Friday, September 30, 2016

Good day, I love it.

Yesterday, I was close to calling a wrecker. I have only been stuck once in the motor home and had to call a wrecker that was in Tennessee.  This time the front wheels were stuck to the axles, but we dug 'er out. I am sure if it had been the drive axle I could not have done it.  I was sweaty and dirty, my girl cleaned up my mess at the driver's seat and covered the floor and seat as I went in and out.

Okay, correction, the Neighbor's name is Leif, not Leaf. Imma not thinking well, LOL.

Sherry cleaned windows today.  Helped me keep straight as I did get power to the motor home, now we have A/C and a permanent outlet installed.

Gas water heater is vented and plumbed for gas, so we will soon have hot water.

I guess it is a good thing I am not in the contracting business any longer. Every stinking job has taken twice the time I figured.  I keep asking myself, is it really the age thing? Heck I am only 77.

Son Mark gave us a new stainless double sink to replace the single bowl stainless that was here. No problem, I will hank the sink out in a minute and cut for the new one. HA, HA on me.  The sink was not clamped in as the standard sink, but glued to the Formica top.  It took two hours to remove it without ruining the cabinet top. About half way thru, I was thinking of replacing the counter top. LOL.

(Just a feel good picture)

Supply people are feeling the pinch, and are not including some parts that was once normal. I had the new sink ready to install and noticed a note: “Tail pieces not included", so I installed the sink, and will add the drain and dishwasher waste water tomorrow.  The folks will probably know me soon, like the stores back home know my sister Shirl.

One final note, the tile is good on our new bath room, but the enamel glaze is gone, on the tub.  Have any readers ever had a tube re-glazed?  I am thinking of that route. My grandson Benjamin could do it but he is Utah.(OUCH)

This was a 12 hour day, I loved it.  Much better than yesterday.

Nite Shipslog

I love this picture of the 1953 Buick awaiting the steam engine.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

We are home!

However remember the adage, "The best laid plans of mice and men"?  Well we landed in the rain.. But it was showers, so my first plan was to rip up a fence and open the left side of the house for the coach.  The RIP up turned into a 'dig up'. The previous owners must have had digging dogs because the fence chain link fence was buried one foot into the ground. Can you imagine the roots that had inter-twined thru the chain-links. BUNCHES!

I gave up trying to pull the posts so I cut them 8" below the ground.  Then it was cutting limbs to make room. I knew I would have to back up and pull up a couple times to line the coach up, BUT I FORGOT, THIS IS SAND NOT NC RED DIRT. I buried the front wheels in the sand and got stuck. Fortunately I had brought a couple shovels, BUT I made the mistake of lifting the coach with the front jack and buried the jack.  It went so deep I had to crawl under the coach and remove the jack, not a fun job.
 Autumn at Kings Mountain state park

The nice thing was at least 6 neighbors showed up to help, there wasn't much they could do, but it was a great feeling to have all these young folk offer to help. Giselle from across the street, brought cold water over along with her husband 'Leaf'.  Then in the middle of the neighbors coming over my batteries died and I could not hear. LOL

Anyway, after much work and it was nearly dark, we got the coach on the opposite side of the house. While I was cutting limbs and trees, my girl got the FIT unpacked. She even lifted the heavy oak end tables out. I did ‘scold her for that’, really hoping she did not hurt her Knee in the process.

WE do not have enough power for A/C in the coach but we will remedy that in the morrow.  My girl and I got the mattress and box springs out.  We went by Taco Bell then to Lowes to get some gas plumbing and electrical supplies to start early.
We will also go and pick out the interior colors and get the paint along with some good rollers.

Not a great start, but hey, it is the beginning, I love it.  And a side nice thought, the internet is MANY times faster than last night.  LOL 
We are beat..

