Saturday, February 28, 2015

Last of Pioneer days, we are headed North a ways.

I always enjoy looking at vehicles, Something about me just loves an antique car. And not just because I am an antique, I knew some of them personally before they became antique.

Walking into the park these three were off in the distance.


But this sucker below I have not seen in years, Dad called it a short dog. The Mechanic cuts and shortens the frame for a specific job, some dragging logs.

100_1144 100_1146 100_1155

The old ‘Racer’ was neat, but I have to tell you, this is the first tractor I ever did see with fender skirts.


We stopped by the pavilion for a few songs, I understood the words to one. The guy was pretty good.


You gotta eat at a festival, Sherry had a Small taco then helped me with a taco salad. both had corn on the cob (Not near as good as that fresh Pennsylvania corn last year)


I love to look at plants, Sherry says these are orchids but there isn’t a plant I cannot kill! (except Ivy)


Friend Don worked for the PO. Sherry would not let me get this for him, an old Postal scooter.


Last on the list, a BIG DISH of ice cream churned by a hit and miss engine. My girls had chocolate, I had the best kind, BUTTER PECAN!


We finished up our day with a stroll back to the park, over the Peace River.  Looking down from the walkway we could see the boat landing that has one of our daily stops. On up the road you can see the RV Park bordering this road.

 100_1185 100_1186

That was it for our Pioneer Days outing. Now we head North to Wildwood, where we meet up with friends, Don and Evelyn for the remainder of our time in Florida this year. March is coming up, time to fly kites!

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Festivals are interesting, and us old folk need something to keep us occupied. On the road for Wildwood,FL


This was the eye catcher for me at the park, I had never seen one. 1929 Ford Dump Truck!


Friday, February 27, 2015

Pioneer Days (entry #2)

The Hit and Miss engines are mostly of interest to the older citizens, as a matter of fact I am sure the average age roaming the park was mid sixties. Some of us old folk just barely able to get around. Some in Golf carts.


This guy called his craft Tire’d Art. (animals out of old tires, a recycler)


Hundreds of antique toys, priced out of my range.


Smudge pots above? I don’t know, and they weren’t labeled.


A variety of corn Sheller's.


Hog Heaven for Shirl.

 100_1161 100_1162 100_1164 100_1166100_1165 

Girls Stuff……………….


Boys stuff (real good junk)………..


And this just waiting for me, a simplex motor bike, only $1500. A steal, and she drug me away. I was not aware I had a drug problem until now, but I was drug away from some nice stuff.

I will finish up Pioneer days,  next entry.

Thanks for stopping by.

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PS:  I will show you a couple cute tractors:

 100_1157 100_1158

                                  His and hers



My birth year, 1939, This Cadillac was new when I was born.


100_1136 - Copy


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pioneer Days here at Zolfo Springs, Florida

WE have been attending Pioneer days for over 15 years off and on. It is interesting if you are familiar with what is called by most as ‘Hit and Miss’ engines. Here is a small one:


They are easily recognized when running they ‘pop’ or hit when the engine fires. The the engine seems to take a rest as the heavy flywheels keep the engine turning (the miss). Then another Pop. They are very fuel efficient. The ruling feature and very visible, are the heavy flywheels. From wikipedia:The sound made when the engine is running without a load is a distinctive "POP whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh POP" as the engine fires and then coasts until the speed decreases and it needs to fire again to maintain its average speed.


This is a large one, some are a little larger, but he huge ones are too big to haul from show to show. These engine run everything you can imagine, from saws, washing machines, Ice cream mixers to power generators. They were used from the late 1900’s until about 1950.

If I am not mistaken Henry Ford ran his factories with this engine hooked to generators. The engine was two stories high. We saw one in the Henry Ford.

‘Pioneer Days’ is a festival of antiques, a flea mkt  and entertainment.


In the fore ground is a huge Stover cross cut saw run by a hit and miss engine.


Above is a powered washing machine, not your mama’s machine, this was for commercial washing, hotels etc.


Now this could have been your mama’s machine, the three you see here made from barrels are run by a hit and miss.

100_1156 And if you were rich and did not have room for a pasture, this hit and miss horse for the kids and grandkids.

We had a great time just walking. More tomorrow.

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PS:  We walked to Pioneer park in 12 minutes, just down the road.


Okay, I gotta show you what was there waiting for Sherry to buy for me.

100_1173 100_1174

Wouldn’t my girl look cool in this?

 100_1175 100_1176

A 1953 MG (But the keys were not in it!)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


One great advancement with the internet was the introduction to a new form of communication the e-mail. They are so common now, I do not remember the first one I  sent.

ATT00010MA29076384-0005 - Copy

It is amazing, and hard to fathom that I can sit here and type an e-mail and send it to someone in Greece, Spain or the UK and practically immediately they will have it, not only that, if I want to I can send it to all of them at once.


I am using that feature for the first time now. We are planning a family cruise next December so I put the family e-mails in a group called SherrysFamily and when I have information on the cruise I send it to everyone at once.


The sale of stamps is way down.

But, with technology advance comes the idea people, they gather e-mail addresses and start flooding the market with ‘SPAM’, e-talk for ‘junk-mail’.  Just this morning I deleted information on growing hair, curing diabetes, at least ten ‘don’t miss this cruise’.  I actually turned down a fortune from a lady in England who chose me to distribute her fortune to unfortunate people around the world, and like Jimmy I have single women in my area dying to see me (I always wonder how they know what area I am in?).


I am amazed at the number of e-stories I get that I MUST forward to 10-20 people or I lose my life or hair. I even saw an e-mail spoof, of a tombstone that said: DIED FOR NOT FORWARDING TO TEN PEOPLE.


To see the wonderful e-mails you  must sort thru the junk, but on the internet I have seen some of the most beautiful pictures imaginable. Beautiful flowers I did not know existed. Places I have never thought of, even animals I have never seen.


I love this new technology, but at times it takes up too much of my time and I do not exercise my body the way I should. BUT Today we are off to PIONEER DAYS in Zolfo Springs, Florida. It is just down the road, we plan to walk from here.


With the picture above, I am reminded of my past.    And these: The Grands and the Great Grands……

ElsieMae November30

 imageMA29080987-0017 JUDE and Daddy Stephen

The beauty of YOUTH and the present. There are things I would not get to see, without the internet.

Nite Shipslog


The Blog is another advancement that helps me spread all this stuff that YOU ALREADY KNOW!




But you might never take the time see this 1915 Ford

1939pontiac plexiglas invisablecr

Or this 1939 Pontiac with a Plexiglas body, if you didn’t stop by!