Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Do ants sleep?

Since being in Florida, it has lived up to Son Jack’s name for it, “The state of Liquid Sunshine”. We have had RAIN. Rain must make ants look for higher ground because I found a bunch on my night stand in the bedroom.


My first impression was start killing them, but then I thought I would check out the new ant baits I bought months ago. so I put one among them and let them be. It was a hard thing to do, but I left them alone.

I checked every few hours, still active. In the night I shined a flash light, still running around none of them suckers sleeping.


During the day they thinned some, but still very busy. Less stirring the next night. I just checked at the end of the 2nd day, NO ANTS.  I am pleased with the results, that is for sure.


Speaking of insects, MJ is being aggravated by something here in the grass. She has scratched her belly raw where she can reach with her back legs. Even with a magnifying glass nothing can be found, fleas, bugs, etc.

(MJ adapts to any vehicle, down here mark has a scooter and he has to sneak off from her or she cries to go. Like me, she is deaf)


Any suggestions? Mark took her to the vet who prescribed something, but it has not worked.  My suggestion was to rub her down with those ‘Bounce’ dryer sheets, We did not have any so that hasn’t been tried yet.


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We are going down to help mark get ready for the closing. A few things to do, mostly move him out.



I like this old decorative Lincoln Hearse. 1924

Monday, September 29, 2014

There are acquaintances and there are Friends.


I am an animal lover, more a dog than cats for domestic pets. To be honest I do admire the independent attitude of a cat. I also feel like the cat is my friend when I am standing talking to someone and the cat walks up (uninvited) and starts by rubbing it’s head against the lower part of my leg, sorta like I am a post or something.  Then the cat continues to ease around your legs rubbing its body as it to sooth a very small itch. Then after a few minutes it leaves without as much as a howdy-do. wandering off into the sunset.


Now the dog is different, you don’t have to guess if it is your friend, some wag their tail, some wag their whole body. they want to be touched. Belly rub, ear or neck rub.  Even a simple pat on the head and you  have a friend for life.


I guess if the cat doesn’t leave, they are your friend or they own the house.Disappointed smile

missed again

Now people?  I usually make a snap decision,  I am usually right (but not always). I think most of us humans can sense when taking a new job and meeting new folk, who will be a friend and who is either (in their mind) better than you or afraid you will invade their space. There are some folk who are harder to read at times.

dogs statement

We all have lots of acquaintances, and fewer friends.  I heard my daddy once say, if you have one or two good friend, ones you can trust your life to, you are VERY fortunate.

I have had several like that. The only time I have felt I needed to say something that strongly was when an official asked my opinion of the man Kenneth Conrad, a friend in Missouri.

“My answer in writing was, ‘ I would trust Kenneth Conrad with my life, Sir.’”

The answer returned, “That is a very strong statement.”

I returned the letter saying, “You are correct, it is a strong, serious statement, and I stand by it.”

I still have a couple friends I feel that way about, and it is a good feeling.

I have met folks on the internet that I do consider friends.  I have met some of you  in person and have learned my opinion from afar was right on. I haven’t been disappointed in a face to face meeting yet. I am a firm believer there are more good folk in the world than not. Some find kissing friends.

awkiss apig

(I check my word count and try to stay around 400, this one it too long.)

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A niece quit reading my blog  and hurt my feelings, saying it was too long. I looked at her opinion logically and I realized she was right, I was too wordy over 2000 words an entry.



‘Mayberry RFD’

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Melbourne, Florida

We had breakfast at the Waffle House then our caravan headed toward Melbourne.


Mark leading in the Hummer, Sherry following in the Pickup with a load of Hummer tires and a door in her pickup.


Above is only one of the beautiful low country scenes in Georgia.  Lots of inlets to the sea with water front houses and boats attached.

Of course I always love the palm lined roads of Florida. (Very few photos today worth showing, I just held the camera high and clicked while driving.


Melbourne is just south of Cape Canaveral.  During the ‘Space Age’ of NASA’s successes, Melbourne was a booming city.  Now not so much.

A couple months ago son Mark came down with some money from the sell of land in NC, to start all over again.

He bought a small 2 BR house, did a lot of work on it, then listed it at a reasonable price. He had a buyer in 14 days.  The closing is next Friday.