Nite Shipslog
(I HEARD  Friend Evelyn was a teen-ager when this 1925 Ford discovered America That is not confirmed.)
1939 Chevy, This car and I discovered America the same year.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

South Carolina and a poor internet

If this will publish I will get a blog entry on tonight.
  (Mattresses about fill the whole hall way, but we squeeze by)

We are loaded with stuff for the house and are about halfway to our new home. It is a little hard to stay on the internet and SUPER SLOW!
 (The little FIT is FULL)

At breakfast I learned something very neat.  From the very beginning of my chalk-artist career entertaining kids, I had a story the kids loved, I called it ‘Rastus learns an important Lesson’. It was about a farm kid in the spring who wanted to go swimming but mama said, “Only after you plant the beans.”

So Rastus worked awhile and decided to rest. He set the beans on a stump and sat down, but he spilled the beans. He started trying to get them back in the bucket, but came up with the idea of just covering them with dirt and heading for the swimming hole. Of course when the beans came up Mama gave him a lecture about ‘Be sure your sins will find you out.’

Well as Daisy and I sat waiting for our breakfast I asked about her time on the farm, Daisy was born in 1925 in Eastern Tennessee. She told me of a time She and Ann were supposed to ‘drop’ pumpkin seeds in the prepared hills, then they could go on home. She said after a few rows, she and Ann dug a hole and threw all the seeds in it, and of course in a couple weeks dad knew what they had done. She said they got a lecture on ‘Be sure your sins will find you out!’
 (L to R= Ann, Shirl, Daisy, me, and Sherry Note the BIG cake. Most everyone in the restaurant got a piece)

It is too bad I am not still working with kids, I could have a TRUE story of Ann and Daisy and the Pumpkins seeds. These girls are dears, they also baked us a going away cake, a lemon pound cake.

We had a great time with Shirl, Ann and Daisy, then hooked up and headed south.

Looking forward to pulling into Deltona in the afternoon.

Nite Shipslog
1925 Model T, New when Daisy was born.
1927 Erskine New when Ann was born
1936 Chevy New when Shirl was born.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ready to hit the road, but first...

There are a lot of folks who do not believe there are older folk than we.  To prove they are, we are invited out for breakfast today by Ann and Daisy, Ann is in her late 80's and Daisy early 90's. Shirl is also to be there but I cannot discuss her age, however, she is no longer in her 70's.  So all us old folk will meet and eat. Laugh and cut up, then we will come back to our home on wheels and head south.

Shirl has allowed us to store our bed and a lot of other stuff in her basement.  We took the bed out today and it is out in the carport now. We are PLANNING on putting it in the motor coach in the morning. We are hoping it will ride in the hallway.

I have loaded the coach basement with tools and supplies.  The little Honda FIT is loaded with end tables and a night stand.  Once we get the house painted we plan to visit some estate sales and furnish the rest of the house.  

We have something unique here that I sorta hate to leave. We have a hen that wanders around the house here. WE have new neighbors across the street and they let her out to roam and forage. She is a friendly chicken and stops to talk to me. This was a dead end street when we bought here. Last year the city allowed a new housing development access to our street so WE NOW HAVE TRAFFIC. (More cars in 30 minutes than we did have all day.) There were 4-5 chickens now they seem to be down to 1. They did have to cross the street so that may have eliminated the others.

Anyway the 'yuppies or millenniums' of the development, ride bikes and jog past our house.  I was in an intense conversation with Ms Hen yesterday and not noticing a jogger had stopped, he seemed to be interested in our conversation. I was explaining to Ms. Hen that she should leave an egg every once in awhile to pay for her food. She loves the droppings from the bird feeders. Sherry said the jogger resumed his jog sorta shaking his head. He probably has never seen a Rhode Island Red with her clothes on. I talk to our lizards and birds also.

Chickens were a new item to Stella.

Anyway, unless you read this early, we will be on the road. We plan to stop overnight in South Carolina. 

I do want to thank you for commenting and reading.  I appreciate lurkers also.  I love to read the comments.  You guys are sweet for taking the time to stop by, I know you have much more important things to do, so I really do appreciate it.

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Even in the 1920's,  Reckon he was texting?

Monday, September 26, 2016

Tonight is empty

I am at a loss for a subject.  We have had family over tonight. Both Jude and Stella dropped in.  We had lots of family in, even sister Shirl graced us with a visit.

Sherry created her famous fish stew and few the crowd.  Lots of reminiscing,   Just family time over food, we ate in shifts and made the coach seem larger.

