Sunday, December 5, 2021

Paula said, “There is no Hanky Panky here!”

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You can fall in love on the internet. I know, because WE have. I can say this now because they are both passed.  If you were around here when they were active, I would bet you fell in love with them also. I have mentioned both ladies, one, Jean (Sybil) of OPP, AL.  I wanted to hug Jean when I would read her Blog.  She wrote just like she lived and talked.

 Pauline (Paula) of Pleasanton, Texas. Somehow her blog caught my blog.  We established an e-mail relationship, Paula was one of those folks who thought in poetry, rhymes,..... word connections etc.

I asked her once if I could use one of her poems in a book I was writing. She sent me several for the book and others and said I could use them anytime I wanted.

I was cleaning my desk and I saw a brown envelope under STUFF. I found this, I never used it. I never asked, but meant to ask, "Is this cowgirl YOU?"                

                  “Wanna Be Cowgirl” 

                                                            By Pauline Lieck


Her shirt is shiny to match her boots.

True country people are not her roots.


Can’t ride a horse, doesn’t know how,

Never had the experience of milking a cow.



Tight tight jeans and a little name belt,

A silver buckle and a hat made of felt.


A howling coyote dangling from her ears,

She drives and dreams as sunset nears.


Doesn’t own a ranch, but wishes she did,

Had these thoughts since she was a kid.


Driving her truck and pretending to be,

She’s a ‘Wanna be Cowgirl,” don’t you see?


Someday a Cowboy will make her his wife,

Then she can have a real cowgirl’s life.


The babies start to come, she must grow up

Give up her dreams and the pick-up truck.


Trade the shiny shirt for a little housedress,

Get busy cooking and clean up the mess.


She’s save the belt to prove her size,

AS she gets larger around the thighs.


Now she is minding her Grandchildren, telling this story,

She’s a “Wanna be Cowgirl” in all her glory.

The last picture Paula used on her blog. That Cowboy she married was Mel, lost him too early....... later she met John.

Sherry, the boys and I met Paula and John once. When I started following Paula, I assumed she and John were married. I learned better. They lived in John’s house. Her’s was across the street rented out.  She told me once she had always wanted to live on a ranch. So she moved in with John who was a rancher. It was a relationship of friendship, same likes. Separate Bedrooms, she let me know, “There is no hanky panky going on here!” She drove a pickup truck ‘til she passed.

I had hoped to stop by and visit on our next trip thru San Antonio and learn what happened. I knew John’s family was worried about ‘the inheritance’ but I knew Paula would handle that part.

Paula had daughters that loved her to pieces, I think she lived with one of them in the end, but do not know.

When I read the poem above, my eyes teared up a little, I just had to print it.  As I said, you can fall in love on the net.

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PS:  My cowgirl! At Wall Drug in the Dakotas.

BUT there was hanky panky here!!!! just sayin'.


Mevely317 said...

What a lady! Nice to know, no matter ones circumstances, they can still make their dreams come true. Sounds like she and John arrived at a win-win situation for themself; never mind what others thought.

PS - Thanks for pointing out, internet 'romances' aren't always seedy and suspicious!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Of course you can fall in love on the internet.

My wife and I met on the net. We were both bad trapeze artists.

God bless.

Glenda said...

What a wonderful post; love this story!!! Hugs from Okeechobee,

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh yes, we meet some wonderful friends on the internet. I've fallen in love with you and Sherry. You are my favorite couple. I never knew Paula but she sure sounds like a special gal for sure. She had a special way with her poems and thank you for sharing this one. I also enjoyed seeing your cowgirl Sherry !

Dar said...

I miss Paula. She loved feeding the turtles bits of bread and she ate Breakfast Burritos nearly every day...some people just stay with us forever, no matter how we meet. She was another one I wanted to meet in person. I'm sure her daughters miss her terribly. I got a kick out of her statement about No Hanky Panky. That was true Paula.
loven'hugs from up north where we are C O L D up here...we woke to minus 11 degrees..........brrrrrrrrrrrr

Sheila Y said...

❤️, I miss Paula’s posts too. Sweet lady. Hi from here, Sheila

salemslot9 said...

Paula was a gift.
Thank you for posting this Jack.