Friday, June 19, 2009

Moving DAy and ???? about the trail.

These first two pictures are out of sequence. But above is a shot of Port Jervis.
This is our resort sign here in NY. This is the entrance sign on US 209 as we turned in.

As we entered I-81 this morning

More of PA farmland. This could be the area where the trail crosses I81 for the last time. It crosses four times before heading for New York.

Crossing the Appalachians and looking down on Wilkes-Barre, PA. Wilkes-Barre and Scranton seem to merge before we head East on I-84. What a rough Road, WOW about shook the motor home apart!

Looking down into the Delaware valley into the tri state area of NY,PA & NJ. This is the last shot in Pa looking into NY.

On US 209 headed toward Accord, NY. This is Entering Port Jervis, NY over the Deleware River.

Here I about run a red light, after crossing the River I have to jog left and go into that Tunnel. It is a short one.

This is a shot of the Mt. bordering the Rondout Valley, NY. Just before the Campground called RondoutValley RV Resort.

This will be home for three weeks over the fourth. We are now ready for the Fourth, hard to find a place over the fourth, so we will sit. At the same time we will be waiting for Black fly season to be over in the White Mountains.

Today was moving day, we were on the road to the Catskills in New York.
We have been asked many questions about the Appalachian Trail. I will cover some of them.
Why are you hiking the trail?
a. The main reason is Sherry said we were going to. The other reason it is a challenge to walk over 2000 miles.
**Do you carry any protection i.e. pistol, tear gas, knife etc.
--Well yes we do carry a small can of pepper spray, and of course I carry a knife. But none of that is because we expect any trouble. We are safer in the wilderness than you are in your bedroom, percentage wise.
**How many miles do you hike a day?
-----We are lucky if we get 8 miles a day. We actually did 17 once. When we started we were going to hike 16 per day, but shortly realized walking in mountains, over rocks and roots, climbing over dead falls and fording creeks tends to slow you down some. HA!
**We have been asked if the trail is lighted and if it is paved.
-------Some parts are, you see on the last photo’s that there are actually some paved areas in state and Fed. Parks that the trail is over pavements. And you actually walk through one building in Georgia, and of course there are several towns you must hike through.
***Do you worry about wild animals?
--------Not really, Sherry has had more trouble than I, of course she is cuter. Once a Buck challenged her right to the trail, she held her ground and he jumped to the side. Once her rear end attracted three mountain goats that followed her for a quarter mile, she was a little nervous. They were between she & I. They finally jumped into the bush and left us. Once a bear approached the campsite late in the evening, caused a little concern but he or she skirted the camp and left us.
Twice bears crossed our trail, we would not have known it, but it was after a rain and they smell pretty loud, they stink. The worst scare I had was due to my hearing. Sherry saved me from the largest rattler I have ever seen in or out of captivity. His girth wasw the size of a soft ball, I do not know how long he was, I did not measure him. She warned me as I went to pick some black berries. I let the snake have the berries.
****Do you ever get lost?
---------It is pretty hard to get lost, but yes I have managed to get us lost a couple times. But the trail is very well marked and maintained.
****Do Hikers hike alone?
--------Most hikers hike alone. They will join up with another hiker sometimes and hike a few days, then one will hike faster or slower and they separate. We have seen young ladies 17-65 hiking alone. Boys from 16 to 73 hiking alone. There are times Sherry will be up to a mile ahead or behind me.

This is getting longer than I thought I will continue later. We are in Accord, NY now. Having driven all day and skipping all the folks coming this way on the trail on foot.
Thanks for coming by the log.
Nite Shipslog

Written By Regina Brett

***** Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.

***** The best is yet to come.

***** No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

***** Yield.

***** Life isn't tied with a bow, but it's still a gift."


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh great post!!! I love the photos, especially the bridge photo, it has a lot of texture to it!!! And my eye caught the teddy bear (?) on your dashboard!!!

Thanks for answering those questions! It's good information for the beginner. I'll add to your you make reservations where you'll be parking or do you just go?

Terri said...

Lovin the pics and questions and answers...

Great post!

Glad you are settled just in time for the 4th

Have a great weekend


betty said...

hi Jack/Sherry; thanks for the comment and keeping track of me

oh my gosh, there is no way I could hike that trail alone; those are brave women that do it. I don't have to hike that to see a rattler, LOL, just have to wait a few months and could have one in our backyard

looks like you have a nice area to spend a few weeks at; I'm sure you both will enjoy it!


Woody said...

WELCOME TO NEW YORK!!!!!!! I have spent some time where you are, The Police Conference of New York held quite a few State Meetings in Kerhonkson, NY and the Catskills are nice but not as nice as our Adirondack Mountains and Adirondack Park, it is beautiful country there. I have driven that strech of I-81 many, many times thru Pennsylvania, It is rough roads and usually under construction, not going south this winter we missed seeng those signs... Oh Well!!
Thanks for the Update!!! Keep us posted, Do you come up the Northway and cross over or do you head over down there?

Paula said...

The answers to people's questions was interesting. I don't think I could hike alone. I mailed the book today. The title Wildlife Exhibit.

shirl72 said...

I can't figure why it takes two tries to make
a comment. Never had this before. Glad you
are having a good. Everyone ask you At the music gathering they said tell you Hello.