He drove us around to show us the house he had wanted next, but didn’t work out. He did show us another one, and says it is next.

It is so good to see him enthused about houses. I am just crossing my fingers, anyone who has sold or bought houses, knows that no deal is done until the money changes hands.

Anyway, Sherry and I are together again and living in Wickham county RV Park in Melbourne. Our home for a week or so.

Now the time to relax and enjoy life  here in the Sunshine State…  When we lived in Key West Son jack always said it was the state of liquid sunshine..

Nite Shipslog


I do not like driving with out my girl by my side, but it was for a good cause, and it is over and we are back together. We are not usually separated that long, that was most of a day!


1941 Mercury 8   rose

1941 Merc sent from Rose, of Roses are Read

Friday, September 26, 2014

This trip to Florida is different

(For Sat. AM, filing this early, might not have the net in the AM)

We have stopped for the night at “The Oaks at Point south”.  This is near Yemassee and the name can be pronounced several ways, if you know us southerners.Winking smile We thought it was  Yee-MASS-ee, but the locals pronounce it YEM-es–ee.

Today was different than planned. Sherry said the Hummer drove great but was too dark (windows tinted).  So she opted to drive marks 4dr, 4wheel drive truck (but only if he would clean it out).

He was us before us this morning cleaning it and taking it to have the wheels balanced for his mama.

That is Sherry in front of me in the white truck.


Below is the whole caravan as we reached Point south.


Mark pulling around to go park the Hummer in a visitor spot.


Supper was left overs, that MJ, the Bull dog shared.


After supper we went for a walk, This is MJ leading the pack.

We will depart in the morning after stopping by the local Waffle House.

All is going well and if things go as planned we will see Mark’s house he is selling before tomorrow evening.

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Nite Shipslog

PS: The trip went well, but I was disappointed, I did not see one antique vehicle….



1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk

Last night in North Carolina

Plans of mice and men they say, will change. So today as this is posted we should be on our way to Florida. Sherry is driving Mark’s Hummer, he is driving his truck and I am driving the motor home.


Last night we had a good time in the motor home. Paw Paw Mark and Sherece helped Stella make beads with stuff Paw Paw had brought.

last night home belmont 001

Paw Paw Mark enjoyed Stella as she was taking pictures with her camera.

last night home belmont 002

Showing Uncle Luke Mr. Banana, GGrandpa came up with. But she needed a Mrs. Banana also.

So of course GGrandpa jack came up with Mr & Mrs. Banana. All that magic and ventriloquism training helps being a great Grandpa.

last night home belmont 004

last night home belmont 003

Sweet happenings again. Mark and his former wife were in the same area and things were cordial. NICE. Corinne will always be a part of our family. It was great to see her this time in.

So now we head South with the Hummingbirds and butter flies. The Geese will soon be heading our way.

I have said it before, at 5 or 6 years old, I heard Frankie Lane sing, “MY Heart goes Where The Wild Goose Goes.”  I have always tried to let my heart lead, and it has.

Thanks for stopping by the Ships Log. Nest Stop, The Oaks, at Point south, SC near Yemassee.

Nite Shipslog


Life has many turns, but there are times I would appreciate a U-Turn.



This must be a 1950’s Dodge… I know it is a Chrysler product from the 50’s.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

When the surprise is …Anticlimactic

Lukes 19th BD 003
(Me ‘n Sister Shirl)
Last night was sweet in one way. Son Mark drove in from Florida for his son Luke’s 19th BD.  We all went to Longhorn for supper, to celebrate.  It was very sweet to me because Mark and Corinne are divorced, and it was a very sad and explosive time. It has been a few years now.  Corinne was part of our family for many years she was and is like a daughter to us. Love that girl.
Lukes 19th BD 005
Tonight was no reunion of course, but it was quiet and very cordial. There at the table was Son Mark on Luke’s Right and Corinne on his left. It was s good time, we had about 10 family there.
Lukes 19th BD 008
Sherece and Stella and Grandma Mary was there.
Lukes 19th BD 009
(Cousin Stephen made it)
Sherry had mentioned since Luke’s BD is 2 days after our anniversary, let’s just take that as our anniversary celebration.
Lukes 19th BD 001
(And my girl, Sherry!)
I thought it okay, so being Mr. Cool I found a great heart shaped ‘Sterling silver and Mystic Fire topaz Diamond Accented Necklace’ for my sweetheart. Gift wrapped with the ‘sweetest note about my Heart is always yours, etc.’ I asked Mark to slip it in to the table for me. After the BD wishes for Luke, I asked if it was all right for me to give Sherry a gift for our Anniversary. I handed her a nicely gift-wrapped small package. I was smiling.
                           Sherry gift
When she opened the box, the Topaz set had fell from the sterling silver heart.  So I could not put it around her neck and smile.
I knew I could fix it, but not there.
Sure takes the wind out of your sails when the end you expect it Anti-climatic.
At home I fixed the pendant, but the glow of the moment was gone.
Thanks for stopping by.
Nite Shipslog

