Friday, February 11, 2022

Your Worst Nightmare

 Today’s automobile:

An infamous Frazer 1947, 6 cylinder. The Kaiser-Frasers didn't do too well on the market but were good cars. 47-53

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 Thoughts  today, I remember in some movie the good guy looks at the bad guy and says, "I am your worst nightmare!"

I have no obvious phobias. I have very little fear of heights, no fear of water, I handle tight enclosed places pretty well. Deadlines and appointments cause me some discomfort and I am always (99%) early.

I don't fear the law and try to stay within bounds, I do speed at times and that is usually to keep from getting run over.

I had NO fear of snakes or dogs, until I was actually bitten by both and realized, fear ain’t good, but RESPECT for possibilities is WISE.

I have been in some type of ‘maintenance’ much of my life. I will admit worrying about fixing a few ‘tough’ IBM machine problems, I did the jobs and I had created the fear myself, in my head.

I said all that to say this, I am not sure of the rest of the world, but JACK creates his OWN nightmares. My mind conjures up STUFF and I don’t seem to be able to control it.  There were times when a grown son was late coming in or he is not where he had promised to be, my mind goes bonkers. I see him in jail, in a terrible wreck, or…..  or …..

WAIT, I tell myself, you did this before and all was well.  BUT I tell myownself, BUT it has happened one or two times it was WORSE than I imagined, REMEMBER???

I always thought my girl was a ROCK, she did not do this kind of stuff, but her shell cracked awhile back and I KNEW she was not immune.

If you have never retrieved a son from jail, or watched his car being towed or learned a son addicted, YOU ARE BLESSED.

I think I would rather have a fear of heights, snakes and water than have MY ADDICTION for creating ‘possible situations.’

Believe me, I pray.  I believe.  I also know worry is not productive (Sister Shirl used to say, “I am not worried, I am concerned”), I hope that is me. LOL

I really want to say, Que sera sera!



I have wonderful news that I am not imagining anything bad about. Jack Jr. has just finished a 40 day fast, has eaten no solid foods. 

Majority of the time has been  in the  Sonoran Desert (about 2,000 miles from his home) praying and reading his Bible! He is not bragging, I am.


Mevely317 said...

FIRST, huge congratulations to Jack Jr. What discipline, I can't imagine!
Ironic. Our Bible study's focus the last two weeks has been on worry. After the video we were visiting and I admitted to having been a worrier -- worst-case scenario-er -- all my life. Our leader said, that's called 'conjuring.' (Yep, and I STILL do it; I've got a PhD in worrying.)

Susan Kane said...

Thanks for the words. You said so much and I nodded my head at them. Fear. I would have said I didn't have fears (in my younger years), but now not so much.
My mind insists on dragging scenarios out and wanting to discuss them.
Thanks for putting your words out there.

betty said...

That was wonderful with Jack, Jr and his 40 day fast. I can't imagine all that he learned and gleaned from that time but I'm sure it was a very worthwhile time! And who can resist the beauty of the Sonoran desert in the winter!

When son was younger, in his 20s, I always imagined and worry that I would get a call in the middle of the night from the morgue, the hospital or jail. I was grateful when the call did come it was from jail. That we could deal with.

I have worried so much of my life away and I know they say it is such a low percentage of things that come true with what we worry about, so basically why worry? The older (and wiser) I get the less worried I seem to be. Maybe I'm finally realizing I'm not in control and allow the One who is in control to do what He does best and what He has promised :)

Great post Jack!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to your son for fasting so long and reading the Bible and praying. This is admirable. You are proud of him, I'm sure.

Two subjects you mention:

FEAR - I have a fear of being under a table. I fear I'll wake up one morning and find myself under a table. So I cut the legs of all tables in our house. The family is angry with me because they sit on chairs and can't reach the low table on the ground. So I cut off the legs from the chairs. Now we are having arguments about it all. But I do love my family. If it was not for my family I would be arguing with perfect strangers.

WORRY - You are so right that unnecessary worry gets us no where; but we all do it. Including me. I believe worrying is an insult to God because it betrays the fact that we don't trust Him to look after us. When I worry unduly I pray to God to forgive me.

A priest I knew told me that he had made a deal with God. He will do his best to spread God's Word on earth; and God will do all the worrying.

God bless you my friend; and God bless your family.

yaya said...

Wow, a 40 day fast!! Congrats to Jack Jr. I do hope he found what he was searching for spiritually and physically. I have had many crazy things happen to me and my family over my lifetime. Worry doesn't save us but it's part of being human. I pray daily for my family, friends, and even my enemies if I have any! So hang in there. You've had 83yrs of life experiences and I know you and Sherry can weather the storms ahead and you know how to enjoy the moments in between!

Lisa said...

Jack is awesome!
It’s worth bragging about.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

When things happen that I cannot control, I turn to prayers. It's a much better thing than worry. At least let go and let God. He can do the impossible. Keep the faith Jack, everything will happen as it's meant to be.

Glenda said...

I missed this one, laptop not working for the last week or ten days. So very proud of Jack, Jr. He's an amazing!!! Love and warm hugs from Chobee!