Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Ideas Good and Bad over the years.

Independence Day coming up, compliments of the US Military!
But this Independence and Freedom cost untold sacrifice!
(That looks like our man Woody, with his passion for the Vet, i could believe it!)
Now for today's excitement!!!!!

I have always made MAJOR decisions on the spur of the moment and that ain't no Joke.

Some of my ideas were good, such as these:
(She is pregnant) Hey babe, I quit my job and joined the Air Force today, we’re moving to Mississippi in a week.
(Two boys later) Hey, guess what? I quit my job, college and joined the Navy. I’m going to Norfolk, I’ll call you when I find out where we are going from there.
(7 grandkids later) Hey, wanna sell the house and live in a motor home?
Sherry is used to me coming up with quick, sometimes stupid, sometimes irrational ideas or decisions.(that is what makes me so exciting and sweet, LOL)
SHE is used to hearing me say and do crazy stuff.
Some ideas I DID NOT DO!
Once many years ago, we were traveling with Sherry’s sisters and their husbands. Our regular after Christmas week or two week get away. I got so inspired about Florida, I said when we get home, I am going to turn around and come back by my self and find us a place to live down here. This would be great, good weather year round. I did not do it then.
Another time on a weekend drive through the Helen, GA area, we saw the most beautiful house and sitting, I had ever seen. It was for sale. This home had a small creek coming down the mountain right beside the bedroom, over a water fall and into a pond in the front yard. I stopped the car backed up, got the phone number. We can buy this, if we sell everything, okay honey? “Sure,” she says, “It is beautiful.” I called, we could do it. But the fire had gone out. I forgot it, she knew I would, huh?
I really wanted to sail around the world. Sell it all and buy a boat and GO! SHE is very sweet (usually). This time SHE was quick to point out, SHE IS NOT getting on a boat and get out of sight of land. She also pointed out the small detail that I had never navigated or sailed in my life, she likes to point out minor stuff. But SHE was right as usual.
She won’t even discuss my ideas of Hot Air balloons and sky diving.
She says my absolute worst idea is to be “Buried at Sea”. Refuses to follow my wishes, points out that I won’t be here talking or arguing at the time. SHE will DO IT HER WAY!
I have had some excellent ideas, She just cannot remember them. Hahanah!
Now I have told you, hiking the Appalachian Trail is HER idea, not mine. But I like it, actually one of HER BETTER IDEAS. When I can figure out how, I will take credit for it. LOL
Thanks for coming by the LOG.
Nite Shipslog
***** I like long hikes,especially when they are takenby people who annoy me.

***** The only reason we took up hiking was so that I could hear heavy breathing again.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Cotton is Rotten and shipped off the HP Tower.

We were never farmers, but dad was in his early life. never a big farmer. But I love this Farm picture.
Now I want to tell you, this Baby was the cat's meow. the 1955 Chevy convertable. never had one,but I sure wanted one. Now I would love to tow that sucker behind the Motor Home!

More stuff from our dash. I painted the sea shells, That is a little clear dolphin that I picked up at a yard sale in the foreground. The Owl we bought out west, for a lady who collected owls, but she never got it, she has passed away. So it sits there just being wise! Why is an owl considered wise?

Today, June 29th rip roaring wonderful entry!!!
Okay, now I have an incentive to try to learn something about face book. I just learned our Grandson Benjamin is on face book. He text’s us but we don’t text. But maybe I can learn enough to keep up.
Rain suggested I get a small card reader to upload pictures to the computer, I got one at Radio Shack for $20 and it works. Makes life a lot simpler as far as pictures go. I have been fighting a loss of ‘Easy Share’ software for a long time.
Now at the advice of my grandson Josh and a few others, I will look for an external hard drive. I had thought about a flash drive and I think I will learn something about that also.
We have rain again today. Oh did I tell you that We received an empty box from HP yesterday to ship the tower in. So Immediately we packaged it up and took it over to New Palz for shipment. This is a bad time to have anything fixed, around the fourth of July holidays, because of worker vacations. AND now I have a hearing aid and a computer out there. The return time will be touch and go for our departure time. The one thing you don’t need is have your computer show up the day after you leave. But then that is borrowing trouble, no need to worry until it looks like it will be close, huh?
This rain makes us think of the muddy, messy trail the Hikers are facing on the AT. In the mountains it is so damp anyway when something gets wet it takes for ever for it to dry. There is a statement we learned when looking for material to hike in, ’Cotton is Rotten’ to hike in. It takes so long to dry. So we use synthetic fiber, that dries from body heat and air. I think I mentioned I often take a bath clothes and all, then continue hiking as the clothes dry. Sherry ain’t gonna do that. Afraid she will look like she is in a wet t-shirt contest. She sticks with baby wipes.
I believe this is the month you are supposed to ’Hike naked’. Somebody started it a few years ago and I hear some folks actually do it. I don’t know the day, but there is a ‘hike naked day‘. Never could talk Sherry into it, and never met anyone who was. I am still looking though! LOL
Thanks for coming this way.
Nite Shipslog
You can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles four things: a rainy day, the elderly, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights.
Just to clarify the naked hiking. Sherry says for me to make it plain we are just going to hike naked one day. I think that is what she said. LOL

