Monday, February 28, 2022

Stuck again!! …&.Something heard traveling thru life….

  Car of the day


(Not our coach, pic taken from the web, situation the same!)

Just for today:

(Found and following MA's 'other' blog (On the Bright side ) 

Okay, this Florida sand has got me again.  I have called for some estimates on a slab for parking. The first guy that said I will be by to look at the job TOMORROW..

……….  DIDN’T..  BUT it is something I’M Learning to live with. It sorta cuts when you grew up with, ‘my word is my bond!’ Yeah, I know things are BUSY in construction, but MOST people today are not ignorant of phones. Most folks could even call, if dangling from a rope!.

We have poured concrete. This is  only 5 yards.  Sherry and I once poured a driveway of 32 yards, in one day.  , “We could pour that much.”  I told her she might give out after a couple yards and I would have to start helping.. LOL It is up in the air, but we will do something to keep from getting stuck. Maybe head back to NC. LOL

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 The lady said, “I cold-cocked that slut!”…

 I walked up to the door of the coach and a lady was outside. She had not knocked but called from the road, “Come out and talk a little.”  I motioned for Sherry to come with me.  “I told her we would have to leave in 10 minutes were going out to eat with Don & Evelyn.

“That’s okay, I just wanted to ask how long you had the coach and how was it?”

We told her.. and that we had had some engine problems.

She enlightened me, “You should have traded a few years ago.”  ( I love for someone to teach me hindsight,) now I will back up and do it right!  LOL

For some reason the subject of divorce came up in this short few minutes. “This is my second marriage. The first one was a disaster. He beat me for 20 years. One day my sons told me he was six houses up the road at a “WOMAN’s” house.

I marched right up there and knocked at the door. It finally opened and the lady was half dressed. I announced, “I am here to get my husband!”

“He isn’t here!”

I pushed in as he walked out of the bedroom with his pants and shoes in his hands.  I said, “Come on home, you are going to give me a divorce!”

She continued, “That LADY? Said you cannot do this in my house!.... So I drew back my fist and cold-cocked that slut and we left.”   ..........................- ;-O

I reminded her, “We have to go and meet Don and Evelyn!”

Sherry did not cold-cock her! ;-)

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PS: Stories and also Answers recorded in a Church Elementary School:


Sunday, February 27, 2022

Learning as I go, WHAT DID SHE SAY?

 Memorable car of the day:

The car I need!  LOL

Bulletin: Something happened to MA's Blog, you can find her @ 
If you were following: What is new at my house Mix up in Blogger dropped her blog altogether it seems.... If she cannot get it back, at least you can find her. ;-)

For today: 

Many of us will not say what is on our minds. It might be nasty, vulgar, true or just senseless. It might even be political suicide and lose some good people as friends.

TALK:..... I learned something on Valentine’s Day. The RV Park celebrated using my girl’s favorite, They had a CHOCOLATE Social. Our management threw a good one. They had two of ‘em chocolate falls slowly pouring down. There were things to pierce and under the chocolate. There were hundreds of chocolate pieces with different fillings, it laid out very pretty.

It was noisy. Of course I have no idea of what is said in conversations. Sherry was busy talking so, a lady said something to my friend who was sitting there. He nodded and smiled. In a few minutes I asked Don

What she had said, he shook his head and said, “I don’t know!”

I have learned that there are a lot of old people like me that have no idea what is going on in conversations. We smile and act like we know what is going on.

At times I ask Sherry or someone else what the preacher said when everyone laughed, I usually get the same answer, “I have no idea, but I laughed because everyone else did!”

I had some very insightful political stuff to write. Deep stuff, true, I got off the internet.  I deleted it towrite something like this. I’m weird. LOL

No wonder the world is crazy too, and believe all the conspiracy theories, because they listen to things thru ear phones or on the phone they can understand. WE believe that stuff because we don’t know what real people say. LOL

I took a test today to see if I am a candidate for conspiracy theories. They listed true ones and false ones. I picked the ones that were true. SO I AM NOT a false believer.  Of course the dude that made the tests might not believe even the true ones, WHO KNOWS?

“The Shadow do!”

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You started it! Or What started it?

  Car of the day

(What was that about inflation?)

So for today:

I remember arguments, ‘important’ arguments between my big sister and me when we were between 6 and 10 yrs. old. Then mama showed up: Me, “She started it!” or vice versa.  At times I have heard adults say the same (in different words), “Well if you hadn’t said I was “fat or dumb or lazy, etc.” this would not have happened!

