Monday, December 6, 2021

Bits and pieces friends and family sayings and actions.

 Memorable car of the day:

  This is a 63 Corvair.  The American rear engine car. Mr. Ralph Nader did not like this car. And killed it. We owned one, loved it, but you could follow the oil trail from our house to my work place. It leaked oil like a sieve.   True. But it handled great!!!!

The Corvair was not much of a subject of customizing.... But there were some..

Note: Okay on the shaved cars last post (no door knobs) The only trick I knew was a friend had one and he had a 12v micro switch inside the body 16" up just beside the door. He pushed his knee up against the body and 
flexed the metal little and door jumped open. There were more tricks but I don't know them.    

For today:

Mama used the term Colored, told me to always use that if I needed to refer to the Negro race, Colored is respectful son. When she was in the hospital and a Black Nurse was in attendance she would smile and say, “Come on in honey, at my house we made no difference in Coloreds and Whites.” A TRUE statement but a couple times I had to explain my mama.

But in our little teen circle......

Buddy had ‘fast fists.’ I never did. His dad taught him to defend himself, my dad did not (both dads were preachers).  In my time teen boys that thought they were bad (bullies), would say, “I am going to hit you!” Funny that. As soon as some dude said that to buddy, he hit the guy.  His daddy told him, If it has to be, be first! That was usually the end of it. ;-)

Von Dale was a scrapper.  Not sure he ever lost a scuffle, but he hung in there to the end.  Me, I think I lost more than I won. LOL

People with a BIG EGO Problem.   After a while you will realize if you disagree with them you are OUT, the EGO must be fed with YES SIR! YOU ARE RIGHT! That should tell you something.  We all have a right to our opinions and I certainly have mine. Politicians are no exception. I despise anyone who will not allow a contrary opinion, I have read where some very successful people have said, “My advisors saved me from MYSELF many times!”

I just heard from Grandson Matt. His whole family has Covid. He says it is bad, but they will make it.  That will be tough with two kids at home…….

It is not just the USA but Covid is messing with the whole world. WE will ALL  be very happy when it is a thing of the past. We have never been able to eradicate the cold/flu/pneumonia but we have learned to deal with them. If this is to be part of our lives WE WILL DEAL WITH it.

Life is good,



Victor S E Moubarak said...

Praying for your Grandson and all your family.

God bless you all, my friend.

Lisa said...

Funny, My dad would always tell me to hit first if someone bullies up on me. Well, I did a few times and it wold usually end up in friendship.
Prayer for you grandsons family. Me and Nick have not been hit with it yet but just about everyone else we know has. I even trained a week at work with a girl who had covid next to me for 3 days before she tested positive. I dodged another bullet.

Off to work

Mevely317 said...

I'm smiling about the reference to 'coloreds.' My parents weren't racist by any means. But I remember when we'd be driving across the Southlands and spy the little children picking cotton -- one of my parents might say, 'look at all the pickaninnies.'
It's a big man who can listen to and respect another's opinion, without having to agree.
Prayers for Matt and family!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes that Covoid certainly has made a mess of our lives. One of my grandsons has it and is confined to his room, isolated from the family so they don't catch it too. I can only imagine how this is effecting him. At this point it's going to take a Christmas miracle to get rid of it all. We can only pray that the New Year finds everyone healthy and safe.