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bloggers, journalists, diary keepers and other strange animals.

Looking out our picture window here in Rondout Valley, NY. Little rain. Yeah we keep stuff on out dash.
Sherry making chili, and yes it is cool enough here for chili. She did not sneak hot sausage in.

She turned away to continue to add stuff to it. This is to check the little card rear Rain suggested. It worked. Now i can transfer pics to the computer.

I follow several Blogs and also a couple of forums on Religion and Rv’ing. I can never understand when anyone asks for comments and they get them, they get mad. Especially if the commenter does not agree. I have never deleted a comment, if I ever do get one it will stay. I was proud of how old Mort handled the nasty anon. commenter on his blog. Let it stay for everyone to see the ignorance of the fool.
I see folks get really irate because everyone does not agree with them. Now in Mort’s ANON case, it was very different, because ANON was just intentionally being rude , VERY NASTY and hiding behind an anonymous name.
If we as Bloggers open up our blogs to the public, we always take a chance of getting our ‘feelings hurt’. But really what we should be looking for is an exchange of ideas. I made an entry on another forum saying, ‘I find a lot of stupid comments and entries by preachers/priests on here‘. But then I clarified that by saying, heck, that is a human failing, one guy may make a brilliant entry. I like it because I agree with it. The same guy may show his stupidity by having the gall to post something I DO NOT AGREE with, I mean how could anybody believe that????!!! It is amazing how stupid someone gets over night. Hahahahahahah!
Most folks who keep a journal, or BLOG, do it for themselves. It is an outlet. It is not secret like a Diary, on here it is exposed to the World. As I am talking now, it may not make any sense to you, but to me it makes complete sense (Until I reread it, LOL). Our thoughts and/or memories do us good and sometimes entertain others. There are a few who never have an uninteresting entry. Not everyone can relate their past or describe today perfectly, some folk are so interesting it takes 3000 words to tell it, while others can do it in less than 500; we all have fun trying.

I will not forget my first commenter. I was shocked to get one. My journal was a few months old before I got the comment. It was ‘Lindie’. She is still around every once in awhile. Her comments have always been encouraging and made sense. She is still a ray of sunshine in a sometimes dreary sky.
Okay I will close this diatribe. Thanks for coming this way.
Nite shipslog
Walking is good for you.Our grandpa started walkingfive miles a day when he was 60...Now he's 97 years old I think...and we haven't a clue where the heck he is. LOL

Saturday, June 27, 2009

More AT while waiting...

I love it when the cornbread is warm.
I also love it with butter milk or sweet milk, I always add onions when I can.

The Appalachian Trail passes thru NY about thirty miles south. While we are waiting for our computer and the fourth, we might just go down and walk a few miles with our packs on. It is something you sorta have to do to get the pack adjusted to your back. We will have to load some stuff in to simulate food, like FOOD and have a little picnic on the way.

We have been asked about injuries. Yes we both have had reason to stop hiking. Once Sherry pulled a groin muscle and we had to stop for the rest of that year. And once in Mass. I think, I got real sick. Chilled and shaking, could not stop. Sherry got me to the ER and I saw a Dr. within five minutes (try that down South). It could be Lime disease. The Dr. said to take the full treatment, it would do no damage if it wasn’t lime, but he didn’t want to wait for the lab results to see. With Lime you cannot waste time. When the results came back, it was not. Thank goodness my brain cannot take a hit like loosing more cells than normal. LOL.
Once we forded one creek about four times, boots were wet. That night I dried them by the fire, which is a no-no. The next day they hurt her heels something terrible. We were on a mountain over looking a beautiful valley called ‘God’s Thumb Print’. We had three days of food. We camped in one spot until the food ran out and her heels were still bad. She had to hike four miles to get out of the woods. I really felt so sorry for her.
We both have fallen several times, but no bones broken of bad skins or cuts. We have quit hiking in shorts now for fear of cuts and abrasions on the rocks if we slip.
Ever heard of Trail Angels? They are the folks who on their own will fill gallon jugs of fresh water and place them on the trail, especially in dry weather.
Most of the time when you pass a hiker going in the opposite direction you will stop and exchange information such where is the next water, or what is the condition of the trail ahead. Of course you exchange names and where you are from and when you started you hike.
Funny incident. We came upon two guys who were not hiking the whole trail. They were only hiking a couple hundred miles to sneak in on a friends wedding. They planned to go in just like they left the trail. Evidently these guys were close and it was going to be a great occasion.
Gotta quit, thanks for coming by the log.
Nite Shipslog
Walking 20 minutes can add to your life.This enables you at 85 years old to spend an additional 5 months in a nursing home at $7000 per month.
Just to cheer you up!
(and I am having a snack of corn bread and milk!)

