Thursday, February 12, 2015

We are on the road, headed down to Wauchula, FL

We are leaving Clerbrook RV & Golf Resort. I wanted to post some pictures of the area, since Clerbrook was  a new wrinkle in our horn (one of my mama’s sayings).


This day there was no wind, perfect reflections. I love these palms.


The walk around the park is 2 miles. we did it most days while we were here. A very good walk.


I thought that this shot thru pine boughs would be better than what it is, you can see more of the golf course. Sometimes I wish I was a golfer. Sherry would do it. But it doesn’t ‘yank my chain’.


I liked the greenery here with the shuffle boards in the back ground. I gotta learn that too, Old folk do it.

100_1083 100_1084

This is a retirement community also. I thought these places were very pretty.


So we are headed South. Talk to you  later.  I enjoy feeling our home ON THE ROAD.

(except when we stop for Diesel)AAAAAAA


Nite Shipslog


This has been a very pleasant stop. My sweetheart and I have had some great times of just walking and talking.



I caught somebody’s pride and joy, 1939 Ford pick-up on the road. But Orange?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you had such a pleasant place to stay there. Loved seeing a place that isn't snow covered and frozen. Hard to believe the difference between here and there. I've been keeping well this winter but am now very tired of shoveling snow. There is more snow coming down here this morning so I'll be getting my exercise with the snow. I have tried taking walks on the nicer days, but the snow and ice make it more like work. I hope your next place is just as nice if not nicer.

betty said...

Looks nice there. I am with you about golf, Jack, does not sound fun to me. Safe travels to your next destination.


shirl72 said...

Those are beautiful places. That is
the size that is easy to take of.
We have had beautiful weather but
they say we are going to have 3
days of very cold. That OK I have
a warm place inside. I will look
at the map to see where you are
right now. Take care.


Looks like a nice area. LOVE those trees. Perfect place to retire. I'd like to be there right now out of all the snow around here.


PS) Safe travels to your next destination.

Mevely317 said...

After all the years I spent in Florida, I'm embarrassed to admit I've never heard of Clerbrook, nor Wauchula!

Personally, I think you're too nice to take up golf. :) Excepting Tom (smile), those golfers I know are too, too serious ... and grumpy, besides!