Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ahhhh home

Many people find it hard to comprehend living mobile. WE VERY  seldom have slept in a different bed. WE travel but as a rule we have the same bed no matter what city, town or state we are in.

So Monday had us headed to Mark’s to help him on Monday. He would be gone Monday on a trip to Okeechobee for a job for Friend Glenda.



So we arrived, greeted by Janie (MJ) the English Bull, who was waiting for us. My job was to remove and replace a window. Get the Well pump to working correctly, repair a sliding glass patio door, and repair leaks in the plumbing. By the time Mark got in at 7-8 PM, I had two of my jobs completed. The window in and pump fixed.

We had a good visit. Glenda had sent some Cubana Croquets, Cucumbers in a sauce and rhubarb pie. All were delicious and we sat around and talked, I finally gave up and I tried the Lap top. I am not good on a lap top.


We went out for breakfast together. While over in Palm Bay Sherry and I looked at two very run down houses that we were considering buying, but sorta changed our minds.

Today I was able to repair all the leaks, set a commode and help Mark install a new sink and dish washer.

A very productive day, and right now I am tired.

The one thing I could not get accomplished was the patio doors.

Anyway, Good night Shipslog


We slept in Marks bed last night, he and Janie slept on the couch and floor.


 ATT00281 ATT00284


The last of my odd auto file (Unless I can find more)



Sounds like you've been busy. Hope the visit is not all work and no play.

Back Porch Writer said...

My goodness. You have had a busy day! I'm sure you made someone very happy though. It's nice when someone fixes things that are broken. And was nice of you to do it. Enjoy yourselves. I hope your weather is not as weird as ours. We usually have 20 degree changes in weather from day to day right now anyway! Be safe and take care!

betty said...

Janie slept on the bed and Mark on the floor :)

You always amaze me, Jack, with the amount of work you get done in a day. I know you enjoy doing things like that and I'm sure that makes the time go easier as you are working.

I bet it felt different sleeping in a different bed :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You certainly do have every reason for being tired out. That was a lot of work in a short time. I'm sure that your son really appreciated all the help. I know from experience how good it is to be back home in your own bed. No place like home for sure !

Annesphamily said...

Jack you are a real blessing, so ambitious, always working hard and enjoying your life! What a beautiful life it is. You need your own show like "Flipping Vegas, San Diego, Boston, Etc."!
You are the handyman and I imagine all those you help out find their relationship with you a true blessing, always something to do around here, never the time or money to do it! I am very boring, downsizing the linen closet. Using our youngest Nick's bed for a sorting place. He is away at college. Too many things, not enough space these days! My hubby is good with all the repairs but he stands mostly 8 hours a day at his job, and at our age, it gets tough! Then he is tired and the reapirs wait. This weekend we are hearing warm weather and no snow so we will tackle the garage! It is currently a giant storage ! Everyone here needs to sort and downsize!
Now I have bored you, you have a cooler life than a spy or secret agent! ENjoy all those travels!