Mark is up from Florida, Jennifer and Stephen brought Jude over.  

Both our sons (grandpas) were here, and gushed over their grandkids. Of course I think that is so SILLY! (LOL)  I would never do that.  HA!

I have been packing for our trip back to Florida.  I have been pretty busy but actually still had time for a volunteer job for Sherry's brother.

I hope you had a great week end. I am tired.

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Every boys dream in the 1950's!  (the Vette)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Neighbors and neighborhood

When we bought this house in Belmont, it was done over the internet, we were in Ypsilanti because Sherry's little brother was not expected to live at the time. (He did recover and is doing well)  I had nothing to do for 6-8 weeks but play with the computer the hospital had in the waiting room. Since we were there most days 18 hours, I had the computer to myself many hours.

I saw this house for sale on Ewing drive. I used Google and flew in to give a look. It was on a dead end street in an older neighborhood. I made an offer and they accepted.  The pictures looked good. LET ME TELL YOU PHOTOS OF HOUSES CAN DISTORT YOUR VIEWS. hahaha. Our Grand daughter and her Stella rent it now.  WE park behind it.
(Picture for you folks up north) 

I would have said 'E-wing' drive but of course my girl says it is "You-ing" drive. The first neighbors we met were David and Delana Ewing and I was given a Reader's Digest history lesson of the area. David’s Great great-great grandpa arrived in the area and bought up Hundreds of acres. Therefore there were a lot of Ewing's on this street. David was born in the house we bought.

Our Next Door neighbor is Jake Ewing. His name isn't really Jake but he has been called that forever.  While we were gone last year his wife had to go to a nursing home. When we are home, every day I see Jake leave early to see his wife and come back late.  They have been married longer than we have. Jake and his wife are wonderful folk and great neighbors. 

Once I was cutting the grass and stopped to talk to Jake. "Jake, I am not sure where my lot line lies, I know I am probably on your side but I am just cutting around the trees to make it easier on you."

"Shucks Jack," he retorted, "I have 30 or 40 acres here, I am not worried about ten feet.  But cut all you want to."

Across the street is Bobby. He told me an Aunt willed the house to him.  His mom lives with him.
( I love being on-the-road, but not sure about this one!)

Sherry lived in Belmont all of her youth, she knows someone in every family that borders us.  We are mostly 'waving ' neighbors, but this is a real 'neighborhood' of helpful and kind folk.

Bobby says he hates to see us pull out, he likes to know we are around.  David and Jake always act like they are happy to see us.  I think they have also read most of my books, so of course they are also smart (LOL).

I said all that to say we will leave again next Wednesday. I will tell them we will see them in the spring, if I get a chance! If not, they will know we are off again.

Nite Shipslog
 1956 Chevy truck and a 1956 Buick Special

Saturday, September 24, 2016

We are not suitcase people

Returning from Florida we realized again, we are not suitcase people. We both agreed if we were wealthy we would not enjoy traveling and living in hotels and motels.  It is a chore for us to pack and unpack, we have become accustomed to having everything with us. You know, our ‘stuff’, our home and you cannot pack everything. LOL

At least six times while working on the new home, I said to myself I will go out to the motor home and get:
1.  A short piece of wire.
2.  A pipe wrench.
3.  Circuit tester.
4.  Ladder (we found a 5 gal. bucket to stand on for short stuff)
5.  Nut driver
6.  WD-40 (bought that, lol)
7.  A hammer.  (I improvised using my tow bar attachment)
Looking at the motel room we stayed in, I had to smile. This is more square footage than we have in the motor home, but we much prefer being in the motor home.
We are also not ‘king size bed’ type folk.  We sorta want to touch each other at times. TOO much space in between with a king size bed.
The reason for the house as I have said, is for the time when Sherry gets too old to drive the 26000 lb Motor coach (LOL).  Right now we aren’t ready to concede that (big smile).  But we have no illusion that the time will not come, so we do want to be prepared.

In the mean time we plan to spend some time there, but more time in the coach. The home will also be available to family for a place in Florida to unwind. 

