Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WOW, coulda been buggy!

Sherry has a signature meal, Pinto beans, cornbread, lettuce slaw and salmon patties. One of my favorites. Our cornmeal is kept in a Tupperware container, sealed.


When she started to fix cornbread, she said, uh oh, and brought the container over, look at the cornmeal.  It was full of little tiny bugs. Of course I am a smart aleck, “No problem the heat will kill them and we will have extra meat.”

Not funny, I can see that because at my suggestion of a substitute she answered, “NO we are not having rice, we will go get some corn meal.”


“NO WAY!” I stuck to my guns, all the way to the store and back! (smile).

She would not allow me to remove all ‘em bugs, she threw two pounds of cornmeal away!

Now with the silliness out of the way, how did them little dudes and dudesses get in that Tupperware? The had to be there all the time, right?  Why did they just decide to be born and mess up my girl’s day? That is a mystery to me.

(To the net for answers)

So they are Weevils, small beetles.  The eggs get thru somehow in the processing, and hatch under certain conditions. If placed in a freezer for 4 days will kill all the eggs that possibly got thru.

Of course on the internet some guys agreed with me, hatched they are just extra protein, so enjoy it. (smile)  Maybe we will try the freezing technique.

Anyway we did have a great meal after we made the trip to ‘Save a Lot’.


At least I know more about them WEEVILS, cause they were:

just looking for a home,

just looking for a home.

Nite Shipslog


The 1940 Cars, The boxy look is about gone but now, WWII was looking us square in the face:




For a kid in the 1950’s, the 1934 ford was preferred, but next was the 1940 Ford Coupe. In our hometown I think Bobby Ferguson had the best one.


Paula said...

Humm that cornbread sure looks good. Makes me want to go make some. Isn't it disappointing when you are ready to make something and there is something wrong with it like bugs?

betty said...

I remember they could be in flour if flour was stored too long on the counter; we always kept ours in the fridge. Glad you guys still got a meal though with a little improvising :)


Mevely317 said...

Yikes! 30 years after the fact, I still feel bad for laughing when my mother's place became overrun with weevils while she was on vacation. They even got into the linen closet and father's Navy steamer trunk.
Well sure enough, karma reared its ugly head when WE got them the next year, and I was scrubbing all the kitchen cabinets and dishes with straight ammonia. Taught me a lesson about keeping flour, sugar, etc. in the fridge!

Glenda said...

That Sherry gal has good eyes! Have had that happen and it is irritating to have to shop to finish a meal; also keep opened dry goods containers in the fridge now. Agree that the cornbread looks delicious :)

Elizabeth said...

You are funny! Made me laugh! That meal sounds wonderful! I also keep my cornmeal in the refrigerator!

Rick Watson said...

I learned early on not to argue with the wife I the kitchen. She is much too close to knives and skillets:)


are those the little things that get into the flour too? Glad you got a new mix

Unknown said...

I remember hearing a missionary say they used a sifter for their flour always because of the weevils (basically straining them out, I guess). My parents always said about the worms in the apple, "How could he be bad for you to eat? All he's ever eaten in his life is apple." I'm not sure how serious they were; they would probably be a lot more laid back than I am about accidentally ingesting a bit of bug or a little dirt. Anyway, all those weevil larvae have ever eaten is cornmeal!
Good to know that 4 days in the freezer will take care of them. That's a simple way to handle things, for sure.
I don't blame Sherry at all for replacing the cornmeal. I would have done the same thing.
Now, I'm hankering for some cornbread.

Sheila Y said...

I keep my flour and cornmeal in the freezer. I don't use it as often as some. Humm, but now you say there are weevil eggs in it... :-O
Take care , Sheila
PS. I've been at Mom and Dad's a week so I'm playing catchup on the blogs.