Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From Sad Sack to the "AT" WHERE IS THE GOVERNOR???

Most machines need this attached.

Boy I would have loved to have had one like this!!
These were displayed along with many more in San Antonio early this year. I'll bet Rancher John and Pauline don't have one like this!!!!

Well another day without my trusty Vista’ loaded computer. If I knew anything about MAC I might go that way. But since I am a little gun shy now I will just get the hard drive replaced. I hope it is all covered under warrantee. It is less than a year old. I am definitely going to research the best way to back up the files. Funny some of the files were backed up on the same computer as they recommended. Both the biggie and the backup are gone.
What do you usually do about files?
Enough of that sad sack stuff.

Did you hear the Gov. of SC is missing? He is reportedly hiking the Appalatcian Trail. Reporters are mad because he 'slipped off', Now he has done a terrible thing.

People on the trail. Since we have been hiking we have met so many very interesting people. Really only one grouch and one bore, our of all the great folks on the trail. We have met folks from S. Africa, England, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. One year there was a race that was prominent. One guy from Germany (The Flying Dutchman) and one from France (The flying Frenchman) We never met them but read their entries in some of the Shelter logs. The German guy was friendly BUT the Crap head ‘Flying Frenchman’ was always finding fault with the USA. His entries ended with, “God Bless, except America, She does not deserve it.” I was so frustrated like most Hikers at the arrogance. I wanted once to tell him, if it had not been for Americans and others like us, he would be speaking German now.
One little lady (in her 20’s) was called Penguin. She was from South Africa and was finishing a Thru hike when we first met her. Later we were camping on Blood mountain (Georgia) and here she comes with her boyfriend. She was just hiking a few mountains with him to show him some highlights. She was so full of energy.
There was a little lady called ‘Pig Pen’. Her family had met her at one shelter to surprise her with a Birthday party, complete with cake. That was neat.
Thanks for coming by the log.
Nite Shipslog
What do you have around you house you need to throw away, but just cannot?
I have these old scratch CD’s. I plan to make birds out of them one day to hang from the awning.


Paula said...

I feel so deprived that I didn't have a pretty outhouse growing up. Reminds me a few days ago at Curves a young lady who works there was talking about a vacation in another country. She said they had holes in a board for a restroom. Another girl piped up and said thats called an outhouse. I thought honey Iv'e been there and done that and it wasn't in another country. lol

Bookncoffee said...

I'm sorry that you have had your computer problems. I'm thinking about going and getting a back up drive. I would hate to lose my graphics files that I have collected for years. I always said it was so fun collecting that I would just start over. ha.
But I would be sad really.
Interesting to hear about your hiking adventures and people you meet.
So what is the deal with the governor? Is he really missing? Or did he just sneak a day off from the media? ha.
Have a good week.

shirl72 said...

You have met some interesting people. I guess
the smartest man in the world is not on the trail this year. Sorry about your computer.

The Governor has retured he just wanted to get
away and clear his head.

Lucy said...

You did not even miss me and I am crushed, Sherry, Jack and Shirl . The first time i HAVE NOT POSTED IN YEARS. lONG STORY ON BLOG. i THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY WHEN THEY SAID YOUR GOVERNOR WAS ON THE APPALACHIAN trail;. I immediATELY THOUGHT i WONDER IF jACK AND sHERRY will run into him. I know, LLLOOONNNGGG trail.

Rose said...

Perhaps you may consider purchasing a Western Digital "My Book" external harddrive to back up all your files.

Your governor was not hiking! LOL

Hugs, Rose

Lucy said...

He, your governor was not hiking in the way we think of but I bet he was getting plenty of excersise.