Saturday, June 27, 2009

More AT while waiting...

I love it when the cornbread is warm.
I also love it with butter milk or sweet milk, I always add onions when I can.

The Appalachian Trail passes thru NY about thirty miles south. While we are waiting for our computer and the fourth, we might just go down and walk a few miles with our packs on. It is something you sorta have to do to get the pack adjusted to your back. We will have to load some stuff in to simulate food, like FOOD and have a little picnic on the way.

We have been asked about injuries. Yes we both have had reason to stop hiking. Once Sherry pulled a groin muscle and we had to stop for the rest of that year. And once in Mass. I think, I got real sick. Chilled and shaking, could not stop. Sherry got me to the ER and I saw a Dr. within five minutes (try that down South). It could be Lime disease. The Dr. said to take the full treatment, it would do no damage if it wasn’t lime, but he didn’t want to wait for the lab results to see. With Lime you cannot waste time. When the results came back, it was not. Thank goodness my brain cannot take a hit like loosing more cells than normal. LOL.
Once we forded one creek about four times, boots were wet. That night I dried them by the fire, which is a no-no. The next day they hurt her heels something terrible. We were on a mountain over looking a beautiful valley called ‘God’s Thumb Print’. We had three days of food. We camped in one spot until the food ran out and her heels were still bad. She had to hike four miles to get out of the woods. I really felt so sorry for her.
We both have fallen several times, but no bones broken of bad skins or cuts. We have quit hiking in shorts now for fear of cuts and abrasions on the rocks if we slip.
Ever heard of Trail Angels? They are the folks who on their own will fill gallon jugs of fresh water and place them on the trail, especially in dry weather.
Most of the time when you pass a hiker going in the opposite direction you will stop and exchange information such where is the next water, or what is the condition of the trail ahead. Of course you exchange names and where you are from and when you started you hike.
Funny incident. We came upon two guys who were not hiking the whole trail. They were only hiking a couple hundred miles to sneak in on a friends wedding. They planned to go in just like they left the trail. Evidently these guys were close and it was going to be a great occasion.
Gotta quit, thanks for coming by the log.
Nite Shipslog
Walking 20 minutes can add to your life.This enables you at 85 years old to spend an additional 5 months in a nursing home at $7000 per month.
Just to cheer you up!
(and I am having a snack of corn bread and milk!)


Anonymous said...

Oh boy that cornbread looks good in the milk!!! Never had it with onions I must say! I've learned to hike with long pants too, and when I'm in the bush, long sleeves. If not for little scratches, some of those long grasses tickle!!! Phewf that it wasn't Lime disease!

shirl72 said...

Glad you going for a trial run. I want even walk to town and is about 8 blocks. It is just
to easy to get in the car and drive. Hope you have good luck with computer and your trial run
getting your packs adjusted.

I missed yesterday blog you hadn't posted when
I was on the computer. I will do better.


Helen said...

Love cornbread and milk. Great with a dish of sliced tomato also. Ouch! Poor thing having those blisters on her heels. I think it's great that someone leaves jugs of water for the hikers. Helen

Lucy said...

I can not stand cornbread and I wish I could because it looks so good, Update on my blog tomorrow. You guys are really living for hiking aren't you. Just tell Sherry to wear comfortable-------clothes.

Paula said...

My daddy used to eat cornbread and buttermilk. I never did understand what he got out of that. Always enjoy your info. about the hikes. At what age did you and Sherry start hiking or have you always?

betty said...

that cornbread/milk sounds delicous! nothing like good cornbread for a snack or a meal any time

you need to write a book about your adventures on the AT. you are presenting a lot of great info about it; makes me want to think (note the word think) about hiking it. The walking doesn't bother me; seeing the snakes would bother me


Rose said...

I love warm cornbread.

Yikes, all that hiking and injuries sound scary to me.

Walking is good for you, that I agree!

Be careful.

Hugs, Rose