Sunday, February 28, 2021

The other guy’s Game

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


1930 Caddy Roadster, I would love to drive that with Sherry by my side.


Hey, I have watched more TV in the past 2 week than I have watched in the last 20 years.  I have a tough time distinguishing when a commercial ends and a program begins or vice versa. I get lost on news and medicine advertisements. I can be watching and not know what I am watching. EVERYONE talks a ‘mile a minute’, as mama would say.

World economics amaze & baffle me. I watched a segment of national news featuring an interview with a guy who is ‘At the top of Money Matters.’ He says money is ‘nothing, practically a figment of your imagination.

Tell the grocer that or to the real estate agent. Etc.

ANYWAY as a neophyte those Wall Street figures flashing, causes me to shake my head. What does it mean? The man says fortunes are made and lost every day, but it is all on paper, NO MONEY CHANGES HANDS.

I have a suggestion if you have never played poker. Learn the game with paperclips, buttons or pennies; slowly like you learned to walk and talk. On my first ship, LST 1167, I saw guys playing poker. I am not sure if I had ever held a deck of cards before, after all they ‘were sinful’. ;-). Someone asked if I wanted to learn. Forgetting my daddy’s advice about ‘Never play the other guy’s game,’ I decided to learn. WELL I did learn that night, I learned it was truly ‘SINFUL’. :-O,  It is sinful to gamble money you do not have to waste.  OUCH.

Listening to that man about money ‘not being real’ confused an OLD man. I realize we are not on the gold standard anymore, I think we should have stayed that way. The story was  interesting. He went back to when money first began, then coins became the method and later paper money.

The reasoning he used is far above my paygrade. I would never invest in stocks, I know nothing about them. My son Mark tried once, bought $$$$$$$ once, lost it all. Imma tell you, the average person works hard for the pay they get. Not many get rich quick.  I admire someone who understands the stock market, but it sure is not my game.


Saturday, February 27, 2021

Working My Puzzle

  Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


I like the round hood on this 1904 National, nice.

For today:

I am stealing borrowing an idea from MA ( I never was much of a puzzle worker, Sherry enjoys them on occasion. I help sometimes and get pleasure, a smile and satisfaction when finding a HARD (any) piece.

Now MA brought life’s puzzle to my mind.  It’s tough to find the right piece anymore; I FIND TOO MANY PIECES that don’t fit.  On our last trip across country we saw new buildings going up everywhere. At times I feel an empty spot, a longing to be back on my own building site.

This is the first house I ever built. I built this entire house by myself with no license!. I couldn't even lift that door now, SHUCKs! My sisters and BIL Dick stopped by to see me. I later built for both of them.

This was under my license, but was actually the first house my son Mark built. He picked the plans and I worked for him on this one. LOL

 I still want to build. But I know those pieces of my life’s puzzle have already been found, placed and are forming the completion of the puzzle of my life.

This year I did not renew my General Contractor’s License. I feel like I am looking for a needed piece of the puzzle and cannot find it. I keep trying, even though I know that part of the puzzle is set and I had the pleasure of using those pieces.

I find things to do here at the NC home. The basement is my place. I have ‘rearranged’ another section. None of this work is needed or required, it is ‘busy’ work I guess.

Funny thing I am able to ‘take my time’ something I am not ‘good at’.  I have two friendly cats that stop by, I stop what I am doing and pet and talk to them. I tell them about their mama Stormy D.

I don’t use noisy tools when they are around, I think their ears may not be able to handle those frequencies or it could be fear, BUT I can actually relax and enjoy that NEW part of my life’s puzzle.

That is a puzzle, because as a rule in my life I have avoided cats, I do love dogs, Growing up dogs and me were NEVER strangers.

Speaking of dogs. My dog bites are healing well. They have not hurt ONE time that is amazing to me. When that sucker took a hunk out of my arm I just knew, this was going to HURT lots and be a long time healing.

I may get back to this 'puzzle of life mystery' again sometimes; but for now, Imma wrap it up.



Thursday, February 25, 2021

Two for one and no installation costs

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


1952 Kaiser Traveler


I did not renew my license this year, so I am a former General Contractor.  I see so many ads relating to construction and life, ADS for things like:

Buy one of two windows and get two free….. 

(No price given during the advertisement)

Get $2,200 off our Air conditioner price along with FREE installation!!!....

The Lady yells: CAN YOU BELIEVE IT $15,000 OFF THIS NEW TRUCK! …………Me? NO! LOL

Our AMAZING GUTTERS half price with Free installation!

And they continue. America’s ignorance or gullibility gets stretched to the end.

Okay, I am not the brightest star in the sky nor the sharpest knife in the drawer, BUT for some reason I cannot remember when I could sale one house and give another free without doubling the price of the first one.

When I sold newspapers I surely could not give two papers for the price of one.

