Thursday, January 31, 2019

Tom, the farmer.

I did laugh at Myra's comment about the pillows that are placed carefully to appear casual or thrown. That is our temporary bed with 8 or 9 pillows. LOL  My girl just delivered the last of the coffee. She sees me here on three pillows with the laptop actually on my lap and cannot move. LOL
I never realized the laptop got so warm (hot).

I have a friend down the road, Tom an old man (82) retired farmer from New York. He loves to talk farm, and I enjoy listening and learning. Yesterday he told me his son had just called to say it was cold. BTW he had sold a cow  for meat. It dressed out 1000 lbs of beef.  (Me remembering my dad killing his largest hog ever and it dressed out 500 pounds )  The beef ended up over all selling for $3.30 a pound after slaughter and (hanging 2 weeks) then cut up and vacuum packed.

They also just sold 600 bales of hay to someone in South Carolina for horses. He tells me horses will not eat hay that has chemicals and they do not use any so their hay is in big demand. Just another bit of information I know you are dying to learn. Hay requires 12% moisture. His hay balers test the hay as it is being baled and adds water as needed. I asked how many tractors planters and balers he had. "'bout 26 I think, we are down some."  From our talks before, each tractor is in excess of 100K

If you met Tom on the street you might think he needed a job, you would never know he is a millionaire several times over. LOL  He and his wife are wonderful people. They only come down for a couple months.

Tom told of a farmer in NC who taught him something about coyotes. BY buying a jack (jackass) and letting it run with the cows, you never lose a cow or calf to coyotes.  For some reason the jack has a hate for coyotes and kills or runs them off.
That is my transferred education for today. I am guessing this is about 300 words.

Nite Shipslog.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Just messing around

  We just bought me a 'memory foam' pillow. I have used it now for a few nights and it cannot remember what I told it, THIN I said THIN!  Then I push it flat and say, "Remember that!"

We have been making up time in the chilly weather here.  We have played a lot of 'Mexican Train' and  I have read a couple westerns.

Today I lived the "Senior moments joke that has been around for years.
I went out to check the air in my tires. I noticed a mop I had used to clean the top of the slide out. So I took it to the spigot, and started rinsing it. and needed a bucket. I headed for the bucked ant noticed the Big walnut log I started on and meant to move it, so I did. I walked over to my playhouse (shed_) and realized I had not refinished our 'Camping sign, the ships wheel'. So I went to get my screw gun to take it apart and saw my chain saw. It needs sharpening. I fetched my new files while there I remembered the tires. I plugged the compressor in to build up pressure and decided to finish moving the logs while the compressor did it's thing. I did move the logs grabbed the bucket finished the mop. (something done). I took the ships wheel apart and sanded it down. repainted it. Then remembered the compressor and I actually did the tires.

I stopped and laughed at myself. Came in and  asked my girl if she wanted to  play around?  She said yes I'll get the dominoes for Mexican train.

my day..
Nite Shipslog

PS: Like I think I have told everyone, this laptop lets me type a line. I wait a few seconds then it shows it to me to correct. LOL
Andrey apologized for not having the gaskets installed, but they did not come in today as promised by the supplier.  WE miss our home.  BUT LIFE IS GOOD!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Sometimes the internet is tough to reach. haha

Trucks of Art
            1941 Chevy Pickup

Blog entry
Automobiles of Art
I haven’t been old but a week or so and I can already tell it. But I have two sweethearts that Sherry knows about, that are actually older than I am. Jean down in Opp and Paula out in the great state of Texas. Both are tougher than I and sweeter, if you can believe that (as sweet as I am). These ladies have more grit than a beach!
We have had the fortune to meet them both. The meetings were no more than 1-2 hours but both ladies are the definition of ‘sweet tough’.  I have always regretted we did not visit longer. I think both ladies still read the Shipslog. I just wish I had half the sand these ladies have.
That sorry enemy of the aged visited both families. The men in their lives met Mr. Dementia and he came to stay. Jean has said goodbye to her beloved Grover. Pauline is hanging in there. She always wanted to be a cow girl, she is one. Paula is my favorite ‘down home’ poet. She allowed me to use her poems in my one child’s book.
I said that to say, I am trying to handle old-age, but there is something out there fighting against me. As I write this our jacks are still not working. After our game of ‘Mexican Train’ Sherry looked over my shoulder and said, “Honey, we have a leak.” Sure enough from around the roof A/c was a heavy drip-drip. The rain is constant and insistent.  Ever notice the logic, when you have a leak, the rain makes it worse.  I am one smart cookie!

