Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bloggers, journalists, diary keepers and other strange animals.

Looking out our picture window here in Rondout Valley, NY. Little rain. Yeah we keep stuff on out dash.
Sherry making chili, and yes it is cool enough here for chili. She did not sneak hot sausage in.

She turned away to continue to add stuff to it. This is to check the little card rear Rain suggested. It worked. Now i can transfer pics to the computer.

I follow several Blogs and also a couple of forums on Religion and Rv’ing. I can never understand when anyone asks for comments and they get them, they get mad. Especially if the commenter does not agree. I have never deleted a comment, if I ever do get one it will stay. I was proud of how old Mort handled the nasty anon. commenter on his blog. Let it stay for everyone to see the ignorance of the fool.
I see folks get really irate because everyone does not agree with them. Now in Mort’s ANON case, it was very different, because ANON was just intentionally being rude , VERY NASTY and hiding behind an anonymous name.
If we as Bloggers open up our blogs to the public, we always take a chance of getting our ‘feelings hurt’. But really what we should be looking for is an exchange of ideas. I made an entry on another forum saying, ‘I find a lot of stupid comments and entries by preachers/priests on here‘. But then I clarified that by saying, heck, that is a human failing, one guy may make a brilliant entry. I like it because I agree with it. The same guy may show his stupidity by having the gall to post something I DO NOT AGREE with, I mean how could anybody believe that????!!! It is amazing how stupid someone gets over night. Hahahahahahah!
Most folks who keep a journal, or BLOG, do it for themselves. It is an outlet. It is not secret like a Diary, on here it is exposed to the World. As I am talking now, it may not make any sense to you, but to me it makes complete sense (Until I reread it, LOL). Our thoughts and/or memories do us good and sometimes entertain others. There are a few who never have an uninteresting entry. Not everyone can relate their past or describe today perfectly, some folk are so interesting it takes 3000 words to tell it, while others can do it in less than 500; we all have fun trying.

I will not forget my first commenter. I was shocked to get one. My journal was a few months old before I got the comment. It was ‘Lindie’. She is still around every once in awhile. Her comments have always been encouraging and made sense. She is still a ray of sunshine in a sometimes dreary sky.
Okay I will close this diatribe. Thanks for coming this way.
Nite shipslog
Walking is good for you.Our grandpa started walkingfive miles a day when he was 60...Now he's 97 years old I think...and we haven't a clue where the heck he is. LOL


Anonymous said...

Jack, as far as you know Sherry didn't add hot sausage, lol! ;)

Here is my long and drawn out opinion on that one! I think that if you put controversial things on your blog, like religion, politics, ethical issues have to be prepared for debate, certainly. I rarely if never post anything other than what's going on with me, so if someone were to post a nasty or contradictory comment, it just doesn't belong on my blog, because there is no reason for it! But personal attacks like the one Mort got, or actually one I got a few weeks ago, from a bipolar guy who was just going through an angry stage I suppose, are just pathetic. I didn't allow the comment to be published, nor did I mention any more about it, because I think a lot of these people who post hatred, they want that kind of reaction. I applaud Mort though, because that's how it made him feel better!

I know I'm sensitive, that comment nearly had me shutting down my blog and hiding again! But I'm so glad that I was able to make that step forward.

I like the dashboard photo!

shirl72 said...

I feel when a person expresses negative comments
they have been hurt and going to take it out on
someone. I feel sorry for them because they need
help. Most of the time they are very unhappy.

I feel our childhood from a baby until grown
has helped us deal with different situation.
I learned by watching Mother and Dad handled
things with grace and that helped shape my life.
They were the most wonderful parents in the world and I still miss them. I meet people today that express how they loved our Mother and Dad. Brother we didn't turn out to bad with
what they had to work with. HEE HEE HEE


Lindie said...

I oomment when I have something to say which is not always, although I agree with you more often than not! I love that you and your sweetie share your travels with us. I watch the talk shows etc. I have come to the conclusion that most of them are only communicating with those that have the same opinions. They think that 1 opinion is right and that all others are wrong. This week has been trying to say the least. Sad for the family members who lost someone they loved and bewildering to me to watch others who have never met those personages make "absolute" commetns.

Lucy said...

I think what comes through on my blog is how I was or am feeling at the time. As you know for a couple of days why I was so frustrated. I took a picture of the loudest ones I had and emailed it to my daughter and she is going to stop by next week and I will unbury them and give them to her. As of now they are buried.I really like this entry. As confusing as it is I think I write entries some what like you are talking about. I have made controversial entries, however hopefully not hurtful ones. I have had some of the best laughs over the undies and when I started writing about it I was just getting it out of my system. I have had some funny comments that at times I just sit here and laugh.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack...and Sherry too!!! I am with you dude...about comments and about what is written in our is us...and if you want to share your opinion...that's ok...I can handle it...but don't go knocking the pins out from under me...that isn't fair or even nice...don't put me down for what I feel is the way I feel...just cause it ain't the way you feel..I like your entries Jack...and traveling with you...well not on the hiking trail LOL...I think walking is great...I just don't care to do it a good book....that I can handle...and your dashboard...nice...and Sherry??? did you put hot sausage in that chili??? hmm??? fess up now!!!!! LOLOL...I love chili...but not hot hot!!! I am rambling again...sheesh....happy day to you guys...Ora in KY

Terri said...

Hiya Jack and Sherry :)

Love your pics...chili sounds yummy!
Sherry looks beautiful as always :)

You are right,most of us write for ourselves, and we won't "all" always agree on things and that's okay..that is life.. we just have to learn to agree to

I never will understand why some feel that it is necessary to leave others hateful comments...if I don't agree with someone I alot of times just don't comment...or leave a short and sweet comment going totally off subject :)

I do "try" to be a well behaved girl most the time...hehehe

Love & Hugs from Kentucky

betty said...

you guys really have a lot of room in your RV, Sherry and Jack! looks like almost a small kitchen in a tiny apartment; room to move around and all; I bet that chili was delicious!!

I have never deleted a comment other than spam comments; I have deleted comments I've left on other people's blogs but rarely; mostly because I hit that comment button sooner than I realize I might not want to say what I said.

I have been very fortunate (thank you Lord) that the entries I might write about faith have never been negatively attacked. I have decided I'm not going to write about those subjects that tend to get people in an uproar; politics, controversial subjects, etc. Like Shirl said, some that leave negative comments have been hurt about something and take it out on the next person they can; you got to feel sorry for people like that


LYN said...