Saturday, February 28, 2015

Last of Pioneer days, we are headed North a ways.

I always enjoy looking at vehicles, Something about me just loves an antique car. And not just because I am an antique, I knew some of them personally before they became antique.

Walking into the park these three were off in the distance.


But this sucker below I have not seen in years, Dad called it a short dog. The Mechanic cuts and shortens the frame for a specific job, some dragging logs.

100_1144 100_1146 100_1155

The old ‘Racer’ was neat, but I have to tell you, this is the first tractor I ever did see with fender skirts.


We stopped by the pavilion for a few songs, I understood the words to one. The guy was pretty good.


You gotta eat at a festival, Sherry had a Small taco then helped me with a taco salad. both had corn on the cob (Not near as good as that fresh Pennsylvania corn last year)


I love to look at plants, Sherry says these are orchids but there isn’t a plant I cannot kill! (except Ivy)


Friend Don worked for the PO. Sherry would not let me get this for him, an old Postal scooter.


Last on the list, a BIG DISH of ice cream churned by a hit and miss engine. My girls had chocolate, I had the best kind, BUTTER PECAN!


We finished up our day with a stroll back to the park, over the Peace River.  Looking down from the walkway we could see the boat landing that has one of our daily stops. On up the road you can see the RV Park bordering this road.

 100_1185 100_1186

That was it for our Pioneer Days outing. Now we head North to Wildwood, where we meet up with friends, Don and Evelyn for the remainder of our time in Florida this year. March is coming up, time to fly kites!

Nite Shipslog


Festivals are interesting, and us old folk need something to keep us occupied. On the road for Wildwood,FL


This was the eye catcher for me at the park, I had never seen one. 1929 Ford Dump Truck!



Mevely317 said...

Even at an outdoor festival, Sherry always looks classy! (I'm envious anyone can wear white and keep clean ... smile.)

... I'll arm-wrestle you for that taco salad! Wonder why anything eaten in the great outdoors always tastes better?


That food looks yummy. Love that old postal scooter. have a safe trip north.

Paula said...

I'm glad you took us with you to Pioneer Days. Everything was great but I really liked that little dump truck.

betty said...

Its windy enough today to fly a kite in Arizona :) So enjoyed visiting Pioneer Days with you and Sherry, Jack! The food looks delicious and what better way to finish off a good time together but with ice cream!

Safe travels!


shirl72 said...

That was very interesting and I
also love antique cars. When
visiting Pioneer days that is lots
of History..The food looks delicious
and to top everything with ice cream
What a wonderful...

shirl72 said...

PS: What a wonderful Day.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Looks like you all had a great time. I know old cars are a favorite of yours. I loved the picture of Sherry with that ear of corn. March indeed came in like a lion here, but they say we may warm up a bit this coming week and there will be some longed for melting going on. Hope you both enjoy a restful and relaxing Sunday !

Lisa said...

I like your pictures of the old cars you often post. My father in law raced vintage stock before he passed away. We still have the car.:)