We timed our drive, we stopped several times, including once for coffee and once to eat and the drive was less than 9 hours door to door.

Nite Shipslog
We saw one of these today, 1955 Chevy. One of my most favorite cars. Those are the colors also.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Another Honeymoon

In Florida the closing went well. WE now own a nice little two bedroom one bath home in Deltona, Florida.  That is half way between Orlando and Daytona  Beach on I-4.  The house is 5 mins off the interstate.

Sherry arranged for the water and electric to start the next day.

First problem was getting in. No one had a key. I kicked a doggie door in and reached up and unlocked the door. The main problem was the AC room, I had to take a hammer to the knob. Then we installed new locks on all the doors.

We found the place was as advertised.  Even fairly clean.  There is a new stove and a new dishwasher that is not completely installed. 

With no power it was a very good time to check the power panel. The panel was so weird I had to laugh. Either the man doing it was old and did not see well, or a complete neophyte to electrical rules. Electrical wiring has a plastic coating for insulation. Most folk know that. Black is the hot wire and white is common. 4 breakers had wire installed still wearing it's insulation. To get contact you strip back about a 1/2" showing copper wire and install. 5 breakers the wire was not even clamped to the breaker.  I was a happy camper. That was fixed in no time.  I felt good about the wiring.

The Hot water heater lines had been hacksawed in two. Sherry read on the heater that it was 15 years old so we decided to replace it.  We went to Lowes to pick up some plumbing and electrical stuff, Walmart to get some cleaning supplies. Stopped and had Pizza. 

There is a new A/C unit that would not come on. I know very little about A/C so when we return, I will check all the electrical connections, if they are good will find an A/C man.

On our anniversary the 22nd at Lowes we loaded the new water heater in the Fit and headed to install it.

So in 1 ½ days the house is about ready to paint. The water heater is installed, no leaks. The house single bowl kitchen sink will be replaced with a double one Mark has. Sherry has her blinds measured. There is a small problem with light fixtures to work out (we didn't have a ladder). I will need to run a gas line to the water heater, then fix the A/C and we are in business.

Yesterday was our anniversary so we quit work at about 4:30. Sherry loves the Red Lobster so that is where we celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary. Oh, we forgot to take pictures.  But we did a SELFIE:

Oh yes on the way home today Sherry looked over at me and said "That was a great honeymoon."  We both cracked up laughing. I said, "I'll bet we have had more honeymoons than any couple alive."  WE laughed because for years anytime we were off by ourselves we made it a honeymoon. This one was no exception.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


We got the  word that the closing was to be on Wednesday.  So we quick made arrangements, Sherry did her blood work for an upcoming physical, and we headed South.

We  didn't have any problems finding Gas and the trip was good. It is nice being able to talk in the car.  We are settled in a motel in Deltona.

I am on an old Lap Top. I forgot my pass words so had to change them to get on to read e-mails and to make this entry.  If I am absent for a few days, it is because I have lost my way.  hahahaha

Nite Shipslog

Imma try to install a picture. of cars, it just might lock up the system.

.a beautiful pickup from the early thirties.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Day THREE, Some of the class went to church..

In reality most of this class still attends a church of their choice fairly regular. But today some of us joined the class President, Max Robinson at his church, East Belmont Baptist Church.  I don't think this was a coincidence but today they introduced The Deacon of the week as Max Robinson (personally I think it was RIGGED).  I am not sure his classmates back in 1955-56 would have expected him to ever be a DEACON, but fortunately  most of us still believe in miracles. Actually Max is a good guy his lovely wife Brenda keeps him straight.
 Another of the enjoyable things that morning was the soloist, Kevin Jonas, father of The Jonas Brothers. I don't hear tones too well, but Sherry said he was a superb  singer, saying the boys inherited their talent.

About twenty of the class attended. The church welcomed us and we were treated to 'reserved seating, labeled Class of '56'.  I was hoping Ed would shout a little to make it more exciting but Dianne held him down.  I think he did get out a couple loud AMENS!

Nothing new in our pew, I tried to sing and Sherry Shushed me.  My implants weren't operating well in the large and high ceiling'd sanctuary.

