 meals for us.

Bragging here.  I make a delicious Stew beef and rice. I also do a good skinless chicken and rice.  I used to do a great veggie soup, but forgot how!!! Serious.

 Nite Shipslog

PS: Notice none of those cars had door handles. It was called 'shaved'.  They had many tricks to open the doors. None were remote control. LOL it did not exist then.


Mevely317 said...

Huh? So how did people get inside those cars?!

This is a fun glimpse inside my friend's head. Only once did I vote outside the ticket. Banana pudding? Check! Those black walnuts not disintegrated beneath our boots were left for the little animals -- tho' I confess to putting walnut pieces in just about everything. (This afternoon it was my loose meat.) What else? I can't do oysters; haven't ever had chicken and dumplings ... but I love me a BIG breakfast. Just hold the pork brains, OK?

yaya said...

We have black walnuts and had one of the big trees taken down because it was a mess in the fall. I don't care for the taste of them however if you want more come on over and help yourself to the many fallen ones near the creek and up in the Creepy Woods! Chicken and dumplings is a favorite of mine and my Mother-in-law used to make it for me for my birthday. She made the best but then again she was a southern gal! Banana pudding is one of Jack's favorites...also a Mom-in-law special treat. I miss her cooking and I'm sure Jack does too!

Lisa said...

We call those walnuts in syrup “wet nuts”. Soo good!!!!
My mom makes the best “cooked” banana pudding and yes Jacksons has the best chicken n dumplings after moms.
I love oyster stew but you lost me a “Brains and eggs”. My daughter and Nick will eat them though. Bluuuuh.


Unknown said...

I just bought all the ingredients for banana pudding. That is hands down my all time favorite dessert. Skinless chicken and rice? Yum! Raw eggs? Yuck. Never!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

This post has made me hungry, Jack. You have great taste ... but no pork brain for me. Thanx.

God bless.

Glenda said...

Yum, yum, all of the above (except pork brains), methinks you're a "foodie"! Best dessert in the world was IrmaNee's banana pudding! This entry brings back memories of Mama's Chicken and Dumplings; I made it recently and substituted a skinned rotisserie chicken ~ easy and delicious. Y'all have a fun day, Love from Chobee, Glenda

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Black Walnuts were my mom's favorite but they are a lot of work to shell. English walnuts are much easier. I prefer them myself. Never had pork brains, but did have pork chitlins Bits of fat fried up crispy.You two do eat well and between the two of you, you'd never go hungry. They only oysters I ever had were breaded and fried, so I'd probably go with the fish stew too. One thing about our cold weather, the soups and stews sure do hit the spot!

Dar said...

Oh, I'm drooling over the fish stew, chicken and dumpling and banana pudding. My lil' sister lived down south 37 yrs. and learned to make the best chicken n' dumplings and banana pudding, all from scratch. You do eat healthy but no thanks for the brains here too. Had I known, we just butchered 4 hogs and could have saved the brains for you.......they say you can use everything on a hog except the
loven'hugs from up north where, yeppers, it's still C O L D @ it's even too cold to build a snowman...