Wednesday, February 25, 2015


One great advancement with the internet was the introduction to a new form of communication the e-mail. They are so common now, I do not remember the first one I  sent.

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It is amazing, and hard to fathom that I can sit here and type an e-mail and send it to someone in Greece, Spain or the UK and practically immediately they will have it, not only that, if I want to I can send it to all of them at once.


I am using that feature for the first time now. We are planning a family cruise next December so I put the family e-mails in a group called SherrysFamily and when I have information on the cruise I send it to everyone at once.


The sale of stamps is way down.

But, with technology advance comes the idea people, they gather e-mail addresses and start flooding the market with ‘SPAM’, e-talk for ‘junk-mail’.  Just this morning I deleted information on growing hair, curing diabetes, at least ten ‘don’t miss this cruise’.  I actually turned down a fortune from a lady in England who chose me to distribute her fortune to unfortunate people around the world, and like Jimmy I have single women in my area dying to see me (I always wonder how they know what area I am in?).


I am amazed at the number of e-stories I get that I MUST forward to 10-20 people or I lose my life or hair. I even saw an e-mail spoof, of a tombstone that said: DIED FOR NOT FORWARDING TO TEN PEOPLE.


To see the wonderful e-mails you  must sort thru the junk, but on the internet I have seen some of the most beautiful pictures imaginable. Beautiful flowers I did not know existed. Places I have never thought of, even animals I have never seen.


I love this new technology, but at times it takes up too much of my time and I do not exercise my body the way I should. BUT Today we are off to PIONEER DAYS in Zolfo Springs, Florida. It is just down the road, we plan to walk from here.


With the picture above, I am reminded of my past.    And these: The Grands and the Great Grands……

ElsieMae November30

 imageMA29080987-0017 JUDE and Daddy Stephen

The beauty of YOUTH and the present. There are things I would not get to see, without the internet.

Nite Shipslog


The Blog is another advancement that helps me spread all this stuff that YOU ALREADY KNOW!




But you might never take the time see this 1915 Ford

1939pontiac plexiglas invisablecr

Or this 1939 Pontiac with a Plexiglas body, if you didn’t stop by!



I used to email alot. But now instead I text message. Your family is sweet. ENJOY PIONEER DAYS in Zolfo Springs, Florida. Sounds like fun.

Sheila Y said...

I agree with you on the Internet and technology. But as Taryterre said we seem to be moving more toward texting and Facebook messages. But I still use email a lot too. Have a great day! The snow is a'coming! :)) Sheila

Sheila Y said...
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Sheila Y said...

Sorry, my comment posted twice. :-/

Paula said...

I couldn't even say how much I have enjoyed the internet. Just wish I would have had it when I lived alone for eight years. I probably would weigh 300 lbs. since then I line danced two or three times a week before the malls opened with a group. Went to a dance for single older people several nights a week, so no guess I shouldn't have had it then. I still e-mail a lot. I've never kept up so close contact with my girls as I do now.

Unknown said...

Great pictures of the grands and greatgrands.
I love being able to keep in touch by the internet.

Elizabeth said...

You are so right, there is a lot of spam to filter through! It does take up a lot of time also but I do enjoy it!How wonderful to be planning a family cruise! I have never heard of that pioneer village,cwill have to check it out! We are planning a quick trip to see some snow!

betty said...

How fun with the family cruise. I know it will be enjoyed by all. Such cute pictures of the grands. We arecso spoiled with emails and the way we communicate these days. We really depend a lot on the internet.


shirl72 said...

Stella is the cutest little girl
with that great smile. Good to see
Steve and Jude. The snow is coming
down in sheets it is beautiful and
so clean looking...

Mevely317 said...

Now you've got ME trying to recall the first e-mail I sent! Sometimes it seems like yesterday!

I'm a bit saddened that my 'circle' seems to communicate mostly by FB messaging. Anymore, 99% of my 'in' box is full of spam - or worse (as in tonight's case) a cleverly-designed piece of phish.

Beautiful scenery you've shared tonight, but the one I enjoy most is wee Jude and his daddy.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sadly I don't remember the first email that I sent out. Seems like ages and ages ago. I'd be lost without it and the internet. It does give me the opportunity to keep in touch with those I care about every day. Hope you enjoy your Pioneer Days. We have one here in the fall.