Thursday, July 30, 2015

Poetry, Honest (Posted for Friday)..

(Note Sherry is doing well, we are on the road to SC/NC and the next up coming adventure.)

(Disclaimer: This post contains excerpts  copyrighted work. I am using it under the ‘Fair-Use Doctrine’, thanks for your attention)

My mama said to me,concerning an older sibling, “Son, there will be times one of your boys will require more attention than the other;but one day,  somehow, in the end it equals out.”


(My mama,I vexed her soul at times.)

What does this have to do with poetry, you ask? Let me try to explain. Friend Bonnie of ‘Organic Discourse’ and the editor/proof-reader of one of my novels, was kind enough to give me a book of poems written by her late  Grandmother, ‘Stella Kelly Poole’. I read the book. BUT Poetry requires more than reading, I need the right atmosphere, a quiet evening in a swing and  sometimes what is required is a situation, one you are facing that matches the words you have read somewhere and you look for them, and find them in a poem. A poem you have only ‘read’ not felt, a poem is meant to be felt.

Stella’s words from her book,


“Come Sing With Me”:


This is a quote from copyrighted material. BUT the title of the book is “Come Sing with Me” and inside she invites a special blessing on anyone who will ‘Come sing with me.”

So I have decided to sing with Stella, come with me.

In explanation of her poem she wrote, Quote:

One of my sons was continually borrowing little amounts of money. Always going to payback soon. One Christmas found him owing a little more than usual.(No big sum by today’s standards) For his Christmas present I decided to clear his bill. I knew this would leave him still broke so I found a little box that had lots of folds and creases in it. Into these folds I tucked bits of change and a small bill or two.  So Christmas he received the empty looking box with this poem I wrote for him.

Little Man

Little man, please don’t be blue

This is the best I can do

You spent my money so fast

You ought to know it wouldn’t last.

Yet Little man you’re dear, ‘tis true

No one could love you as I do

You vex me sorely, yes that’s right

But you are so sweet when you are out of sight

I forgive all your debt and

Might even do better yet

Keep this little box as I say

‘Til you’ve turned it every way

End Quote….

Now my friend this lady knew about an errant one and still is sweet.  WOW, yes she knew, the last two lines of the 2nd verse (My underline) are FACTS.

“You vex me sorely, but you are sweet when out of sight.”

AS a rule, methinks, every family has one who is a little less responsible for their own actions. In our family, both of our sons have at one time been prodigals, and ‘vexed us sorely’, that is why as I read Mrs. Stella Kelly Poole, the poems mean much.

My thanks to Bonnie for bringing more joy into our lives through Mrs. Stella, That is a beautiful name, for sure. Winking smile 

Nite Shipslog

I am told Little Man became a responsible citizen. Served his country with pride, even married a preacher’s daughter.


1942 cars were a lot like the ‘41’s The production year was cut short,  when factories re-tooled for the war effort.… 1942-nash-600Cadillac_Convertible_1942Lincoln_Coupe_1942oldsmobile-cars-3


