Monday, September 15, 2014

Church back massage and playing with words

What is it with folks who like to rub someone’s back in church? A year or so ago we were at a funeral and the lady in front of us continually rubbed the back of the girl beside her, I think it was a daughter.

Today, the lady in front of us was continually rubbing the back of the young man next to her.  I know her and she is a sweet lady, the second wife of a dear friend. The young boy is a step son. They have a good relationship.


Of course I am easily distracted. I evidently caused distraction as a young married fellow, I was a kisser. Folk who were kids back then have said, “Sherry was ALWAYS kissing Jack!” I always say, “I know, and it was so embarrassing!”Surprised smileEmbarrassed smile.


I took my reading glasses to church this morning. I could see the small key board on my kindle, I kept up with the pastor for awhile.  I finally lost, so I gave up and resumed  reading the dictionary. I was down to the word ‘iron’.  Such an interesting word. IRON?  yes. I remember studying the stone age, bronze age and the iron age. You have to be a curious person,  for iron to make an impression. Big deal, humans started using iron for tools and implements.


I wish I had a enjoyed a teacher who would impress on me the technical steps required to be able to HAVE iron for  implements. Thank the Lord, we have always had smart people (scientists)  who could think ‘outside the box’ as they say today. The iron age started around 1300BC can you imagine how someone got a furnace hot enough to melt the iron out of the ore? Melt point is 2800F boiling point over 5000F. Or better yet, who thought of it?


Of course I had to look up the atomic weight, it is 26 and the symbol for iron is Fe (for ferrous).


You needed that, right?

Ah, I remember now, we iron clothes (or used to), we even iron out our problems.  Then of course there is the ‘Iron’. Yeah we still have one, Sherry’s ironing board is our kitchen table.  Some of you  folks use a nine ‘iron’ on the golf course.


Mama had a dictionary that had pictures of iron workers pouring red molten iron from huge iron pots. I still remember the men were bathed in sweat.

We even eat iron!

So return to your ironing and I will find a picture of an iron horse.

Nite Shipslog


Yeah I know, if I could still hear I would be listening to the preacher instead of dreaming up this silly stuff.


The Iron Horses




Rose said...

I like to see someone rubbing the back of a loved one in church. It is a reassuring gesture of kindness I think.

I like your new train graphics!

Unknown said...

Those who feel they MUST massage their neighbor's back need to sit on the back row where they won't distract. Just my two cents. (And I'd be glad to sit on the back row if Chief Charging Battery wanted to rub my back, lol!)
Yes, iron is interesting. I've wondered about many things, "Who thought of doing that?" like who thought of melting iron. I think maybe they were inspired by a volcano.
Do you remember reading about how the Israelites had such difficulty driving the Philistines out of the promised land because the Philistines had "chariots of iron"? (Judges 1:18-20) Also Sisera had 900 chariots of iron. (Judges 4:2-4) So having chariots of iron gave certain of the Caananites military advantage.
I guess the iron that we iron clothes with used to be made of iron. It would have to be warmed on the hearth.
(I wonder what the sermon was about, LOL)

Unknown said...

*Canaanites* (got the "a" in the wrong place)

Paula said...

Wish someone would rub my back in church or anywhere. I still have an iron and do use it once in a while but it's been years since I cooked starch.

betty said...

What bothers me more at church is people who talk through the whole service, I'm like why are you even here?? (they talk in whispers, but still distracting)

It is interesting how so many of our words have more than one meaning, like the word iron :)


Mevely317 said...

Offhand, I can't think of anything more enjoyable than getting a massage.
While I've never seen it done in church, I think there's so much comfort to be gained from another's touch.
(Now me, I'd be falling asleep in a trice!)


Never seen anybody kissing or rubbing backs at church. Sounds like a sweet gesture.

Chatty Crone said...

Well you did get a little distracted, but that is okay - your learning new things and then you become a teacher when you teach us!

Anonymous said...

If anyone is rubbing my back anywhere, they had better have a longstanding, extremely good relationship with me(& even then..) or I would rightly consider it highly inappropriate.