Friday, February 4, 2022

Terms and things on land and sea (LIFE is good)

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 Sammy Davis Jr. & his Rolls

For today:

My dad and mom, no one, could convince me to stay in school. School was easy for me. The lowest grade I ever received was one 'C.' I was usually straight A’s. I yearned to be away from home. I joined the USMC.  Let me tell you, for a boy who could not wait to be away from home, for weeks I lay in my rack and hoped I would wake up and this be a bad dream. TRUE DAT!  However I had no choice and am glad.

Like many of you, I have made many life changing decisions. Yours' mostly were civilian job changes; mine happened to be military   After the Corps I joined the USAF Then I tried preaching (really)                             Finally the USN ......

Yes,  I thought I was a preacher; we pastored a couple churches, even organized and built one, before learning I had no business there; I Then joined the USN where I retired.  

This entry is because I just poured the last cup of coffee of the day, it was thick and black. My comment was, "This was real MIDWATCH coffee.” I realized I used 'military speak.'

   Term:    =       USN/USMC        USAF   

Toilet              Head               Latrine   

Wall                 bulkhead           wall

Dining hall         Mess Hall          Chow hall

Floor               Deck                floor

Dining hall work    Mess cooking      KP

Halls                passageways       hallways

Doors         hatches/entrance      doorway

Bed                 rack/sack          Bunk/sack

ranking/grade         Rating            Rank

All branches of services have a ‘Midwatch’, every hour is covered, for logical reasons. Few are exempt from ‘watches’, normally a period of 4 hours, mid-watch is the most dreaded, 2400 to 0400. Shipboard is unique. On deck you are looking at a black sea. 100s even 1000s miles from land. Out there is a special feeling in peace time of seeing another ship on the horizon well lighted. Whether cargo or passenger, it is a kindred-type of feeling.

Below deck it is pacing passageways or sitting at a desk guarding a hatch. BUT no matter where you are you can find coffee to keep you alert, at times it is a day old. LOL

Life in the barracks or on an open deck there are things that brighten the day. Chow time, MAIL CALL or some dude with a guitar. Troops and sailors gather around that guy after working hours; “Sing this! Play That, Do you know xxx?” There is nothing like it. I envied their ability.

Kirk Douglas is an English sailor in “A Whale of a tale”, he will show you what I mean.

(Of course he does over do it a little. LOL)

I am sure that Woody  had his guitar and entertained his shipmates.

I have enjoyed this life with my Sherry. My final stretch of productive life was as a home-builder. Enjoyed that also!




Mevely317 said...

Interesting glossary of terms, Jack! I love learning random factoids from my friends; perhaps someday I'll be able to drop something in conversation. LOL!

It sounds like you and I enjoy the same kind of coffee -- stout and strong. I don't know that I'll ever again enjoy a cruise, but your mention of seeing another ship reminds me of that (heartwarming) feeling. Ships that pass in the night!

Sending love from soggy Bama!

Susan Kane said...

thanks for the info. Never understood how it all worked. We toured the US Midway some time ago. It was confusing, I got lost, until a young good looking man showed me how to get out. Down in San Diego, there are lots of boats for tourists. One is Star of India, a 3 masted ship.

betty said...

A whole different language in the military! Bet it got some time to get used to it!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

What a varied career you've had, Jack.

God bless you and your family.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You've certainly had a wide and varied life with a litle bit of everything! I'd say Life is Good for Sure!Not many can say they've done as much as you. Enjoy your slower and easier days now, you deserve them!

Dar said...

I'm sooo agreeing with MA...enjoy your slower, easier days. You DO deserve them most heartedly. Love you two
hugs all around from our 'still chilly' north where the wind blows the snow around and round.