Friday, June 26, 2009

the law and Justice.

This is a 1950 Chevrolet business Coupe. This is like the car we had when we got married, except the drivers side was badly dented from where I wrecked it.

Just to represent Law and order maybe justice.

I respect the law. I try to obey the law of our land. But when you hear some reports, don’t you wonder sometimes about the sanity or commonsense of judges and juries?
Just this week two cases got under my skin. One was a drug dealer sentenced to 10 years and served four, before he finally got a lawyer to look at a three letter work out of place in the juries verdict. The word ‘two’ was in the wrong place. So an appeal was made and he can be released from that charge. But thank goodness there is another charge in another state he must face. But why couldn’t the first work. The jury agreed they wanted the man locked up for 10 years. But he is off the hook.
Now enter a lady who finds and abandoned fawn. She nurses it back to health and takes it from Ohio to Kentucky and releases it. WHOA! She broke the law by transporting a fawn across state lines!!! Now she must help the law find the fawn so they can put it to sleep. She is also faced with a prison sentence and a $500 fine. I don’t know, I guess here I am again talking about animals, (human and the real thing) and might upset the world.
I read on an old Baptist Church sign once, “Common Sense is not so Common any more!” Ain’t it the truth.
Now I know we cannot go killing everyone who commits a crime. But I lean that way when a felon continues to commit crimes, and will never stop. I’ll never forget an interview by on of our illustrious reporters with criminals in one of our largest prisons. I heard this!
“What are you in for?”
“Bank robbery.”
“You are due to be released next year, do you have a job waiting?”
“Sure, I always got a job.”
“What is it you are going to do?”
“Man I am a bank robber, that is my job.”
“Are you serious? You are in jail for robbing a bank. Don’t you know you will end up back here?”
“Not necessarily, but getting locked up is one of the hazards of my job, all jobs got some down side!”
Now why not just shoot the guy? He is never going to be part of society. He is always going to prey on some one, and never pay his own way. I really do not want to feed the guy for the rest of his life do you? Is it fair?
Don’t we have some large tracts of Government land that can be farmed? Can’t we put habitual criminals to work, at the least, raising their own food.
WE could have the meat from all the wild hogs in Florida and Texas sent to the farm to be butchered and they can eat that for meat. Throw in some road kill deer, when the police and county guys can find it soon enough. Possoms too!
I like the lady in Australia whose grand daughter was raped. She tracked down the guys, and blew most of their plumbing away. they lived. She took her gun to the police station, and said they won’t do that again! She was 81. This was after Australia passed a law that hand guns would be turned in. She said I wasn’t crazy enough to turn mine in.
Sorry about the length, I got carried away. Thanks for coming this way.
Nite Shipslog
If everyone was as smart as me, we would all be in trouble.
Tell your husband/wife you love ‘em! (BUT, be ready to dial 911 for help with shock.)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

SNOW? Do you know who knows how to drive in it?

