Friday, February 27, 2015

Pioneer Days (entry #2)

The Hit and Miss engines are mostly of interest to the older citizens, as a matter of fact I am sure the average age roaming the park was mid sixties. Some of us old folk just barely able to get around. Some in Golf carts.


This guy called his craft Tire’d Art. (animals out of old tires, a recycler)


Hundreds of antique toys, priced out of my range.


Smudge pots above? I don’t know, and they weren’t labeled.


A variety of corn Sheller's.


Hog Heaven for Shirl.

 100_1161 100_1162 100_1164 100_1166100_1165 

Girls Stuff……………….


Boys stuff (real good junk)………..


And this just waiting for me, a simplex motor bike, only $1500. A steal, and she drug me away. I was not aware I had a drug problem until now, but I was drug away from some nice stuff.

I will finish up Pioneer days,  next entry.

Thanks for stopping by.

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PS:  I will show you a couple cute tractors:

 100_1157 100_1158

                                  His and hers



My birth year, 1939, This Cadillac was new when I was born.


100_1136 - Copy



Jean said...

I'm sorry Sherry drug you away from a prize find, lol. I remember
The corn Sheller my dad had one when I was a kid, and shelling corn was one of our (older sister and I) chores every afternoon when we got home from school. I do see some things that I think I could find in one of our storage sheds. I enjoy looking at all your pictures thanks for sharing. Jean


Lots of great junk to get caught up in. I personally liked the chickens from Tire’d Art. A shame you got drug away.

Paula said...

I like the Tire'd Art and I wouldn't mind having the pink tractor. Lots of fun entertainment here.

betty said...

I think Sherry was wise to drag you away :) That Tire'd Art was interesting; I think I would have enjoyed seeing it in person :)


Rick Watson said...

I'm with you on that bike Jack. That was a beauty. Also, the tractor to the right looks a great deal like my old 1949 Ford tractor in the barn. I haven't cranked it it years, but with hot battery and a little gas, that baby would spring into action.

I love places like that. There's a Flea Market called Lacon not far from where I live and they have stuff like that. They also have small livestock.


shirl72 said...

Did that look familiar to you.
I thought about when you packed
that trailer and headed down
John Belk Freeway going the Church
parking lot. Someone ask you
who do I pay for this, and you
said this belongs to one person.
Mercy, Mercy..

Mevely317 said...

Think I spotted my first car in that 2nd picture! :)
Good times, indeed. I'm looking forward to seeing more tomorrow!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The picture you labeled antique toys hit home with me. When my children were little we had a couple of those. They had a lot of fun with them. They ran on foot power. When you pushed the pedals back and forth the car moved. Now my grand kids have cars that run on battery power. Somehow I liked the old ones best.It's another cold start here with a - 6 this morning. We are warming up in the 30's tomorrow with more snow predicted.