Friday, December 24, 2021

Flying cars YES! ..... Wait, I am reconsidering!!

 A flying car of the day:



For today:

It just OCCURRED to me.  If a bunch of us get flying cars, hey, we could get killed. In the sky there ain’t no fender benders where folks pull over to the side and fuss at each other.  You both will probably fall from the sky like the duck who meets the duck hunter who can shoot.

Up there in the sky there is no shoulder of the road to pull over to with a flat tire or a propeller that flies off.

I used to want a flying car but the more I think of it, I better leave the ‘flying’ to the professionals.  LOL  Sherry wouldn’t go with me anyway and there ain’t no way I could fly this motor home and get 8 miles per gallon.

Some kids had imaginary friends. Me? I had an imaginary plane. It was a little fellow. Not much bigger than a pedal car with wings, but that sucker was like a jet plane before jet planes existed. I flew all over the world. I guess that is why I wanted a flying car. As a matter of fact I invented one in my book, “Ace and Me,” for a short flight.

That was the part one proofer did not like, but we kept it anyway. LOL

As a kid I had a 50 gallon barrel that both ends had been cut out. It was like a big short pipe. With it lying on its side, a friend and I would get in and I would fly us around. We sorta curled up and rocked it back and forth as we flew. LOL Most of the time I just flew solo. ;-)

Life sure moves on, that was back in 1945-46.

I like bloggers' childhood stories. Myra does some good ones. I liked Mama & the Indian Reservation and travels. Susan did a good one lately on ‘Fire in the Trees’ and the snow. Gary goes back to his childhood some. I enjoy it.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's wonderful all the things we could do with our imagination. I used to make doll houses out of card board boxes. Your barrel sounds like hours of fun. We need to encourage childhood creativity. The stuff dreams are made from. Merry Christmas Eve to you and Sherry!

Mevely317 said...

How I love your imagination, Jack! As a 'lonely only' (child) I spent much time in my own head. Usually those fantasies involved hunting big bear in my Davy Crockett get-up and wooden 'rifle' ... too, marshalling all my little plastic horses, cowboys and indians. Funny, none involved dolls.
Merry Christmas Eve!

betty said...

I'm with Sherry. I wouldn't be in a flying car, lol. But you do raise a good thought, Jack. What would happen with fender benders up there? And let's not get started with what could happen if people run red lights!! Maybe it is safer we all stay on the ground, though driving there isn't super safe these days! When I was growing up, we lived at a place that had a bamboo patch there that we would cut parts out to use as forts so we played army a lot it seemed. Fun days with imagination. Kids nowadays need more of it I think!


Gary B Wood said...

I grew up never seeing or getting near a real "Airplane" untill Ronnie Streeter from a town about 50 miles from us trued to land in Gramps meadow and hit a woodchuck Hole and the little Cessna Flipped over. He didn't get hurt thankfully. We got the team of Horses, hooked hay ropes to the thing and horses pelled it back over, only damage was to Tail Piece. We all crowded around it to look inside. Couple days it was fixed. We were all standing around when he started it up, we smell the fumes, felt the wind from the prop, and then away he went. Off into the wild blue yonder. Awesome Memory. Enjoy Yourself at Christmas, Merry Christmas to you and Sherry, Enjoy !!! Sending down Love and Best wishes, Love, Gary and Anna Mae

Dar said...

A child's imagination is a priceless thing. I could sit for hours listening to our youngest grandlove, now 6, travel all over his neighborhood and to school with his best friends, his 2 dogs. He lay on the floor talking to them as he imagined them running too far in front of him....running smack into the moon....I think every child still has such an imagination if we only watch and listen for it. God Bless You and Sherry this wonderous Christmas weekend.
loven'hugs from up north where the stars shine bright among the pink moonbeams of a cold winters night.