Most of us have been here!
Hopefully we have not been here


The world opens as you travel. You find that folks from Washington State are like the ones in Louisiana. People are just people, that tawk different. Down South I hear: “em Yankees shore got a accent, don’t they?” Traveling, I have grown to love every accent in the USA & Canada. We had evenings with Al & Judy from Maine, I enjoyed the evening just listening to them talk.
BUT, we all have the same sort of problems. Health, money, and some have children on drugs. Some have been very successful, while others just get by. But most of all you learn that we are all in the same boat, in our country it is called the USA. The majority of us want the country to continue and be a leader in the world. Most of us, military and civilian do not like war. Most of us don’t even like controversy.
I have come to one conclusion though, only one group of people knows how to drive in snow. How do you know? You ask. Well if a guy from Virginia is in SC and the miracle of snow happens, he sees cars in the ditch and says, these folks down here have no idea how to drive in snow. Now he goes back home. A guy from upstate New York comes to VA. Sees the cars in the ditch during a snow. He will be heard to remark, these folks don’t know how to drive in snow. The Canadian is next. In New York, he sees cars in the snow banks, and down the hills. He sees all the dented fenders and says, These folk do not know how to drive in snow, now in Canada…etc. the next must be the Eskimo so visiting Montreal he is heard to say, “ Wow, mon ami, doesn’t anyone here know how to drive in snow?” Conclusion: The Eskimo can drive in snow. (There is no one farther North to tell him he can't)
In the military, especially, where many states and cultures are represented I have heard it so many times it became a joke to me. I have decided after being in some real cold snowy places, there are always that few who JUST CANNOT DRIVE IN SNOW. While Most of us will take their time and get where we are going whether in SC or Northern Quebec, Yukon or Alaska.
Of course there is one big difference that the boy from the south runs into up North, Canada and Alaska. What are all 110v plugs hanging from under the bonnet of their cars for? Electric cars?!!!! Hahahahahaha!
Since it is not time for snow, I thought I would bring up a subject that cannot be controversial this time of the year, CAN IT?
Just another rambling entry from the motor home, at present located in the Catskills of New York.

I think yesterday was the day Old Boomer ( http://oldboomerwoodys.blogspot.com/ ) was supposed to take his Honey to the Spine guy/gal in Syracuse. I hope they were able to relieve some pain someway. Lot of back pain now a days.
My Sherry says that is what I am ‘a pain in the….., nah she would not say that,’ she would think it, but she loves me too much to say it and hurt my feelings, don’t you honey?
Nite Shipslog
On a positive note, I've learned that, no matter what happens, how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow, or the next day.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On the Phone with India, Pakistan, Bermuda & Africa with HP

Forget this picture. I tried to load it yesterday and it would not. Thie is the SC governor who everybody was looking for. He was in Argentina instead of on the AT, I was looking forward to meeting him too! LOL He got a lot of attention anyway.

Okay, forget the hard drive, now we are not sure!!
“We changed our mind about the hard drive. Send the computer back to us.” HP
Sherry, “we don’t have the box.”
“ WHAT? You don’t have the original box? It has only been eight months.
We will send you a box, hold on. You will have the box in a couple days. Pack the Tower up and call FEDEX. Eight to 10 day turnaround.” HP
“Whoa, we won’t be here.”
“ That is all right you can call and give us a good address.” HP
Oh yeah, we are going to see Judy, our friend in Maine, she will accept it for us. Thank the Lord for good friends across the country.
Now we are waiting for a box. Poor Sherry, is in the middle of this whole thing. She has been talking to the folks from India on the phone. She cannot understand half of what is said, then has to relay it to me. It really is a problem, but we decided to try and laugh our way through it. Once when the girl had me open the tower up and pull all four memory cards I yelled real loud, “OUCH! AM I SUPPOSED TO UNPLUG THIS THING FIRST?”
A couple times I did take the phone ignoring what the person was saying and said my piece about the things I was doing. That I had done them already with another techhie. It really did no good, they are real polite and I guess are used to Americans yelling at them, “Just one more little test,” she would say.
Now I know, they are going down a check off list and cannot skip forward, so we have to deal with it.
I know most of you have been there, an done that, but I am going to say it anyway.
When we get the new address to have the Tower sent to, we are to call a number. Now there are still ignorant Ignorant, simplistic souls like me who expect to dial the number and say, “Hey this is jack, remember the tower I sent?
“Oh yeah,Yeah, jack, buddy we have it ready, where do I send it?”
“Send it to: 33 fourth st. Podunk Alaska.”
“Will do, thanks jack. Good doing business with you, hope the computer doesn’t give you any more trouble.” click, case closed.
“Thanks for calling HP, please choose from the following options: printers push 1, cell phones 2, lunch 3, girls 4, boys 5, software 6, hardware 7, battery 8, dinner 9 or monitors 0. Sorry we have run out of numbers. Please call back later, your call is important to us!> click.
Thanks for dropping by the log to be harassed,
Nite Shipslog
If this entry made no sense it is because you are too far up the food chain, it was meant to be ignored. Sorry to take you time. I know it is valuable to you.
Did anyone notice Debbie and Ora were back but Lucy, like the SC governor is missing.
More on the trail later……

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From Sad Sack to the "AT" WHERE IS THE GOVERNOR???

