Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On the Phone with India, Pakistan, Bermuda & Africa with HP

Forget this picture. I tried to load it yesterday and it would not. Thie is the SC governor who everybody was looking for. He was in Argentina instead of on the AT, I was looking forward to meeting him too! LOL He got a lot of attention anyway.

Okay, forget the hard drive, now we are not sure!!
“We changed our mind about the hard drive. Send the computer back to us.” HP
Sherry, “we don’t have the box.”
“ WHAT? You don’t have the original box? It has only been eight months.
We will send you a box, hold on. You will have the box in a couple days. Pack the Tower up and call FEDEX. Eight to 10 day turnaround.” HP
“Whoa, we won’t be here.”
“ That is all right you can call and give us a good address.” HP
Oh yeah, we are going to see Judy, our friend in Maine, she will accept it for us. Thank the Lord for good friends across the country.
Now we are waiting for a box. Poor Sherry, is in the middle of this whole thing. She has been talking to the folks from India on the phone. She cannot understand half of what is said, then has to relay it to me. It really is a problem, but we decided to try and laugh our way through it. Once when the girl had me open the tower up and pull all four memory cards I yelled real loud, “OUCH! AM I SUPPOSED TO UNPLUG THIS THING FIRST?”
A couple times I did take the phone ignoring what the person was saying and said my piece about the things I was doing. That I had done them already with another techhie. It really did no good, they are real polite and I guess are used to Americans yelling at them, “Just one more little test,” she would say.
Now I know, they are going down a check off list and cannot skip forward, so we have to deal with it.
I know most of you have been there, an done that, but I am going to say it anyway.
When we get the new address to have the Tower sent to, we are to call a number. Now there are still ignorant Ignorant, simplistic souls like me who expect to dial the number and say, “Hey this is jack, remember the tower I sent?
“Oh yeah,Yeah, jack, buddy we have it ready, where do I send it?”
“Send it to: 33 fourth st. Podunk Alaska.”
“Will do, thanks jack. Good doing business with you, hope the computer doesn’t give you any more trouble.” click, case closed.
“Thanks for calling HP, please choose from the following options: printers push 1, cell phones 2, lunch 3, girls 4, boys 5, software 6, hardware 7, battery 8, dinner 9 or monitors 0. Sorry we have run out of numbers. Please call back later, your call is important to us!> click.
Thanks for dropping by the log to be harassed,
Nite Shipslog
If this entry made no sense it is because you are too far up the food chain, it was meant to be ignored. Sorry to take you time. I know it is valuable to you.
Did anyone notice Debbie and Ora were back but Lucy, like the SC governor is missing.
More on the trail later……


Paula said...

I know what you're saying here. My daughter says if she gets someone on the phone she can't understand she just hangs up and calls back later and sometime she is lucky and gets someone she can understand. Its good to have Ora back but I don't think I know Debbie.

jack69 said...
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betty said...

I actually thought of you, Jack and Sherry, when I heard the governor might be on the AT. I thought "maybe he'll run into Jack and Sherry". No such luck I guess

I love talking with customer service reps when you finally get one. I hate the phone tree to get to one though. Twenty minutes sometimes and lots of button pushing to finally reach a live person.

I hope the HP issues get resolved and the computer gets fixed one way or another no matter which country talks with you


shirl72 said...

Jack they are saying when you get someone on the
telephone you cannot understand ask for someone
who speaks English or American. It has worked
two times. I know it is too late now. It was
also going around in an E-mail.


Woody said...

Been there, done that with customer service, SUCKS!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!


Lucy said...

I want to crawl through the phone and strangle them!!! They can ruin a perfectly good daY one minute after they hook you up with someone. I have a HP box they told me to keep. Never ever will I buy a pc on line and especially from HP. If I do ever buy one it will be local and even if I am 79 I would probably outlive the blasted thing. Now you watch, this pc is going to act up today cause I spoke ill of its maker.

Anonymous said...

Hi! The worst is the phone company here, with that chirpy lady voice recognizing software. I just say over and over again "customer service, customer service, customer service" until it finally says "okay, you'd like to speak to a customer service specialist"...too frustrating. The outsourcing of customer service is annoying, I've had calls where I can barely understand them or hear them...and sometimes the delay is too much so I do hang up and keep calling until I get a decent service!