The above in many cases lists: INSTALLATION FREE!! So today they have folks that agree to work for nothing?

Can you tell I have been watching TV?  LOL I cannot believe this stuff!!

NOW, believe me I do understand how McDonalds and some stores do a two for one deal. You can see it on many register receipts you are charged the full price but then one is deducted with a code either shown or not shown. The second is a tax break for advertising.

BUT I just laughingly told Sherry, I can just imagine in 1956 someone offering $15,000 off on a truck. Back then the truck cost was $1,577. Ahhh Inflation. YEP, That price was twice what I earned the whole year in 1956. LOL

But wait, Now that 1956 truck in good shape is worth $33,200 up to $108,700. Here is NADA’s take on that antique that is still running:

Base Price 1956 Ford F100


 $    1,577      Original Sticker price 1956

 $  33,200     Average Retail  in 2021

$ 108,700     High Retail    in 2021    


Ok,  so, when I retire Imma just buy me a 20 year old truck.    Edmunds list the cost from   $279 and up.  Maybe I can two for $500. LOL

All my fun making of advertisements is just how I see it in my mind, they actually may make sense to someone in today’s young world……………..


PS:  Since reading so many westerns, I have learned that the Saloons offered free lunch with drinks. The food was salty causing a thirst for more to drink. thus the old statement:   "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch." LOL

Guess who came to dinner??

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

This 1992 Ford Ranger was new when Grandson and now daddy Matthew Dillon Darnell was born.

For today:

Earlier on our return to North Carolina we had a chance to see  Jack Jr’s family (Here on the East Coast) at Jude’s Birthday. We enjoyed the time with them. They are always a pleasure to see and enjoy. We met at Josh & Megan’s house.

BUT one thing after another has kept us from meeting Jack Wiley, the latest addition to our extended family. He is the number 12 for Great-Grand's. He lives about a mile from us. But colds, Covid exposure, dog bites and I don’t know what all has kept us from meeting the big dude (born 8 lbs).  I was beginning to think we would meet him when he entered college. He will probably attend East Carolina since his mama and dad did.

Uncle Luke even came over.

Proud grandma Corinne looking over at Great grandma Sherry holding jack.

BUT yep He finally drove over bringing his family. He weathered the hugs, oooz and ahhhhs of the family. His big brother Maverick is proud of his little brother.

It was so good and such a pleasure to have them over. Sherry fixed Spaghetti. WE had a great time.

Sherry used that time to get her favorite hair stylist, Sherece, her only granddaughter, to do her hair after dinner.

So yep, we finally got to see and meet another super Great Grand, he is about 4 weeks old now and sweet as sugar and BIG. 

Oh yeah, and it was so sweet to see how big Cousin Stella entertains and takes care of Maverick.

Matt and Kiersten are good parents. Matt is working from home (he works for Coca Cola), and is able to give Kiersten a little help during the day.

Notice the dining room table unused with 8-10 people here. The short breakfast bar lends itself to visiting. We ate in shifts anyway. with Jack Wiley being held by Grandma

Kiersten finally got her baby back.



Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Prophecy, predictions and guessing

 Strange Automobiles :

I predict neither style will be successful and sell a lot of cars.
I do prophesy that they will get some attention.....

For today:

Prophesies and Predictions can be accurate. I give intelligent predictions credibility but guessing is like predicting life, don’t even try it. Sherry and I are the last of our families. My family died in order of birth. Dad first and I will be the last.

Sherry’s family did not die in order. My Sister in law (wife of my oldest brother) lost her whole family before she passed.

I just finished a Western book where a man ‘thought’ he had heard from God and moved his family and friends who would listen, to Colorado to build a town called Haven. He had said God told him that everyone who did not accompany him would die of a terrible fire. When that prediction did not come true, the Word from the Lord changed. This time it was when the comet passed all would die. NADA. After a while People became disillusioned and deserted Haven, the place finally failed.

All my life I have been associated with fundamental religious people. People who believe in prophecy. My dad said this about prophecy, “When someone says God said "XYZ."  IF GOD SAID IT, it WILL happen, otherwise someone is a false prophet.”  I believe that.

 In my life time we have known people who predicted things, many said “Thus saith the Lord!” I sometimes smile at that, even in the 21st century God speaks in 1st century language. ;-).

I smile at the predictions of today. As the time passes and the predictions do not come about. They morph into another form, then another and another the believers follow along as if the past predictions did not count. 

WE had friends, good people who believed seriously that the Lord had told him when he was returning and to meet him at a specific place in the Ozarks. They sold their homes and possessions and went to the place of prophecy in the Ozarks and waited on the Lord’s return. The date was changed several times before they finally returned to their home town (‘with their tail between their legs’) and started over again. Embarrassed to no end.