Most machines need this attached.

Boy I would have loved to have had one like this!!
These were displayed along with many more in San Antonio early this year. I'll bet Rancher John and Pauline don't have one like this!!!!

Well another day without my trusty Vista’ loaded computer. If I knew anything about MAC I might go that way. But since I am a little gun shy now I will just get the hard drive replaced. I hope it is all covered under warrantee. It is less than a year old. I am definitely going to research the best way to back up the files. Funny some of the files were backed up on the same computer as they recommended. Both the biggie and the backup are gone.
What do you usually do about files?
Enough of that sad sack stuff.

Did you hear the Gov. of SC is missing? He is reportedly hiking the Appalatcian Trail. Reporters are mad because he 'slipped off', Now he has done a terrible thing.

People on the trail. Since we have been hiking we have met so many very interesting people. Really only one grouch and one bore, our of all the great folks on the trail. We have met folks from S. Africa, England, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. One year there was a race that was prominent. One guy from Germany (The Flying Dutchman) and one from France (The flying Frenchman) We never met them but read their entries in some of the Shelter logs. The German guy was friendly BUT the Crap head ‘Flying Frenchman’ was always finding fault with the USA. His entries ended with, “God Bless, except America, She does not deserve it.” I was so frustrated like most Hikers at the arrogance. I wanted once to tell him, if it had not been for Americans and others like us, he would be speaking German now.
One little lady (in her 20’s) was called Penguin. She was from South Africa and was finishing a Thru hike when we first met her. Later we were camping on Blood mountain (Georgia) and here she comes with her boyfriend. She was just hiking a few mountains with him to show him some highlights. She was so full of energy.
There was a little lady called ‘Pig Pen’. Her family had met her at one shelter to surprise her with a Birthday party, complete with cake. That was neat.
Thanks for coming by the log.
Nite Shipslog
What do you have around you house you need to throw away, but just cannot?
I have these old scratch CD’s. I plan to make birds out of them one day to hang from the awning.

Monday, June 22, 2009

We lost the HARD DRIVE, how hard is that?

This is the best i can do, no pictures on this lap top.

Well, this is a bummer. But if you take chances, you sometimes lose. i have LOST a lot. I only lost one chapter of 'S'gar', the new novel due out Christmas time. But I lost a lot more. I lost all pictures taken in the last month or so, because i trusted this system to stay together. Rain mentioned a Flash drive. I have never used one. Evelyn uses one all the time and says it is no problem. I guess i will buy 'some' flash drives if i am going to back up everything on them. I has over ten thousand pictures on that drive. most are backed up on CD's. I had started a data base of book's shipped so i would have addresses in the event of re-orders. Yeah, i will start another.

I lost a lot of good e-mails i had saved from some of you guys. I have no idea how long it will take to rebuild what I had, but you must start somewhere. I have never been one to throw up my hands and say the heck with it. What is that old Indian proverb, 'The longest trip begins with one step.' Okay It is a Chinese proverb or maybe just an Oriental proverb.

Oh I now what I lost, all your good comments I like to use in the next book abou how great the novels were!!! No of course I don't care if I lost the nasty comments. hahahaha!

Funny thing. I put this zip code into Best Buy's web site and it said there was nt a best buy within 100 miles. I rechecked the zip, I was correct.

Now I check it land find there are over 50 within 100 miles. So we went to visit the Geeks today. Sorry sir, your hard drive is bad!!!

Dummy says "Can i get any data off of it?"

Geeker, "Let me see." He takes the CPU apart.,"The hard drive is not talking to the Mother board right now, but I am going to put this hard drive on another computer and see what happens." time passes, line gets longer.

"Sorry Sir, no data will be retrieved, it is dead. probably $220 to bring it back alive."

"Shoot is that all? I thought it woud be at least $235!" so it costs and i still lose. Shoulda backed up more stuff!!!!! Yeah I know now. Now are you through griping? Yeah. Nite!

Nite Shipslog


Life teaches, but some of us are slow learners.

Life teaches, but some of do not listen.

Then life teaches us we should have listened and learned!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


One of the many beautiful mountain views from the trail
Me crossing a fence in Vermont I think.

A Trail of Rocks, and this is not Pennsylvania.

WEll this is the second computer crash in as many years. I am on Sherry's computer. Mine bit the dust last night sometime. She loves to read her 'Trail Journals' and the Blog's. So I won't take a lot of time. I don't know how long it will be, but I might go back to the laptop.

