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I was raised as a Christian, and I am

This is not a religious blog and I am not an overly religious person, BUT my world is the USA. I have never understood why some folks do not like Christians, we normally do not hurt folk.  I tend to be isolated and see the news as ‘FAR OFF’. But I was privileged to get this letter via friend Nick, in Ireland.  I understand if you do not want to read it, but Please come back tomorrow, if you are not interested.

Nick says, This letter was written in EGYPT the day after the 21 Christians were murdered, because they were Christians:

This letter,  was forwarded to me by Grant xxxxxx:

"They were put to death by stoning; they were sawed in two; they were killed by the sword. They went about in sheepskins and goatskins, destitute, persecuted and mistreated, the world was not worthy of them." (Hebrews 11:37- 3Cool
Dear friends,
This is a very sad time in Egypt where we are in seven days of official mourning for the 21 young Christian men who were brutally slaughtered by ISIS in Libya on Sunday. The gruesome, professionally-produced video of that execution shocked the country and has united Christians and Muslims as never before. As soon as the video was broadcast on Sunday evening, the President delivered a speech declaring 7 days of mourning for the nation. Shortly afterwards the Egyptian Air Force bombed ISIS targets in Libya.

As I arrived at the Bible Society office in the morning, feeling sad and depressed, I met a young coworker who told me that she was 'very encouraged.' I could not imagine what on earth could encourage her!
"I am encouraged" she said, "because now I know that what we have been taught in history books about Egyptian Christians being martyred for their faith is not just history but that there are Christians today who are brave enough to face death rather than deny their Lord! When I saw these young men praying as they were being prepared for execution and then many of them shouting 'O Lord Jesus' as their throats were being slit, I realized that the Gospel message can still help us to hold on to the promises of God even when facing death!"

This same sentiment is being reflected in different ways by people who watched that gruesome video!
I don't think I will ever read Chapter 11 of the Epistle to the Hebrews again without seeing in my mind the images of these men dressed in orange jump suits with black-clad, masked executors behind each one of them!
As many of you know, these men were simple, Egyptian laborers who had gone to Libya to make a living. They were captured and executed by ISIS for being - as the video caption charges - 'People of the Cross'. Egyptians have been shocked by this news and it is the most talked about event in our country at this time.
The purpose of the video was to foment sectarian strife in Egypt between Christians and Muslims. Those Islamic extremists clearly intended to provoke the 10 million Christians in Egypt to rise up violently against their Muslim neighbors.
But the loving and caring response of Muslims all over the nation softened the blow which many Christians felt. Up till now the Christians of Egypt have responded with restraint, sorrowfully calling out to God.
The President and dozens of political leaders personally gave their condolences to the Coptic Pope. The Prime Minister travelled to the small village where most of these men come from, sitting on the floor with their poor relatives to express his concern. All this sends a clear message that Christians are considered an integral part of the fabric of Egyptian society.
Prayer Requests
1. Pray for comfort for the families of the victims who are in a terrible emotional state.
2. Pray for the effective mass distribution of a Scripture tract we have just produced (above left), that God's Word will comfort and challenge the many who will receive it.
3. As I write, there is news of more Egyptians being kidnapped in Libya. Lord have mercy!
Please pray for Egypt as we pass through this painful period.
With much thanks,
Ramez xxxxxxxx
General Director
The Bible Society of Egypt
Senior Pastor, Solid Rock Church, Drogheda
National Overseer, Church of God, Ireland
Executive Director, Evangelical Alliance Ireland


I have x’d out the names myself. Not sure if I should publish them, I am sure they would not mind.

Thanks for stopping by the blog. I will be back tomorrow with the normal drivel. :-)  I thought some of you might want to see this from the perspective of someone living in Egypt.

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shirl72 said...

They showed them on the news standing in line ready to be
executed. I don't understand
Isis..they are a brutal group
with messed-up minds about
religion. Is should be executed. I don't understand why the President want give the go to bomb them. He is one of them undercover.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Not many realize it but there are still persecuted Christians in this day and age. Even before this tragedy I've read about it over the years. Will definitely be praying. We are so blessed, living where we do.

betty said...

Thanks for sharing this letter, Jack. Such an atrocity that occurred, but I think and I wrote yesterday in my written journal that we "need" atrocities like this to remind us that this world is evil and that we need the hope of a Savior/Jesus. I'm sure each of these 21 were welcomed into heaven with "well done, good and faithful servant."


Cindi said...

thank you for sharing this letter. continuing our prayers for the families.

Paula said...

Thanks for posting this letter. I too saw it on TV and it did and does make me so sad.

Mevely317 said...

I, too, am glad you shared this letter, Jack.
There's so much I can't begin to fathom and my heart breaks for their families. At times like this, we've little recourse but to pray.
('Tho the idea of turning that land into a glass factory comes to mind.)


How many wars have been fought over religion? A sad commentary indeed.