Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Hog Killing and stuff

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

Featured is 1940 Packard, the first auto with Air conditioning.


NOTICE:  Sherry's Doctor says the polyp is benign, no cancer. She does have***Barrette's Esophagus.  DOES NOT recommend ANY follow up exams.
Just watch the diet.    She smiled and said "Praise the Lord!"

                    For today:

One of daddy’s jokes was about the farmer whose truck broke down and a city fellow gave him a ride in his '40 Packard. The Farmer didn’t know about A/C and the driver had his on high. “Well what is going on at the farm these days?” asked the driver.

“Well sir, I was gonna clear more on the south 40, but surprising how cold it’s got, I may just kill one of the hogs early.”

Dar from the farm up in the North woods of Wisconsin said they had just killed 4 hogs, and cuda saved me the brains, since it ain’t on their menu! LOL

I have said it many times here, the farm never left dad. He loved to raise at least one hog a year. Yep it seems folks can use everything about the hog, ‘cept the oink.’

I loved to go to the river to fish as a kid. At most boat landings there was a sort of general store with some sandwich stuff. On the counter there was those 2-3 gallon jars filled with dill pickles and pickled pigs feet. Sherry says she liked pig’s feet, but I NEVER tasted one.

My favorite food while fishing was a pint of mama’s pinto beans and a biscuit. I also loved to borrow a tomato when I could.

I think many times about all the woods I wandered thru. I didn’t know someone owned them. By my mid-teens I did start seeing ‘POSTED’ signs. Funny I never got lost, me and my dog knew where every creek and river within 3-5 miles everyplace we lived. Valdese, NC was good. The mountain creeks and the Catawba River were close.

I enjoyed a lot of growing up, I called it exploring (I am not sure I ever stopped!). LOL When you are close to your dog, it is like having a friend along.


PS:   Speaking of dogs.......

Looks like our grand dog Janie.

PS2... ***** We did not ask if she has to return the esophagus to Barrette.  just wonderin'  ;-O 


Glenda said...

I am so happy to hear Sherry's good news, YAY! And, I love all the tales of your youth ~ all of those creeks. We had one, Perche Creek, that surrounded our farm and we could go there after weeding the garden. Fun days tramping over logs and the feel of cool running water rippling over our feet in hot summer months.
I don't recall ever hearing about your Dad keeping one hog! Likely, you made them pets and didn't want to see the butchering! Pigs feet Sherry, not for me, thank you! So, take good care of your upper tract. Love from Chobee, Glenda

Susan Kane said...

Good to hear that Sherry is cancer free! My brother has Barrette's, does not follow any diet advice.

I miss those wandering in the woods. We did crazy stuff there. I asked Mom if she ever got worried when she say two eight year old, a 4 yr. and a 2 yr. old. She chuckled, and said yes. But that did stop up. We chopped down one tree, but it was so heavy we couldn't move it.

Oh those days.

Mevely317 said...

That's a precious meme ... that poor dog is, indeed jealous. Just like our girls when one is getting more attention than the other.

I've over the moon to hear about Sherry's good results. Wasn't really expecting anything else, but it's good to hear from the doc himself. Did you buy her some chocolate ice cream for being a brave girl?

yaya said...

So happy Sherry is cancer free and I saw lots of Barrett's when I worked in the endoscopy unit and no you don't have to return it! Ha! I think you had a wonderful childhood. I'm glad my kids could grow up with my in-law's farm with lots of woods and creeks to explore..also a few ponds to swim in!

Sheila Y said...

So glad Sherry got good results! Definitely not the most fun test prep. Take care, Sheila

betty said...

That's fantastic news about Sherry's test results!! Today at work 2 people were talking about growing up on farms and butchering of livestock. It was interesting for this "city girl" to hear the tales as it is all foreign to me on how things get done :)


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Praise the Lord about Sherry's good health. Thanks indeed.

It is always nice to visit here and read about your memories of your childhood. Thanx Jack. I learn a lot from here.

God bless you and Sherry and family.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Praise the Lord for sure. I'm so thankful all is well with Sherry. I remember my grandfather having pigs and the they were butchered, my grand mother always made pickled pigs feet. He loved to chew on them. Not me, I couldn't get past the look of them.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the blog so well and I hope you have something new for me to study.

Lisa said...

Great news on Sherry. I know that was a relief.
I used to go fishing with grandmaw. We alway had a can of beanie winnies.