It is true in this life, when something good, exciting or even bad, something or someone ‘started the ball rolling’ as is said. For years I shared a room with my sister. WE both would kneel beside out beds to say our prayers. One night She kept correcting my prayer, so we got into a fuss. Mama came in, I said, “If Shirley doesn’t let me pray like I want to I’m gonna knock her down!” 

For some reason mama didn’t think that was a good Christian attitude for her baby boy (This baby boy wasn’t gonna walk on water!). So we both were in trouble but mama fixed it.  Of course when mama ws gone and the lights out, I had to whisper the last word. ----------!

My Grandson Josh knows ‘trash and oddities’ interest me. On one of their walks thru the woods near their home he ran across this out in the wild:


It was a trash area, probably long before the nice housing was built in the area. It always makes me wonder. How big was the tree when the tire was put there? Or had it been so long that the tree grew up in the center of the tire?  Did the accumulation of trash start just because someone else started it with some debris?

We used to burn our trash, which I think is still better than burying it.

Something new that folks like or enjoy, we don’t mind someone saying ‘He started it!’  But if is destructive rumors or a destructive fire, we would rather no one say, “YOU started it!”

(I do wonder who thought showing your underwear was a great trend)

It is good when we humans can make things right without saying, ‘but if you hadn’t xxxxxxxx I wouldn’t have YYYYY!’

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Friday, February 25, 2022

Sherry, The Preselected Millionaire

 That Car:

$2,297 the price of the new 1955 Oldsmobile!

For today:

I have bought a bunch of lottery tickets, I have won maybe $80.00. Probably I have spent around $400 for tickets.  When hiking I would buy tickets in the states we hiked thru and it would give me something to think about in the woods.  Yeah, I know the odds, and buying lottery tickets is silly, BUT then, someone is going to win. LOL.

Everyone is familiar with Publishers Clearing House. We did enter for years. Now you “Win $5000 a week forever!”  Question, how long is forever?  Just curious. In the past 20 years we haven’t thought about Publisher’s Clearing House.


And then, ‘Out of the Blue’ Sherry gets a call. “This is Publishers Clearing House, YOU ARE THE WINNER! You have won $xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!”     pause   “Well aren’t you excited?”

“I haven’t entered in years, how can I win?” asked my Girl.

“Oh that? I know you will be surprised but actually the winner is preselected. YOU ARE IT. You can get an entry and have it ready, I am calling because we give the winnings ahead of time.  You can give the entry to the camera crew when they arrive.”

“That’s all right,” she says, “I’ll pass.”

“What do you want us to do with your winnings?  We can’t just skip it!”

“Donate it to Charity, she told them and hung up!”

I tried to explain .. we could use a million dollars HONEY, but for some reason she thought it was a scam. Shucks we wuz almost rich! I am going to start answering the phone, once I learn how.

I guess folks fall for that sort of thing, but it is hard to believe. 

In today’s world with the scams and conspiracy theories we are headed down a rocky road.  I want to sit down and make a list one day of all the Get rich schemes I have known  and also the conspiracy theories that never came to pass and the believers don’t seem to notice, they already have another one to fall for and believe.

Anyway I am waiting for a call from Las Vegas, to tell me that the slot machine that I thought had taken my money was wrong and they are sending me my $508,265.36, which I should have brought home.  ;-)

Jerry Clower Joke: Marcelle went to Las Vegas in a $2,000 car……..  He came back in a $95,000 bus!


Nite Shipslog

PS: “I put the phone conversation above together using just Sherry’s side…”


Our front yard & time

Today’s automobile:

Shrry & jack Jr with our '55 Ford (Abt 1959 in Mississippi)

 And now some thoughts for today:

Our life is different than many. The view out our door and windows changes a lot.  Today is no different.

At this park, just off I-75 below Ocala Florida looking out our front door is a Cow Pasture. We enjoy watching the cows and calves over there. Lots of folks do not know it but Florida, is BIG on horses and cattle. Not just the home of Eastern Citrus crops, fishing lakes, Disney and us Old people. There are many horse breeders and huge Cattle ranches.

This pasture is over 100 acres.  It has been for sale for years. There is a nice brick home and worker living quarters over on the state road. Those have been empty for at least 15 years.  This was formally a trailer housing ranch workers. It was a full active home. Over the last 10 years we have watched it deteriorate.

I love old Live Oaks they are all over Florida, they are eerie looking in the dark and would make a good Alfred Hitchcock Movie. WE just learned that soon we will be looking at 2100 houses vs Cows.  I prefer these cows and trees.

