Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Ideas Good and Bad over the years.

Independence Day coming up, compliments of the US Military!
But this Independence and Freedom cost untold sacrifice!
(That looks like our man Woody, with his passion for the Vet, i could believe it!)
Now for today's excitement!!!!!

I have always made MAJOR decisions on the spur of the moment and that ain't no Joke.

Some of my ideas were good, such as these:
(She is pregnant) Hey babe, I quit my job and joined the Air Force today, we’re moving to Mississippi in a week.
(Two boys later) Hey, guess what? I quit my job, college and joined the Navy. I’m going to Norfolk, I’ll call you when I find out where we are going from there.
(7 grandkids later) Hey, wanna sell the house and live in a motor home?
Sherry is used to me coming up with quick, sometimes stupid, sometimes irrational ideas or decisions.(that is what makes me so exciting and sweet, LOL)
SHE is used to hearing me say and do crazy stuff.
Some ideas I DID NOT DO!
Once many years ago, we were traveling with Sherry’s sisters and their husbands. Our regular after Christmas week or two week get away. I got so inspired about Florida, I said when we get home, I am going to turn around and come back by my self and find us a place to live down here. This would be great, good weather year round. I did not do it then.
Another time on a weekend drive through the Helen, GA area, we saw the most beautiful house and sitting, I had ever seen. It was for sale. This home had a small creek coming down the mountain right beside the bedroom, over a water fall and into a pond in the front yard. I stopped the car backed up, got the phone number. We can buy this, if we sell everything, okay honey? “Sure,” she says, “It is beautiful.” I called, we could do it. But the fire had gone out. I forgot it, she knew I would, huh?
I really wanted to sail around the world. Sell it all and buy a boat and GO! SHE is very sweet (usually). This time SHE was quick to point out, SHE IS NOT getting on a boat and get out of sight of land. She also pointed out the small detail that I had never navigated or sailed in my life, she likes to point out minor stuff. But SHE was right as usual.
She won’t even discuss my ideas of Hot Air balloons and sky diving.
She says my absolute worst idea is to be “Buried at Sea”. Refuses to follow my wishes, points out that I won’t be here talking or arguing at the time. SHE will DO IT HER WAY!
I have had some excellent ideas, She just cannot remember them. Hahanah!
Now I have told you, hiking the Appalachian Trail is HER idea, not mine. But I like it, actually one of HER BETTER IDEAS. When I can figure out how, I will take credit for it. LOL
Thanks for coming by the LOG.
Nite Shipslog
***** I like long hikes,especially when they are takenby people who annoy me.

***** The only reason we took up hiking was so that I could hear heavy breathing again.


Lucy said...

Jack you are so naughty to your sister, but she holds her own. Someone taught her that. I wonder who!!! As for Sherry she has got to be the most patient woman in the world. Right???

Anonymous said...

I don't need to hike to hear heavy breathing...thank goodness LOLOL...and boy you don't know how lucky for you that you have Sherry in your life...or do you??? Those are some wild ideas you have had...made me wondere what our life would have been like if hubby has some of those "wild ideas"???? hmmm??? oh well...hope you are resting up during the rain...for the big hike coming up??? LOL...happy day to ya...Ora in KY

shirl72 said...

You are on a roll today. I hope age slows you
down on some of your bright ideas. You may
suggest something even you can do. Listen to
Sherry for any more good ideas.


Paula said...

Must have never been a dull moment around your house. Thank goodness you had Sherry for a wife. I think she knew how to even you out. Don't ask me to explain that last sentence. Its probably just something I understand.

Anonymous said...

Great post! I'm so like you Jack...always making big decisions spur of the moment. Lately have been on a good streak too!

betty said...

I like your decisions, Jack; a bit impulsive but then most of the time you see that they aren't wise before you've done too much "damage" (like that house or sailing around the world)

I always tell my son when he has an idea that might be an impulsive to sleep on it for 24 hours; if it still looks good the next day to go for it; most of the time it doesn't


Terri said...

I've never been a spur of the moment type of gal...on big decisions anyways...I always like to take my time to hash things out and make sure everything is lined up just so so ..before I jump in with both feet...lol Sherry is a trooper...she must love you with every ounce of her being...cause she has stood beside you through thick and thin...and has only drew the line a couple times with the sailing, hot air balloons and sky diving... :)

I might possibly would try the hot air balloon ride...but sky diving? Oh hell no..lol Sailing? Nope not for me...possibly a cruise though ..

You are a brave soul Jack...adventurous..and thats what makes this blog so interesting!

Great post :)

Love ya'll