Monday, July 13, 2015


I played in my Elementary school band and a short time in my Jr. Hi band. I played the Trumpet. In my early years I seemed to take the easy out.  Dad thought I should play an instrument, a friend of his had a Sax for sale, I did love the sound of the sax, but have you ever looked at the number of keys on a sax? WOW. saxophone-845x321 - Copy 
I pouted a little and said “Maybe the trumpet.” I was a little spoiled I guess, so he took the Sax back and found a used trumpet . I liked 3 keys.

trumpet-saxophone-brass-against-blue-background-34600406 - Copy
I guess it is a wonder I didn’t settle for the Trombone. LOL
img_large_watermarked - Copy
I played in two church bands. Sister Shirl was a show off, she could play the organ, autoharp, piano and the sissy French Horn. (LOL) (It is a joke Shirl!!!)
I said all that to say, I really do like music. 
It took me too long to realize that the singers and guitar players got the girls, by then it was too late, I had found the girl for me. And she liked me even thought I couldn’t carry a tune in a tin bucket.
But everyone in love knows music is a cement. Some songs tend to glue TWO together.I won’t name them all, but here are some tunes we smoothed to:

Perez Prado ….  Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White
(the Trumpet was big here)
Bill Haley and His Comets …. Rock Around The Clock
Mitch Miller ….The Yellow Rose Of Texas

Les Baxter  …Unchained Melody (Love that one)
Four Aces …… Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (YES)
McGuire Sisters … Sincerely  (Love it)
Pat Boone ….. Ain't That A Shame
Billy Vaughn …. Melody Of Love  (Good stuff)
Fontaine Sisters  …. Hearts Of Stone
Four Lads  ….. Moments To Remember (This was good)
Chordettes  …. Mr. Sandman  (The last kiss before I ran home)
Funny, In one of her letters Sherry was bragging on Heart Break Hotel by Elvis, don’t you love it? On Parris Island? We did not listen to music. (Except the DI’s voice, “I can’t HEAR you!”)
But when I tuck her in at nights, before I come back to this computer, we still sing to each other, one of us will start these words, from Blood Sweat and Tears, “You’ve Made Me so Very Happy”:
“You’ve made me so very happy,(then we both sing), I’m so glad you came into my life, thank you  baby!”
It is funny, that it was on a lark of a trip, that included  a  professional singer piano player, Douglas Carver, when he suggested I take Sherry Harris out on a date.
The rest is history.
Nite Shipslog
PS: Doug and I eventually shared twin grandsons, excellent musicians:
I cannot hear the words to the song, but I know that is our grandson Josh  on the key board and Stephen is on the Guitar. Doug is the Gray haired guy. Since passed. Thanks to Sue Ann Malenfant-Carver Doug’s daughter in law. Doug was always the gentleman.
I took the video  from her Facebook.
the beautiful 1926 cars
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a sweet entry. Those songs do bring back some wonderful memories for me.

betty said...

My brother played the trombone in school; son tried to sax but he moved to drums LOL :)


Glenda said...

Such a stroll down memory lane, loved all of those songs you mentioned, just too young to have a boyfriend hahaha!!! Josh and Stephen are so very talented, but then all y'all Darnells have your own special areas of expertise :)

Lisa said...

I took a few guitar lessons when I was little. Being a lefty, I had to some troubles. ....The guitar teacher quit on me.


Paula said...

No musical instruments for me. My piano teacher spent my lessons trying to convert me to the Baptist church so I gave up on both.

Rick Watson said...

Good one Jack. Music plays big in our history too. Your list of songs is impressive and I'm not sure I could improve on it so I won't try.
I have a quote on my vision board that says music is what feelings sound like. That is profound in my book.

Mevely317 said...

Oh!, I just love what Rick said about music and feelings. Profound, indeed.

DH used to play (sax) with several different groups in and around Chicago; so your mention of all those keys made me smile! I always sort of envied the brass section ... so much cooler than a violin!

I'm crazy for many of those old songs you mention ... mostly crazy in LIKE for yours and Sherry's bedtime song. Play on!


Music soothes the soul. Once you hear a song, it never leaves your memory it seems. Some great tunes you have listed there. My hubby's and my song is, "It Had to be You."