Wit and Poetry

(Today, Sherry is having cataract surgery on the left eye, if you pray, mention her. If you don’t, send good thoughts this way, THANKS)
You’re a poet and don’t know it, But your feet sure show it, Long Fellows.
That and many more school-day saying still stick in my mind. Then there was the:Yeah man you are a hit, I dropped the ‘s’ cause we are friends.
Then the mean one: Fatty, Fatty 2 by 4, can’t get thru the bathroom door.  There was a C/W song line I never liked, ‘Rolly Polly, daddy’s little fatty.”
Not saying you are ugly, but did your mama mix you up with one of her  dog’s litter?
Then to the tall kid: How’s the weather up there?
And the 4 eyes jokes, before there were designer frames.  The glasses issued to the troops by the Government were:  ‘The Navy’s answer to birth control.
My sympathies seemed to always go to the ‘one being picked on’ because I had my share of times being the brunt of a joke. I seldom could come up with a witty come-back. I have heard them though.
I remember once when a kid was being laughed at and called Ugly; he was a good kid with buckteeth and  a good personality. After listening to the jokes about eating corn on the cob thru a barbed wire fence and  mama mixed you up with the dogs, etc. he smiled at Tommy’s remarks, and with a smile and  everyone’s attention said, “Did y’all know Tommy wonders why snakes run from him?….. Well he will know once his family puts enough money together to buy a mirror!”  Then Tommy caught it.
I was always witty (30 minutes AFTER the wit was needed). I have two extremely witty friends, Joe Carver and Buddy Sansbury. I would bet they have never been bested in a war of words. It just so happens our twin grandson’s mother is  witty and also Joe’s sister. Jack Jr (the twins dad) is a witty guy also, so the Twins keep us in stitches with their inherited wit, talent and personalities. They are a joy.
That is Joshua and Stephen, I always try to give the devil his dues, Winking smile Just my nature. Surprised smile.
Sherry’s surgery reminds me of a letter I received once from Grandson Corey. I had told him I just had cataract surgery. “Grandpa, a friend of mine said the Cataract was the best car he ever owned.”
I  know a couple  people with a constant sharp sarcastic wit. I have never  really enjoy it.
Sorry, I did not get around to talking about Poetry, I meant to, maybe next time.
Nite Shipslog
PS:  Any school day sayings you remember? (Old Joe and Buddy could fill a page quick with them.
In 1941 Car companies were gearing up for the war effort and the ‘41’s would be the last cars until after the war.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WOW, coulda been buggy!

Sherry has a signature meal, Pinto beans, cornbread, lettuce slaw and salmon patties. One of my favorites. Our cornmeal is kept in a Tupperware container, sealed.


When she started to fix cornbread, she said, uh oh, and brought the container over, look at the cornmeal.  It was full of little tiny bugs. Of course I am a smart aleck, “No problem the heat will kill them and we will have extra meat.”

Not funny, I can see that because at my suggestion of a substitute she answered, “NO we are not having rice, we will go get some corn meal.”


“NO WAY!” I stuck to my guns, all the way to the store and back! (smile).

She would not allow me to remove all ‘em bugs, she threw two pounds of cornmeal away!

Now with the silliness out of the way, how did them little dudes and dudesses get in that Tupperware? The had to be there all the time, right?  Why did they just decide to be born and mess up my girl’s day? That is a mystery to me.

(To the net for answers)

So they are Weevils, small beetles.  The eggs get thru somehow in the processing, and hatch under certain conditions. If placed in a freezer for 4 days will kill all the eggs that possibly got thru.

Of course on the internet some guys agreed with me, hatched they are just extra protein, so enjoy it. (smile)  Maybe we will try the freezing technique.

Anyway we did have a great meal after we made the trip to ‘Save a Lot’.


At least I know more about them WEEVILS, cause they were:

just looking for a home,

just looking for a home.

Nite Shipslog


The 1940 Cars, The boxy look is about gone but now, WWII was looking us square in the face:




For a kid in the 1950’s, the 1934 ford was preferred, but next was the 1940 Ford Coupe. In our hometown I think Bobby Ferguson had the best one.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Now I am confused, Who the heck is the Real Donald Trump?


I frequent a forum called Acts, mostly church stuff some politics and a lot of ‘discussion’ on faith and beliefs. Dr. Marty Baker is a contributor there.  It made the news the other day that he was going to introduce Donald Trump at a Rally.(I also put this on FB, U mite have read it)

marty and wife2

Lots of folks knowing Marty from the forum were surprised and  had some negative stuff to say and  some were positive.  After a few days Marty came back with his explanation, along with a story.  He said he kept hearing very negative comments about Donald, and said that was not the Trump he remembered back in Georgia. He related this:

In 1986 L.D. and Annabelle Hill had had a few bad years on their farm and were losing it. The farm had been in their family in Burke County, Georgia for over a hundred years. The night before the Bank Auction, L.D. overtaken with grief, went into the bedroom and took his life. Of course the bank postponed the auction.