(Funny, lots of folks get upset at the smell of manure, I just smile, that smells like money to the owners LOL)


Florida is a varied and interesting state. We have enjoyed living here over the years and traveling all over the state. I thought this Pandemic would lessen the Sun Birds here, but it seems it has about doubled the number.

Once the weather gets warmer those cattle have many of these Live Oaks for shade and they do take advantage of them. Notice that many of the Oaks have limbs that grow on the ground.

I dread thinking of not traveling, but time and events are catching up and we do have a nice empty home in NC, lately I have missed it.



Thursday, February 24, 2022

Seconds, Second Time or Second Hand

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


For today:

I got my Driver’s license on the Second try. I had a lot of success on my second house.  So for many things in our lives the second time around works.

My dad called ‘used stuff’, 'second hand' stuff.  All our lives we have used ‘Second Hand’ stuff, including clothes, cars and used tires!

Growing up the only beef cooked at our house was ground beef, stew meat, or cubed steak. Mama’s ‘steak and gravy’ was delicious. She called it Country style steak.

This was one of Jim's car collection, the Isetta.

Shirley had a tale about Mama & her husband Jim.  After dad’s death mama stayed at times with Jim and Shirley.  Mama was fixing cubed steak for their dinner. Jim came out back where Shirley was working in the yard and said, “Your mama is beating the hell out of that meat!”  Shirl explained mama was doing her ‘tenderizing’. Mama would take a plate and held it edge ways to add more chops to the ‘chopped steak’. Her chopped steak was never tough.

Well the other day we had chopped steak, it was tough. Sherry froze the left overs. Tuesday She reminded me I had said I wanted to try cooking the steaks a ‘second time’, so I did. I did it in the slow cooker. A can of Beef Broth, chopped onion, 3 small whole potatoes in the skin and a hand full of carrots. I also dumped some left over beef gravy from the fridge. I slow cooked it for about 3 hours after bringing it to a boil. It worked, those little steaks that were hard to cut with a knife before, cut with the edge of a fork. The meal was delicious, the second time around was great.

Y’all mighta known that all along, but now we know. I had thought of pressure cooking things like that, but I have replaced the pressure cooker with the slow cooker. We kinda like the smell of the motor home with the slow cooker going.

Thanks for stopping by our coach. WE appreciate it. Also I have enjoyed ALL the comments.  WE might not agree on everything, but I want you all to know I sure do like you that read this.  Sooo Again THANKS, Life is good (Most of the time ;-))


PS: WE have enjoyed yard sales and thrift shops across this great country. If nothing else it is educational… ;-)

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

The first time, or a First, WHAT a surprise

 Car of the day

The FIRST Automobile ever

So for today:

FIRSTS. As a Marine, once it was my 'privilege' to drive a Radio Relay truck off LST 1167.


The Gunny told me have it in first gear (granny)  when YOU hit the beach. The LST ship has a flat bottom and pulls into the beach. Granny is slow, so I was up a gear. I drove off into the sand, OUCH the gunny was right. I did a speed shift and sunk, spinning all 4 tires! The Gunny yelled and I knew Corporal Darnell was in trouble. A winch was hooked to me and the landing continued. It didn’t matter that others got stuck, he heard me shift gears and he knew I had not followed his orders.

That was a FIRST for me I had never stuck a truck and my FIRST time in Turkey.


A few years ago our Friends Buddy and DI took us for a ride in a Prius, our FIRST in an Electric Auto. Buddy hit the accelerator and I learned ‘Them dudes have some Torque.’

A few days ago a car passed us, I said, “Honey that is a Telsa!”  The FIRST one I have seen on the road.


Two days ago I saw a black car darting in and out of traffic. Driving wild. He blew past me on the right cut in front of a car with just enough space to make it and he was out of sight. A few traffic lights later put me 2 cars back in another lane and I could see the car well. It was a Maserati ($152,000). 

The FIRST one of those I have ever seen on the road. When the light changed he took off like a greased marble from under a fat man’s shoe.

 Later Sherry and I went out to Hardees for Breakfast.  My treat, I got change. Still later I noticed a wheat penny, checking, it was a 1945. I have never seen a 1945 copper penny. (1942-1945 no copper for pennies) This was a FIRST for me. Can you imagine my shock when I checked?

