Monday, September 29, 2014

There are acquaintances and there are Friends.


I am an animal lover, more a dog than cats for domestic pets. To be honest I do admire the independent attitude of a cat. I also feel like the cat is my friend when I am standing talking to someone and the cat walks up (uninvited) and starts by rubbing it’s head against the lower part of my leg, sorta like I am a post or something.  Then the cat continues to ease around your legs rubbing its body as it to sooth a very small itch. Then after a few minutes it leaves without as much as a howdy-do. wandering off into the sunset.


Now the dog is different, you don’t have to guess if it is your friend, some wag their tail, some wag their whole body. they want to be touched. Belly rub, ear or neck rub.  Even a simple pat on the head and you  have a friend for life.


I guess if the cat doesn’t leave, they are your friend or they own the house.Disappointed smile

missed again

Now people?  I usually make a snap decision,  I am usually right (but not always). I think most of us humans can sense when taking a new job and meeting new folk, who will be a friend and who is either (in their mind) better than you or afraid you will invade their space. There are some folk who are harder to read at times.

dogs statement

We all have lots of acquaintances, and fewer friends.  I heard my daddy once say, if you have one or two good friend, ones you can trust your life to, you are VERY fortunate.

I have had several like that. The only time I have felt I needed to say something that strongly was when an official asked my opinion of the man Kenneth Conrad, a friend in Missouri.

“My answer in writing was, ‘ I would trust Kenneth Conrad with my life, Sir.’”

The answer returned, “That is a very strong statement.”

I returned the letter saying, “You are correct, it is a strong, serious statement, and I stand by it.”

I still have a couple friends I feel that way about, and it is a good feeling.

I have met folks on the internet that I do consider friends.  I have met some of you  in person and have learned my opinion from afar was right on. I haven’t been disappointed in a face to face meeting yet. I am a firm believer there are more good folk in the world than not. Some find kissing friends.

awkiss apig

(I check my word count and try to stay around 400, this one it too long.)

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A niece quit reading my blog  and hurt my feelings, saying it was too long. I looked at her opinion logically and I realized she was right, I was too wordy over 2000 words an entry.



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shirl72 said...

I agree having a friend is a jewel.
Sad to say most of my friends are deceased. I have made some new
ones and they are good. I am a loner so I don't require lots of activity to keep me happy. I enjoy my own company. hee hee

I like the baby pig and girl kissing.

betty said...

I liked the cat sleeping in the hangars, LOL. I heard a report a few months ago that we only have time for 1 or 2 friends at most. They were citing that being a true friend is a time commitment and a lot of people only have time to truly be a friend to 1 or 2 people. I found it interesting, but then got to start to thinking that most of the people I might consider friends are acquaintances and that I have just a handful of friend, friends if that makes sense :)


Mevely317 said...

I 'get' this, Jack!
The acronym 'BFF' sounds like something a teeny-bopper would say - but I can't think of another term right off to describe Deb and Debbie ... in West Texas and Florida, respectively. They're the only two I can think of I might call at 3AM and they wouldn't hang up. LOL.

Ironic, that some folks I consider Treasured Friends I may never have an opportunity to meet eye-to-eye. Just part of what I love about blogging is the ability to be totally candid w/o fear of repercussion or ridicule. So many masks we wear out there.

Unknown said...

I don't like a cat rubbing my leg. I want to tell it, "Did I give you permission to do this? Scat!"
I like dogs better.

Yes, I have some reliable friends. What a treasure!

Paula said...

I just called my true friend to tell her to check out Carol Burnett's book "One More Time". Agnes and I were friends in high school. She says I befriended her when she moved to our town and didn't know anyone. We kept in touch through marriage and have daughters. Then came death and divorce and we really needed each other. Because of distance and health we don't see each other but always keep in touch. Sorry about the length.


My best friend lives across the state from me, but we skype once or twice a week and write letters to keep in touch. I love my blog buddies. I consider you all friends. I grew up around dogs, but now live with cats.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Some of the best friends I've had have been animals. I've had cats and dogs. The picture of the beagle reminds me of one I had. Now I don't have any at all still and all I do have a few good friends, both here and on the internet and I feel very blessed to be able to call them friends too.

Chatty Crone said...

This is funny - I love animals too - dogs more. I am allergic to some dogs and all cats! lol

Hey where is Lucy - do you know?