Of course I got out the tools. I have it stopped as I type, but all RV’ers know, that is temporary. I can fix it permanently later, but dadgummit, the things to fix, are coming too regular for an OLD MAN.
I will be young tomorrow, but tonight, I am OLD.
Nite Shipslog
PS I wrote this yesterday and could not get it on, as of tonight the Jacks are fixed, the coach is still in the shop and I am on an ancient laptop that says I am not up to date, etc.

Also tougher when you do not have your pass words and start guessing. lol

Sunday, January 27, 2019

The absolute best pot stock.

  Trucks of Art:

2018 Chevy white by Mad-rock

The now:

Now be honest, what did you think of when you read the title?  Come on!

I have been playing at cooking for some time now, and have come up with some great soups and stews.  I have found that adding a little chicken or beef bouillon or broth adds greatly to the flavor of a one pot meal i.e. soup or stew.

Lately I have read labels of Chicken or beef stock for soup. On the label it states: significantly better in the pot than broth.

The best pot stock yet!   Am I gullible, stupid, ignorant or what!”????

You knew it, huh?  I clicked to find the best pot stock yet and starting reading of INVESTING in Marijuana Stock, i.e. POT STOCK.  I laughed at myself thinking, “Yep son, you are too danged old for this generation.”

OK, tomorrow the coach goes back in the hospital. This time for the leveling jacks. I have always been pretty self-sufficient. We have never had to call a handyman, I have always muddled through.  I feel so out of touch when we have a problem and I can’t fix it. I have always been the ‘ex-spert’. (An Ex-spert: a ‘DRIP under pressure’).

(We used to say in business, an expert is anyone called in from 2000 miles away) 

 Lately I have had to turn it over to the professionals.

My general rules of ‘trouble=shooting’:
1.       If the problem is sporadic, or acts different under different circumstances, it is usually a hard problem to find, usually expensive.
2.       If the problem is solid, ‘system just does not work or ‘no power’, finding the problem is usually simple to find and fixing it can be cheap such as a blown fuse, loose wire; OR expensive ‘The computer module is burned.’
My leveling Jacks should have been simple, there is no power. I supplied power and the still did not work. I worked on it for hours.  I hope the Tech finds a missing wire.  But I would not bet on it. LOL

Nite Shipslog

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Would you live in a school bus?

        School bus of Art:
Have you ever wondered about the interior????

The bus report:
Many years ago I built our ultimate brick & mortar home. It was to be the LAST one, no more moving. Nothing fantastic in design, a 3BR 3 bath on South Main Street in Belmont. The one unique thing added was a heated indoor pool. We loved it. Then after a few years our itchy feet needed to be scratched so we bought a small motor home. Then a bigger motor home with no place to park it. So I built us another 'LAST' home with parking area sans the pool. After traveling in the 38 foot Overland we decided to move into it full time.

As most of you know Sherry and I have lived on the road for around 20 years now.  We traveled extensively before that.

I didn’t want to tackle building our own coach, but some folk do. I thought you would like to see some of the unique school buses, we see them in every RV park. Many families home school, and live in a school bus. LOL

This is an inexpensive bus, $1800-$3000

This is stripped......

This is finished......

Now just a few more:

 They are amazing. You have to give these people a hand for being innovative.
This is not for the faint of heart.  Lot of time work and love involved.

 You can go to the extreme at anything! LOL

And then you can actually have a school if you like.

Now when you see someone vacationing in a school bus you won’t have to feel sorry for them, many of them have ALL the comforts of home.

Most of the above are from the internet. We see them parked with happy families around them. Most people are concerned about appearances and would not travel in an OLD SCHOOL BUS, but those that do save many thousands of dollars, not to mention taxes. (true dat!)
Nite Shipslog