Tuesday, February 1, 2022

The value of a picture

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

WE have driven on some bad roads, but our parents drove on some just like this.

For today:

I am not a photographer. A real photographer is always looking and ready for ‘That perfect shot’. One that will be appreciated for a long time, even hundreds of years. But me?   I am always saying, “I should have taken a picture of that!”

I won’t forget something written by Rick (May he RIP) in his Blog.  He said once at a family gathering he was having trouble getting people to stand for a family photo. He said something solid that some did not understand. He said, “You might be frustrated now, but if we get this done you will appreciate it later.”  (That is foresight!)

Many have seen this happen, and Rick was exactly right. He was thinking long range for the family.

The shot at the bottom of this blog is one of those long range things, Sherry & her brother Johnny in a goat wagon with the year 1942 on the wagon.

This next picture makes me VERY PROUD it was taken on our family trip to UTAH. We flew the NC family out to spend a few days with the Family in Utah. Our former daughter in law, insisted on taking this. She had shared her home for meals and visits and this was the last day.  We were on a ‘tour’ of the back roads of the Wasatch Mountains and she KNEW the ideal place for a family picture. That is Ben and Elsie on the left end, the Utah family minus Corey and kids.


When I see it I appreciate Carol for her foresight. I certainly am proud of it.

I am sure every family has some regrets of pictures NOT taken, BUT I do hope you have some that are worth the world to you. WE have simple shots of our parents, our boys and the grandkids that are priceless!

Did your mama or grandma have a shoe box with photographs in it?  I will not forget my Granny’s.



And then there are the treasures you find.  This is Sherry's older sisters, Colette and Lennie.


Mevely317 said...

Yes, I remember when Rick wrote about taking that family picture, what he told everyone. Given his untimely passing, that seems even more poignant.

Yours is a beautiful family; what a sweet gesture on Carol's part! For reasons I'm not at liberty to share, I didn't take any family pictures at Christmas. That still bugs me!

PS - Yes, going through my grandparent's picture box was always guaranteed a good time!

Lisa said...

I wish I had more family photos. I just can’t seem to get everyone to gather for a shot. No one wants their picture taken and run when the camera comes on. The photos I do have are some that I snuck.
I think its selfish when someone in the family will not let you photograph them. I will hurt one day.

Say cheese

betty said...

Thanks for the reminder, Jack. I really need to take more family pictures and be in more family pictures but I'm one that runs away when the camera is brought out (or the phone these days). But one day someone might want to show a picture of me and it would be nice if there was one out there :) I am an advocate of labeling pictures, those especially found in shoeboxes, with who is in the pictures. Saves confusion down the line!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

It is good to take family photos and to remember past times. Also good for future generations searching their family tree.

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I so agree with you. Those pictures are priceless. I take a lot more now with my phone than I ever used to. It is always handy and makes it easy. fI love looking back at old pictures and have albums full . Now they are all on the computer.

yaya said...

I'm the annoying person with the camera at every gathering. Many times I'm asked if I have a photo that somebody would want. My Dad loved photography. I put the family slides onto a disk for my siblings. Moments caught in time like your wonderful pics on your blog become precious as our friend, Rick, knew. I sure miss his blog and wisdom.