Saturday, February 12, 2022

RVs, Showers and tubs

 Today’s automobile:

The AMC Pacer  75-80  love it or hate it was how it was taken.

 And now some thoughts for today:

RV parks are sorta like small towns. There maybe two main roads with other less traveled roads in between. Truthfully I like National, State, Provencal and county parks. The sites are larger and you feel more ‘out there’ or some sense of solitude.

This week we are on the main ‘drag’ (a 50s terms). 98% of all traffic will pass about 15-20 feet from where I am typing.  I am not complaining mind you, we were lucky to get in during February. I know most MC riders really like the ‘Harley’ sound, but for camping I prefer the quiet Honda MCs that come by our ‘home’, ;) .

WE do have excitement here. We just got a call from Evelyn to go to the P.O. and Grocery store with them. WE had to decline. I felt obligated to watch Sherry, I meant give Sherry time to shower. I will even try it, it is that time of the month.  This coach has the largest HW heater we have had in an RV, 8 full gallons!  You don’t do long leisure showers.

At times I still take a Navy Shower. Wet down. Turn the water off and soap down, then rinse. You are always conserving water on a USN ship.

Mention bathrooms around old people and it often starts a conversation. I was 7 yrs old before we had inside plumbing. I was about ten when we had a bath tub.  Well we had a ‘bath tub’ before, but it was the tin tub used when mama washed clothes.  (Pic from the web, I don't remember toys!)

Sherry smiles saying she never had a bathtub until we married and moved into a 26’ trailer. She was one beautiful, happy young bride. Yeah, you can bet I REMEMBER!


PS: I still enjoy sneaking a peek when she is in the shower.  :O   ;-)


betty said...

When we lived in Murietta in California about 12 years ago now, the water there was the most expensive of any other place we had lived (still is) so we looked for ways to conserve water. That was when I stopped taking such long showers and learned to turn the water off while soaping up, shaving, etc and then turning it back on to rinse. Saved some gallons of water but did notice a drop in the bill when we started doing it. So I think I might be okay in an RV with a small water tank to take a quick shower :)

Be careful, Jack, in taking peeks if Sherry is not up to that. Don't want to end up in trouble with her!


Mevely317 said...

We're fortunate to have relatively inexpensive water. Good thing, on account I've always enjoyed long, hot showers. (Remind me never to hitch passage on a Navy ship?)

All kidding aside, aren't we blessed here in the U.S. to enjoy clean running water at the turn of a faucet?

PS - Our next-door neighbors in Abilene used to have that Pacer; funny, I thought it was called a Gremlin.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

In order to save water I sit in the bath tub and vacuum clean myself.

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes we are so blessed to have plenty of running hot water here. We often don't appreciate it until we don't have it. I take more showers than baths these day, But there is nothing quite as good as a good long soak in the tub. It soothes the aches and pains and warms us right up.

Lisa said...

You made me laugh. You two are so cute.

I always shower but was just telling Nick the other day how I wish I had a nice deep tub to relax in. Maybe even a jacuzzi.

Smiles from NC