Friday, February 20, 2015

Things I did know as a kid.

I knew how to plait leather strips in about 6 ways, using 2 up to 6 strips. I knew how to make a whip and I knew the pop of a whip was it breaking the sound barrier. I loved to Roller Skate. I wore out many wheels.

images (7) images (8)

I knew how to make a minnow jar to catch my own bait to fish with.  I knew how to make a sling-shot and that the best prongs for it was the Dogwood tree.  The best rubber for the one was the red rubber from a car inner tube.

images - Copy

(Mine had a screen wire funnel on the jars mouth)

There was a time people would not chew gum in church. I knew where it went when they forgot, UNDER THE PEW.


On rainy days we played hide an seek in the church, when we didn’t get caught. I was crawling under the benches (pews) a lot.

I could make  a pea shooter out of a reed or a clothes pin.

images (5)

(This sucker would shoot a pea or match stick, mama wasn’t too fond of these. This one is not loaded.)

I could take any bicycle rear end apart and put it back together. Bendix was the easiest and the New Departure was the hardest.

I knew how to climb a tree!… I was also a water bug, I could dive and keep my legs straight and together. (smile) I loved to climb a tree over water deep enough to dive or jump in. I never owned a bathing suit until I was 12.

I could cook a squirrel, rabbit, bird or fish before I was 10. I once made a 22 pistol out of a Benjamin Pump Air Rifle.

I loved my BB gun, and was good with it. And I liked to play marbles, yo yo, and I could spin a good top.

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I could make paper airplanes. Ones that would sail a long way, and those that went straight like a dart. I made darts out of a match, pin and paper fins.

 images (6)

I fell a hundred times but learned to ride a bicycle backwards. I could tell a story (lie) pretty good, but not enough to fool mama.

I could play the trumpet, I wanted to do the sax but there were too many buttons to work (LOL).

So after all that, I must say, most of my friends could do the same things I could do. I was a pretty normal southern boy. I just didn’t know doodle outside North Carolina.

Nite Shipslog


I liked hop-scotch and tried to jump rope, but wasn’t good at it. 

(Age is a funny thing, none of the stuff I listed seems so long ago.)


images1939 chevy images1939 packard

1939 Chevy & Packard they were new when I was born.

imagescaddy 1989

50 years later, the 1989 Caddy


Paula said...

Wow Jack you did know a lot. I had pretty good balance playing hop scotch. Always had skinned knees from getting my bike to going then trying to hop on.

betty said...

You did know a lot of stuff to do! The kids these days would know less than half of that since they seem to be glued to technology all day long



If only the kids today could put down their electronic devices and enjoy some of the same things you did. It would be a better world, for sure.

Unknown said...

I would love to have tagged along on all your fun things to do (except maybe cleaning the squirrels and rabbits).

Lisa said...

I remember making tree houses, sling shots and go carts. Well, my brothers made the go carts and I had to test them out. Lots of raw toes. Boy were those the days.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Now you have made me curious. I'm very tempted to look under the pews next time I'm at church to see if there are any wads of gum there...Ha! I'm almost afraid of what I might see. More snow in Ohio today but supposed to reach the low 30's ! We cannot win. Yesterday no snow but hovered around zero all day now this. I saw you were a bit chilly down your way too.