Classmates Max and Evelyn (and of course Don, Evelyn's hubby) arranged to have BoJangles chicken in the fellowship hall for the 'Last Supper'. Ed's daughter made a delicious GIANT Banana Pudding (One of my favorite desserts).

Some highlights of the three days:
Linda Mcginty made sure there were snacks and drinks of all stripes available for the day in the park.

Dr. Murphy is in this class. It was pleasant to see him sweeping and cleaning up after the meal.  He and his wife were always liked and admired in class.  They all followed his climb thru schools to get his credentials.  Proud to see a kid born on the mill hill, push himself and make it good.  His life is an interesting story. Like many families his forefathers left the hollars of the mts to find work in the textile mills.
(This was  a sneaky shot I didn't want Martin to know I was taking his picture!) 

I used Martin Murphy here, he is not the only Mill Hill kid to make it good. Most of the classmates were successful in their own right.

(Picture shot on Saturday)
Carroll Trull arranged everyone and Don took the class picture (then a quick reline, and retook the picture after a late arrival). He rushed the digital shots to the printer and arranged for the copies to be finished before the class left the park. He had them back within 30 minutes. Price of an 8x10 was 50 cents.

In my opinion the committee took on a little more than they meant to, but for an event like this it takes a LOT of work and planning.  
Reunion Chairman....... Carrol Trull
Reunion Coordinator........Evelyn Funderburk
Welcome....... Max Robinson
Invocation..... Larry Thomasson
Memorial..... Diane Pope
Alumnae Remarks....Scottie Broome

There were 16 members of the planning committee (including my sweet wife) they all contributed to make this time for class mates special.

 (Just joking, your class, your party do whatever yanks your chain! Sherry will bring me!)

I have been involved in some arranging of events. That is why I try seriously to go along with the program and appreciate anyone who sticks their neck out for criticism. 

Nite Shipslog

More 1956 cars:

Class of 1956, Sherry's Class, day 2 Activity

The class decided to place a granite bench in the local 'Stowe Park'.  It is a beautiful City Park downtown. Just a green way with a small stage and sort of an amphitheater for shows in the park.  Most people today enjoy the park  BUT DO NOT KNOW that this site was once a state of the art small amusement park INCLUDING among other things, a Ferris wheel, merry go round and a small steam train that encircled it.  It was built by Mr. Stowe whose family settled Belmont and brought in the textile industry. That park was in it's heyday during the Class of 56 members teen years. The place to take a date, dance to a live band and enjoy an evening.

These old people were walking around reminiscing of times past.  The park borders on the railroad that splits Belmont a couple passed as we stood here.

The class picture with the bench:
A prayer of thanksgiving for the ones of the class still here , blessings to those who could not make it and remembering the 48 class members who passed before the 6oth reunion.
Standing aside and watching I could not help but remember these old folk were in school when every morning there was a short non denominational devotion stressing good morals and a prayer over the PA system.

These old folk wandered the park, sat and talked for 2-4 hours, many wearing their 60th shirts.
 Girls remembering 1956!
 BUT then some of the classmates are not as fortunate as others. Here is JoAnn below. Remembered by her class mates as the sweetest girl. She married Martin, her childhood sweet heart, standing behind. Everyone knows, loves and remembers JoAnn, but she does not know any of her classmates. Her sweet memories have been stolen.
I understand that at least one of the class is in assisted living and unaware of their classmates.  Yes, these old folk know they are blessed to be here 60 years later.
 Below is my friend Mr. Ed.  He and I feel a little out of place. We were dropouts to join the military, but our girls graduated.
Day two ended with stories of school and teachers.  Mostly stories of sports events,  old men remembering when they could run and jump.  They now fit in the category of an old Hill Billy song popular back in the day:

When I was young, I had a lotta pep
I could get around, didn't need no help
But now you're old and a gettin' gray
The people all look at you and say

Too old, too old, he's too old to cut the mustard anymore
He's getting' too old, he's done, got too old
He's too old to cut the mustard anymore

Nite Shipslog

 1956 Ford up and the 1956 Oldsmobile below