Word spread thru the county, state and even up to NY where a man named Donald Trump heard about it. He immediately started the ball rolling and bought the farm. Below is the picture of a young Donald burning the mortgage and he gave the farm back to Annabelle.


Now I have not been a Trump supporter I have appreciated some of his open statements. The one I didn’t like was his nasty about McCain’s POW time, he was wrong to bring that up.

But this story told by Marty before he introduced Mr. Trump at a Rally in SC, is important, me thinks. I am a sucker for a tear jerker, and this did bring a tear.

marty and wife

Above is Marty and his wife, the guys on the Forum did give him a tough time about his choice of coat and bowtie.

But I liked the story, I thought you might appreciate it also. It is good to know some politicians have a heart.

Nite Shipslog


1939.. My year, according to  Jimmy down in Miami. I am older than Bugs Bunny,


The trumpet, Jazz and the Blues

Are we all dreamers.  Maybe only dreamers are dreamers, if that makes any sense.  I have mentioned here on the Shipslog I  played the trumpet for awhile.
Do you remember “It’s Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White”? Perez Predo’s trumpet player Billy Regis could make that trumpet talk.
First day in NAWLINS 052 (2)
(The boys and I on Bourbon street at the Musical Legends park.)
You gotta remember the man from Nawlins, Louis (Satchmo) Armstrong and that gravel voice combined with a beautiful trumpet, ‘Hello Dolly’ & Wild Man Blues.
Oh, and Miles Davis, ‘Surrey with the Fringe on Top’.
I never played serious sports in High School, so I didn’t dream of being Mickey Mantle or a Babe Ruth. But I could see myself on stage with Satchmo and playing second Trumpet somewhere in NY or Nawlins.
I imagined that I could make my trumpet talk like Dizzy Gillespi did in ‘I can’t Get Started After Midnight.’
Now to be honest I cannot tell you what constitutes Blues or Jazz, but I know it when I hear it. And when I could hear, I enjoyed both.
Did you know Satchmo knocked the Beatles out of first place in record sales a couple times. Mixing that patter with an amazing Trumpet made my neck hair stand.
I was so good with the trumpet, I ‘thought’ I was the best. I sat first trumpet in two bands. UNTIL one faithful day in Valdese Jr. High, my silly, untalented band director took my trumpet to show me  a run, he was pathetic. I never went back to the band room, if that was the best he could do, I could do that blindfolded. I was not only good, but I was a wise a$$, of the first order.
Did you  ever attend PTA meetings with your parents? I did, three weeks after I quit the band. That night the Principal introduced the band director, who was going to do a solo. WOW, was the school that hard up for entertainment? This is going to be embarrassing, ugh.
To my amazement the man stood there with a Clarinet, what? No trumpet? Not even a sax? A Clarinet, a girl’s instrument!
OH, but when he started, I had never heard anything sound that good in my life. He was great. That is the first time I really scolded myself. I said to myself, you are a complete jackass, you were named right, you are a jackass. You are so ignorant thinking everyone must play a trumpet. Listen to the man stupid, he is on the edge of greatness.
I was too embarrassed to return to the band, but I had learned a great lesson about judging, I must have been 13. I have never forgotten that lesson. Looking back, I know I was never great on a trumpet, but good compared to the ones I knew. I knew when I didn’t go back to the band I would never see those dreams come true.
I played in several church bands after that, but it was by ear, not music.
There are times a dreamer must switch dreams, I did (several times). I still dream, but I try quit comparing..
Nite Shipslog
Out of sequence but here are the 1937’s,  my Sherry’s year…..Check the Phaeton out, NICE37PackardPhaeton-1041937-PackardSix03-crop1937-1947-packard-six-137plycpe6cyl3spd1_Bay1937_Terraplane_picture_car%2520(8)1937-american-bantam-410471937-chevrolet-master-and-master-deluxe-11937-chrysler1937-Chrysler-Imperial-Model-C-15-Town-Car1937-Cord-812-Sportsman-Convertible-Black-fvl1937-hudson-terraplane-coupe-09451la-car-concours-1937-talbot_lago-img_3