Don't you know the night you do not save everything is the night the system goes away. Fortunately I had sent my lastest book to this computer for Sherry to proof. So I only lost about a Chapter. I also had today's log entry ready, but this will be it for today. I will see you all later when I find myself. hahahahahaha! Funny how I have come to depend on these things working everytime youhit the switch. YOu know, like you take forgranted that car will start when you turn the key.

Take care, and thanks for coming this way!

NIte Shipslog

STOCK SPLIT -- When your ex-wife and her lawyer split your assets equally between themselves.
FINANCIAL PLANNER -- A guy whose phone has been disconnected.
MARKET CORRECTION -- The day after you buy stocks.
CASH FLOW-- The movement your money makes as it disappears down the toilet.
YAHOO -- What you yell after selling it to some poor sucker for $240 per share.
WINDOWS -- What you jump out of when you're the sucker who bought Yahoo @ $240 per share.
INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR -- Past year investor who's now locked up in a nuthouse.
PROFIT -- An archaic word no longer in use except by oil companies, banks, and corporations.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Appalatchian Trail ???? Continued

We were curious about the Building in the middle of the Valley. Maybe it is the convention Center where Woody and the Police had their Meetings. We just might check it out one day. It is in Kerkonksen, I like that town name, Kerhonksen.
Crosing a creek on double logs

Blurred view of Rondout Valley

Street view of Port Jervis as we entered New York in the Motor Home.

*****How long is the trail?
-----The AT is the longest marked and maintained foot path in the world. It is between 2163 and 2175 miles long. From Springer Mt. in GA to Katahdin in Maine. Mostly mountainous terrain. There are areas that are right of ways thru pastures and farm land as narrow as 16 ft. wide.
*****How many states does the trail go through?
------The trail touches fourteen states. GA,NC,TN,VA,WVA,MD,PA,NY,NJ,CN,MA,VT,NH & ME.
*****Who maintains the trail?
------The trail is maintained by the hiking clubs from each state and areas along the way. 99% is volunteer work. Some maintenance is minimal wages.
*****There must be a lot of rivers and creeks, how do you cross?
------Where possible the trail is routed to bridges on the large rivers. Some creeks have bridges built by the clubs, some have logs to walk and some you still ford. There is one River in Maine that a canoe and guide is provided because of the dangers of fast high water.
*****What do you eat?
------ Mostly, up to now we have eaten Ramein Noodles, splitting one pack each evening. Breakfast is a hand full of dried fruit and nuts. Mid day snack is one of those ‘bite size’ candy bars. Once we carried instant oatmeal, hot chocolate and coffee, but it became too much of a hassle. We are going to try all dry food this trip. P-nut butter and crackers.
*****Physically what benefits if any?
----- We both drop a few pounds, but gain it right back. I gained a size in foot size. You learn the importance of water pretty quick.
*****Do hikers take their dogs?
-------YES! And most of the dogs have small packs and carry their own food and water. Most of the dogs are very friendly and are a pleasure to have around at the shelters and camps. One rainy cool night Sherry and I were sleeping with five or six other hikers and one dog. We got up to go to the woods in the middle of the night and I came back to ‘Mitchca’ (a golden Lab), in my sleeping bag. I hurried him out and climbed in; yeah, he was wet and muddy!!!! I liked that dog and did not mind. Hikers cannot take their dogs through the ‘Great Smoky Mts. Nat’l Park’. It is a terrible inconvenience. The dogs must be kenneled and ferried to the other end of the Smokies.
*****About how many people hike the trail?
--------Approximately 2,000 hikers will start the trail each year. About 300 finish. Most drop out within the first fifty miles. The hikers who do the entire trail in one summer (called walking with spring) are called ‘Thru-Hikers’. Folks like us are called section hikers, some each year until they finish. Approx 10,000 hikers have finished the trail since the 1930’s.
*****Bathing, toilet etc.. what do you do?
--------I bath in the creeks and rivers with my clothes on, that way I wash the clothes. Sherry carries baby wipes and wipes down every night. And to answer Paula, Sherry’s hair stays beautiful even in the woods. She is blessed with great hair. (My question is why didn’t anyone ask about my hair?) For toilets?
We walk off the trail and find a spot dig a cat hole and cover the waste when finished. Some shelters have outhouses. Some are odd, but useable.

If you have any more questions, ask away one of us will be glad to try and answer.
Thanks for coming by the log.
Nite Shipslog.
A sealed envelope - Put in the freezer for a few hours, then slide a knife under the flap. The envelope can then be resealed. (hmmmmmm..).