 The first price listed on EBAY was $50,000, used. But shucks some were selling low, $4,500. Yeah I am keeping it safe. As everyone knows, Value of coins is in the eye of a collector. When you do not have a buyer, it is a penny for heaven’s sake, LOL

Nite Shipslog


Friend Don has been reading about coin values, maybe I will sell it to him for $4,000. ;-)

Now after all that hullabaleau, you  can ask what you like for any coin, but this one in actual value is much less.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Words (Continued) #2

  Memorable car of the day:

          1902 Studebaker Electric car

For today:

YES, I do disagree many times with an administration in power in this country. But they are in power because our citizenry felt that was the best choice.  In our country many independent voters determine who runs the country. Because normally we ‘Party’ people vote the party line, IF we go out to vote!

I am a person of logic. I am a HS drop out. I do have a GED thanks to Sgt. Bell who said, “You are smart enough to get a GED!”

I have been tested for LOGIC before being assigned certain jobs in 2 branches of service. I did rate very high in that area. I have always been good at tests. LOL.

Knowledge tells me there are many journalists in the USA who DREAM of a Pulitzer (LOGIC says A HUGE story of this century would be, “How the VOTE was RIGGED!” and journalists know it.)

According to Google: There are 46,130 "reporters and correspondents" employed nationwide, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
But that doesn't count editors, independent investigators and photographers and other categories that you might include under the broad umbrella of "journalist." And it doesn't distinguish between part-time and full-time.

That figure tells me there must 1000 of those investigators with ASSETS ($+backing). Knowing if the vote was rigged that there are at least 50 people out of the  3000+ (required to falsify), that would be willing to tell or sell evidence of how the vote was rigged.

You have watched history here in the USA, confidentiality is sorta like a sieve, after a little while things start to leak. With at least 3,000 of those reporters determined to get a Pulitzer, one of them would have had the story and NOTHING would have stopped the publication. If voting machines had been fixed, the world would have known it by now.  BE a THINKER, use your LOGIC.

Logically also, ‘if certain Republicans are smarter than those ‘dumb’ democrats, why isn’t it proven without a doubt that the vote was stolen?’ But hey, the evidence is always coming tomorrow or next week.

You know why it hasn't been proven? Because this is the United States of America and our voting system is one if the best in the world. It has been for many years, it works. There is only been a question after someone with a giant EGO got his feeling hurt.

Please forgive me but, EGOs bigger than Texas have always bothered me!

Nite Shipslog

PS: The above is 415 words........

Promises... I remember a saloon near Key West on Stock Island. It has a permanent sign painted, “Free Beer Tomorrow!”

I PROMISE this is my last politics thingee. I have already deleted the rest of this book….  tomorrow?  FIRSTS! a shocker. ;-)

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Words........ words of the son of a former slave.

 Today’s automobile:  '57 Cross Country Rambler.

We owned one of these and loved it. It was a great family car.

 And now some thoughts for today:

I have been so frustrated lately, personal problems, and life.  I have written several Blog entries VERY LONG trying to express how I feel about our country and its present state. They lie here unused because I might offend some of you.

I want to say first, I love this country with all its warts and scars. Whether you agree with me or not we are still free in this country. I listened to an interview with the son of a slave today. A wonderful example of a REAL MAN in his 90s.

 Daniel Smith said once as a child that he said something against the USA. He said his father shook him pretty good and said, “This is a great country, IT is learning, and YOU are FREE. I will not hear one word against this country!” WORDS said by a former slave.

There some things in our country I do not agree with. I am fairly conservative. I have been a Democrat, Independent and a Republican. I have voted for all stripes. I voted for Perot, I wasted a precious vote.

Laws? Governments have always made laws.  We elect reps. that vote for us.  We try to pick good representatives, and I know at times I have selected ‘the lesser of two evils’ (IMO). Some laws I think are too strict some are too lax, but overall I try to obey them.

Our Congress gave the president the power of Executive Orders. The Party not in power doesn’t like it when it is used, but the next president can rescind them.

Presidents use their PEN when congress will not pass some law or idea they prefer.

I did not agree with the mandates for civilian businesses to force their employees to wear masks or get shots.  BUT if I had been working and had a good job, I guarantee I would have complied rather than lose a good job. 

Now that said, I do agree with the requirement for the military, 100%. WE have had entire warships disabled  due to Covid. SHOTS? Been there done that. I probably took at least 50 shots, ALL that were required when entering foreign waters; I am still alive to smile at 83.  My family accepted many required shots to follow me to a foreign country.

AGAIN I am frustrated I have reached my limit (self imposed)  of words and haven’t said what I want to. Maybe I can continue tomorrow. I need to learn to be concise.



PS: Daniel Smith's life was not easy.....