Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Slot Machines

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Our first trip thru Vegas, Sherry was collecting match books and wanted to get a matchbook with  casino names on them. I put a quarter in a slot in each Casino.   I walked up to a machine in the third casino and started to put my quarter in, and I heard, “NO! that is my machine!” It startled me, on the other end of the line of slots was a  woman with a mean look on her face! SOOO, I LEARNED SOMETHING about gambling.

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The die hard gamblers will select a bank of slots and put money in each one. Then go back down the line pulling the handles. I am too cheap for that.  I did learn that no one can really claim a machine unless they are sitting in front of it. There have been serious fights because someone (ignorant of the practice) won a jack pot while the ‘owner’ was at the other end of the row pulling handles. LOL

Gambling is a SIN (I was taught), so I had never gambled until I was away from home.  Now I consider what little gambling I do as entertainment, like buying a lottery ticket and thinking what I would do if I won. (that is entertaining, and good mental gymnastics).

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It is even easier to lose now, insert your credit card and push a button. You don’t even get the exercise of pulling the handle.

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On one trip to Nova Scotia we took the ferry. I wandered into the Casino. I had several quarters so I fed them  in and pushed the button each time, nothing happened, so I started to walk off, but a flashing light on the machine caught my eye, so I pushed it. WOW I got piles of quarters, both pockets full, it was $38 in quarters, I WAS RICH! Normally I would have put it back into the machine to “get richer”, but this time I actually won, because I walked out.

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I haven’t played the slots the last two times in Vegas, they no longer take cash money.

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I really believe there are ‘lucky’ people who somehow WIN. I have met a few. Me? Not so much, if I gamble, I usually lose. What we have accomplished has been due to being frugal and hard work. But I will still ‘take a chance’.  It can be argued that you are gambling every time you drive a car on today’s roads.


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1965 , Chevy SS, GTO and he famed Mustang

50 years ago!

I just heard today that Friend Hank reads this Blog.  SWEET.


Rose said...

I never gamble, I would rather go to the Mall and buy myself a new bra! LOL
Meaning, I can see something I paid for the following day instead of throwing my hard earned money out the window!

I've tried the Slot Machines when I was younger and I look at some friends that are totally hooked on it and continue to lose a good portion of their Social Security Check for hours of what they call enjoyment!

Hugs to my favorite couple!

I keep forgetting to ask. How do you get that box on the bottom of your comment page that says: Prove you're not a robot?

betty said...

Funny, Jack, as I am reading this in Las Vegas. Came over with hubby for a meeting he is attending. I am not a gambler, had played slot machines before, but not fun these days with everything on the card, I liked hearing coins spilling out in the olden days when one would win.


shirl72 said...

I did like LV because you could
walk on the strip and go see all
the entertainers. I did love to
hear the money hit the machines.
I don't guess I will do that anymore
if you have to use the card. I would never do that sounds strange
to me. To many changes for me.

Rick Watson said...

The nearest casinos to us here in Alabama are in Mississippi and owned by a tribe of Native Americans.
Whenever we go to Mississippi, I always tell people I'm going to donate to the Indians :)
I've won a few times, but I've lost WAY more than I've won. Like you, it's just a little money I put aside for entertainment once or twice a year.

Paula said...

Sometime we want to go to a casino then when we get there we want to leave soon. I did like hearing the coins hit the metal but now it's no fun at all.

Mevely317 said...

I don't get it! (One in every crowd, right?) - Oh, I've nothing against the slots or gambling in general; I guess I never caught onto the charm. Tom, on the other hand, enjoys playing the slots. True story: A few years ago we'd planned a Vegas get-away for our anniversary. For weeks Tom collected quarters in his dop-bag 'til the zipper strained. Imagine our surprise when we couldn't find a single casino whose machines accepted coins. Soooo disappointed! I think we've still a little stub we forgot to redeem that shows a 4-cent credit!

Chatty Crone said...

You have to be careful with real gamblers - they are dead serious about their place! lol I was taught it was
a sin too. I do buy a lottery ticket every now and then - but never over $5.


I've always known you QUIT when you're ahead.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've never been to LasVegas but did get a chance to see a casino this past summer when we took a trip along the Ohio River. Their hotel was the only one in the area that had a room available. The slot machines were busy there, but I didn't play as it all looked too confusing to me. Amazing to see how many people do gamble.