Friday, June 19, 2009

Moving DAy and ???? about the trail.

These first two pictures are out of sequence. But above is a shot of Port Jervis.
This is our resort sign here in NY. This is the entrance sign on US 209 as we turned in.

As we entered I-81 this morning

More of PA farmland. This could be the area where the trail crosses I81 for the last time. It crosses four times before heading for New York.

Crossing the Appalachians and looking down on Wilkes-Barre, PA. Wilkes-Barre and Scranton seem to merge before we head East on I-84. What a rough Road, WOW about shook the motor home apart!

Looking down into the Delaware valley into the tri state area of NY,PA & NJ. This is the last shot in Pa looking into NY.

On US 209 headed toward Accord, NY. This is Entering Port Jervis, NY over the Deleware River.

Here I about run a red light, after crossing the River I have to jog left and go into that Tunnel. It is a short one.

This is a shot of the Mt. bordering the Rondout Valley, NY. Just before the Campground called RondoutValley RV Resort.

This will be home for three weeks over the fourth. We are now ready for the Fourth, hard to find a place over the fourth, so we will sit. At the same time we will be waiting for Black fly season to be over in the White Mountains.

Today was moving day, we were on the road to the Catskills in New York.
We have been asked many questions about the Appalachian Trail. I will cover some of them.
Why are you hiking the trail?
a. The main reason is Sherry said we were going to. The other reason it is a challenge to walk over 2000 miles.
**Do you carry any protection i.e. pistol, tear gas, knife etc.
--Well yes we do carry a small can of pepper spray, and of course I carry a knife. But none of that is because we expect any trouble. We are safer in the wilderness than you are in your bedroom, percentage wise.
**How many miles do you hike a day?
-----We are lucky if we get 8 miles a day. We actually did 17 once. When we started we were going to hike 16 per day, but shortly realized walking in mountains, over rocks and roots, climbing over dead falls and fording creeks tends to slow you down some. HA!
**We have been asked if the trail is lighted and if it is paved.
-------Some parts are, you see on the last photo’s that there are actually some paved areas in state and Fed. Parks that the trail is over pavements. And you actually walk through one building in Georgia, and of course there are several towns you must hike through.
***Do you worry about wild animals?
--------Not really, Sherry has had more trouble than I, of course she is cuter. Once a Buck challenged her right to the trail, she held her ground and he jumped to the side. Once her rear end attracted three mountain goats that followed her for a quarter mile, she was a little nervous. They were between she & I. They finally jumped into the bush and left us. Once a bear approached the campsite late in the evening, caused a little concern but he or she skirted the camp and left us.
Twice bears crossed our trail, we would not have known it, but it was after a rain and they smell pretty loud, they stink. The worst scare I had was due to my hearing. Sherry saved me from the largest rattler I have ever seen in or out of captivity. His girth wasw the size of a soft ball, I do not know how long he was, I did not measure him. She warned me as I went to pick some black berries. I let the snake have the berries.
****Do you ever get lost?
---------It is pretty hard to get lost, but yes I have managed to get us lost a couple times. But the trail is very well marked and maintained.
****Do Hikers hike alone?
--------Most hikers hike alone. They will join up with another hiker sometimes and hike a few days, then one will hike faster or slower and they separate. We have seen young ladies 17-65 hiking alone. Boys from 16 to 73 hiking alone. There are times Sherry will be up to a mile ahead or behind me.

This is getting longer than I thought I will continue later. We are in Accord, NY now. Having driven all day and skipping all the folks coming this way on the trail on foot.
Thanks for coming by the log.
Nite Shipslog

Written By Regina Brett

***** Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.

***** The best is yet to come.

***** No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

***** Yield.

***** Life isn't tied with a bow, but it's still a gift."

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Off to New YOrk tomorrow, Today Walking in the woods.

Walker and Legs at the half way point, Legs is a tall guy!
Here we are at the half way point for the third time. Maybe it will be the last time and we will finish the trail this year, if not WE QUIT!

Looking from the new bridge to an old Bridge over the Susquehanna River at York, PA

We passed this log cabin when walking out of Pinegrove a couple days ago, someone's beautiful summer cabin, bordering on the Appalatchian trail.

Notice my girl walking over a few rocks, they are plentyful in Pennsylvania, the Hikers call it Rocksylvania.

This is 'Yak' (trail name) we met him as he approached Pine Grove furnace. He is now half way on his hike to Mt Katahdain. He has hiked over a thousand miles since the early SNOW the first of March.

This is the Pine Grove Furnace where Iron was melted for over a hundred years.

