Saturday, February 19, 2022

Concerning Comments and food for thought

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For today:

I really do appreciate the comments on this Blog, whether you agree or not. Friend Betty made a comment here and also added an e-address. I try to be open to ideas.  The article by Erick Erickson is long but very informative. The first few paragraphs express my very thoughts, though mine are much less thought out. ;-).

 Most folk will not read the entire article but he goes into a lot of back ground. Some made me think, much I agree  with and other is speculations, but are delivered well, and caused me to think.

Not all who read here will agree with the entire article BUT it is still food for thought. If you are a more liberal you will shout AMEN to his first facts, and start shaking you head at some of the rest, since the writer is obviously a Conservative.

BUT no matter our deep convictions, most who love and respect this country will say that the Jan 6th ‘Riot protest’ was NOT  A WINNER! I still say it is a black-eye to a wonderful country.

One of my HUGE mental roadblocks is “I do not appreciate ‘in your face’ people, strong handed bosses nor humans with a huge EGO. Especially those who are combative at the drop of a hat and will not discuss a problem.  So I KNOW at times my opinion is ‘slanted’. (but still right! LOL)

Some humans, many I guess, have the feeling when done wrong, I will ‘get even.’  But we actually should not be that way IF the ‘thing thrown’ toward us is JUSTIFIED.

Here I will admit, I have had accusations against me that are NOT true nor fair.  But to push the situation on my part would only cause more heart aches and problems. Mama said, “’tis better to let sleeping dogs lie!” Tru dat!

I always wanted to add, “I hope someone else wakes them and THEY get bit!)




Lisa said...

I have never liked someone who is bossy or high ego either. I also do not people that find negative in everything and complain a lot.

Good post. “Tru Dat” hahaha I love it.

Mevely317 said...

Pretty sure no-one could call me a 'more liberal.' LOL! Retaliation is never the answer, but sometimes I still struggle handing the reins to Karma.
Have yourselves a sweet day!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sooner or later everyone gets what is coming to them. I try not to judge others, as I wouldn't want them judging me. Sometimes we just have to agree to disagree and move on peacefully. Anger never does any good. A litle kindness goes a long way.

betty said...

Thanks for the shout out, Jack! I do enjoy reading what Erik Erickson writes and I don't always agree with what he writes but he lays out some good arguments at times. He did not support Trump (although he-Erik is definitely conservative) and he doesn't think Trump should run again and the reasoning he gives is really sound in the fact that if Congress is held by the other party he won't get anything done and the fact that he can't run for president again after that term he'll basically be a lame duck from the moment he takes office. That seemed very logical to me and I had to agree with it and I don't think I would support Trump running for president again though (I may be in the minority here) I thought he did an okay job and a better job than our present president. Anyway, enough about that :)

I too do not like the person you describe that you don't like. It is wearing and taxing to be around people like that. I appreciate being able to have a good conversation with someone, even if I disagree with them about something, because I usually learn new facts I was not aware of before.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

I think the world needs more prayers and forgiveness.

God bless.