Of course all is well, the pendant is ‘fixed’ and she got to wear it that evening at home. She is sweet.
This my Girl’s favorite antique CAR, the 1948 Chevy Fleetline. (I am her favorite ANTIQUE!)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I hate to lose a favorite thing…

Most folk who drink tea or coffee have that one cup or goblet they migrate to.  Even those who do not consider ‘a FAVORITE’ cup actually have one they prefer.

When we first started traveling Sherry collected match books. She had a 5 gallon jar full I think. We also migrated to collecting coffee cups. We have probably over a hundred cups, we have long sense cut back on the number of cups we carry.

We visit new churches across the country and cups are among the most popular gifts to visitors. A couple times we have tried to turn them down, but we quit that.


Now to my problem.  Our favorite cups are from Boot Hill in Dodge City.  Mine just developed a chip. It is not on the edge I use, so I am stubbornly holding onto it. 


I have a pair of shoes I bought to wear to Sherry’s 25th HS Class reunion. I have worn them every reunion since then. They are my Sunday Go to meetin’ shoes.  They are now  33 years old, I am sure they will last 10 more.

This year I actually threw away some shirts that were WORN OUT.  Boys wear stuff out. I loved those shirts and one pair of pants. But if you know me, you know they weren’t thrown away. I cut the buttons off and cut them up for rags. I have PILES of rags, I love rags. I do not save the buttons any more.   For a long time we did. That is a learned reaction. I think my mama had every button that went thru our house in jars when she died. She could match about any button I lost.

MY cup?  I could actually grind the lip down, but I could not re-glaze it. But I sure hate to throw it away.  Maybe I will have a burial for it.

Have you broken or lost a favorite thing lately?

Nite Shipslog




I have to ask, How did this happen?



1956 44676_Side_Profile_Web1956 chevrolet1956 Plymouth Fury1956_Dodge_Custom_Royal_Lancer_Sedan2

These were built the year we were married….

(yeah I still have anniversary on my mind!)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Something's are consistent


Tony milkshake

(24 oz piled high with a spoon and straw)

Yesterday evening Sherry and I drove the 8 miles to Tony’s Ice Cream Parlor in Gastonia.


We parked the the same parking spaces we did in the 1950’s.  Inside it is the same. The Chrome piped booths with red vinyl upholstery  are still there except re-upholstered. Same terrazzo floors.


  The ice cream  (28 flavors locally produced) is still dipped the same, not the round dipper but the spade type. The ice cream is placed on the cone, the cone  laid on a square of wax paper on the counter hot handed to you. On the busy nights they do not have time to hand it over the counter. they have many flavors.


(Same green clock and as always, CASH ONLY!)

For our 58th anniversary dinner we treated ourselves to a Bologna sandwich with mayo lettuce and tomato ( also had a hot dog all the way, onion slaw and chili).  Yep we ain’t nothing but class. We also had a 24 oz thick milk shake. She chocolate (of course) and I the black walnut. MMMMMM

944 T 01

The big difference being the 35¢ shake is $4 and the 25¢ sandwich is $2.25.

The ice cream is really really good.  The company was EXCELLENT.

Nite Shipslog

Tony scales the same

(the same weight scales)


Business at tony’s is always brisk, I counted 8 behind the ice cream counter and 4 in the sandwich area on Monday evening.



         (Gastonia, NC)


Fire at 55th StreetNew York 1915

New Your City 1915