This is Dan and Joan the happy couple who live in Lancaster. Joan's family are from Lancaster, DAn is a transplanted NC boy. Joan had taken up golf and is quite good I hear. They also ride a Harley!!!

Today's exciting adventure:

The trip here has been nice. A few bumps in the road with the RV but all in all the visits with old friends made the stop in Pennsylvania a great success. This area of PA is absolutely magnificent this time of the year. I remember the first time I heard the name Susquehanna it sounded very odd. Dallas mentioned the river several times in our first conversations in 1956. Now it is old hat. We have even walked across it, (On a bridge of course).
Dan is a North Carolina boy. His family, the Doughtons, are famous in past NC history. He had an uncle who was Lt. Governor of NC and another uncle who was a Senator and head of the Ways and Means Committee in Washington. One Uncle was instrumental in pushing the Blue Ridge Parkway through. Now there is a Doughton Park on the parkway. Dan himself worked for the President in the basement of the WhiteHouse (with the Navy), Nixon was President.
Dan and Joan were the dancers. At our Christmas parties (When he was my boss in Naval Intelligence Processing) the crowd would stand back and quit dancing to watch Dan & Joan ‘Cut a rug’. Joan is a cute little thing and Dan is a pretty tall guy. It is no wonder her favorite TV program, like Shirl, is Dancing with the Stars.They entertained everyone. All our PA friends have great personalities. (TRUE)
The one notable thing about our friends here is they are ‘Family’ oriented! Dal & Marion have five kids and they have kids. They are a very close knit family. Dan & Joan have four. Joan has their children displayed, with their kids. They are also a very close knit family. All are doing well.
Did I tell you, we have walked about ten miles here on the trail. We walked up to the AT half way trail marker today. WE met some more through hikers. Today it was Walker and Legs. Day before yesterday we met Yak, who hopes to finish the trail on his 55th birthday in September. We may see these guys again if we are able to stay on the trail this year.
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Nite Shipslog
Written By Regina Brett

****** Growing old beats the alternative -- dying young.

***** Your children get only one childhood.

***** All that truly matters in the end is that you loved.

***** Get outside every day. Miracles are waiting everywhere.

***** If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's,we'd grab ours back. (We should all copy and frame that last one.)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This is a 25' Joseph in the lobby advertising the play Joseph coming next year.
the outside of the Sight and Sound Millimium Theater. Ronks, PA

Normal transportation in Amish Country around Lancaster, PA

One of the apple orchards we passed ont he way to Lancaster.

I had to get this house in farm country, I wonder if the colors represent anything?

Okay there is Intercourse then Paradise. Then you see Blue Balls and Liltits. You can’t miss 'Bird in Hand', they are all town names here in Amish country. The names are just as common to the folks here as Sedalia, San Antonio, or Belmont. It is us tourists that make a lot of to do out of the names, we think they are cute or off color.

Today we attended the play, ‘In The Beginning’ at the Millennium Theater in Ronks, Pa. Of course I did not understand but fifteen words during the whole play, but I enjoyed the scenery and animals. I enjoy the huge productions they do here because I have never seen anything of this magnitude. We mostly attend outdoor dramas and I enjoy them. These Bible stories have a large cast and many live animals. There was a gaggle of live geese what went across the stage tonight, also several horses, cows, pigs and an ox or two. There are many animated animals from elephants to large turtles, I thought of Toby.

After the play we met with old friends (who bought our dinner, I fumbled the longest, no really they insisted) Dan & Joan. Dan was my boss once in the Navy. Joan and Sherry were close friends. Joan taught Sherry to swim and she never fails to mention that, she has gained so much enjoyment from it. We ate at ‘Bird in hand Restaurant’ then went to Dan & Joans house. While there their son Mike and family came over. We had a great visit. Of course I did not hear a whole lot, but it was such a joy to see them all. Joan is doing great after having a stint put in. She is trimmed down 40 lbs and looks very good!!! She and Dan were super dancers in their youth and I’ll bet they still turn a great dance on the floor.

Funny incident, I might have told before, Joan and Sherry were touring Shrimp boats in Key west when the one they were on go underway. They circled out into the Gulf and returned for the Blessing of the Fleet. A great story, I included it in the story entitled ‘Skiff’ in Toby’s Tales.
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Nite Shipslog
Written By Regina Brett,

***** However good or bad a situation is, it will change.

***** Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.

***** Believe in miracles.

***** God loves you because of who God is, not because of anything you did or didn't do.

***** Don't audit life. Show up and make the most of it now.