I am very skeptical of Prophecy and predictions. Some people put me in the category of Thomas (doubting Thomas), but I say ‘well maybe so, but the Lord loved Thomas none the less.’

I had to laugh today, I just heard that there is false snow coming. It won’t be real snow and will evaporate vs. melting and going into the ground. I canNOT can wait. LOL

Forgive my ranting, but I have witnessed so many ‘false’ predictions and prophecies in the last 8-10 years that did not happen, yep I am a little skeptical.


PS: I keep reading that some smart guy says ‘Get rid of your cash!’ If you think you should, please  e-mail me (or call BR549) and I will give you  my address where you can send it. If it is over $1000 I will gladly come and pick it up!  Just sayin’. LOL

Monday, February 22, 2021

This Covid thing is 'LEARNING' me stuff! LOL

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


1935 Ford Pickup This one was a beauty. Gotta love it.


It all started not long after we were married. I was given a simple task,  I have mentioned it before, but here it is again. You will remember L’eggs. Well my girl asked be to simply pick up a pair for her and quickly told me the name or description.

I did not write it down, after all I am a very smart guy. LOL Just knowing by glancing at the size and name it would ring a bell. YEAH RIGHT! There are 1000 combinations of names, colors, sizes, types etc. So NO I did not get the stockings for her.

SO here it is Covid time. I do the shopping, with a list. Ever shop vitamins, supplements and aspirin type things?

Most of us men have not.

There is no rhyme nor reason in the display rack. It is not alphabetical nor numeric. I thought when I spotted fish oil that Cod liver oil would be next to it, HAHA!  Hey, there is Vitamin C!  But then there is Vitamin C with zinc, There is vitamin C with xx  zz  ww (whatever). It even gets worse.

This is a small display!!!

A couple days ago I had to laugh out loud as an old man (like me) looking up and down at the vitamins and shaking his head. Even with a mask on I could tell he was gritting his teeth.  (ME) Laughing I tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Hey Brother, I feel your pain!”

I couldn't find a picture of the rack I look thru on the net, these look small!

He just continued to shake his head; but I know he was smiling when he said, “This is stupid, a bunch of crap!” I said, “That is why I settle for multi-vitamin, and even then I am not sure if it is the right one, there are at least 10 versions of that.” 

Sherry has been good to me lately and writes down the exact name of each item. That helps but most of it is hard to explain.

Anyway I don’t mind grocery shopping, but shopping for things that ladies pick, I am LOST!

When I look at all those supplements and vitamins I can’t believe people take ten to twenty of these things a day; but I know they do.

I don’t question it I just know my girl knows what is best for her. She is still pretty and healthy. I NEVER question or suggest meds, supplements or vitamins to anyone. Personally my only med is a multi-vitamin. Not sure it helps, but it cannot hurt!



Relaxing.... what is your way?

  Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


1956 Cadillac Eldorado 

So for Today:

Besides prayer or quiet time, what seems to relax your mind and body?  Is there one thing you can remember that just seems to sooth the soul?

I have known people that running, walking or meditating does it for them.

Maybe Vermont?

Funny thing about that subject there are two things that do it for me and they are totally opposites in my mind.  I love to sit and stare into a nice fire, especially a campfire in the mountains.  I have sat here by our fire pit in NC, and had the same results.

(I am sure this is New Hampshire, I liked the man under the falls)

Son Jack Jr likes to sleep to the sound of water produced by a small machine.  Yeah, water relaxes me also, but not the sound alone.

(This is in Georgia on the AT)

 I love the quietness of the mountains when I am beside a steady mountain brook as it cascades down a fall. The sight and sounds of that situation can cause me to lose the cares of the world and just drink in……………  And then there is the peace you feed  when you are alone on the deck of a ship looking at hundreds of square miles of blue ocean.......... well in those situations I just drink in peace......   ....... I think.

There are things that if they could be bottled and sold that could cure many ills and prevent suicides methinks.

This was on my mind and I am missing both situations at present being locked inside by the nasty weather. The one thing you can do in this case is PLAN to change the situation. We are here in North Carolina until Sherry’s yearly physically  with her local doctor.

After that our time is ours again. There is a good chance Florida will be in our sights. Ahhhhhhh some warm weather…



PS: And just when I am thinking of fires, Myra posts their Sunday morning service with the pastor being beside an out door fire. NICE!

BTW, Good service also, Pastor is also a good speaker.  She used the fire site effectively, remembering Ashe Wednesday.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

TV and the news?

Memorable Wrecks :


For today:

Most folk know we seldom watch TV. HOWEVER lately, we have had the TV on.  I can watch about 15 minutes max, and over half ARE ads for medicines and cars.

Is everyone sick of ‘DOWNER’ headlines? I read with interest this headline:

“Power Restored in Texas, BUT problems continue to pile up!” Even with a positive statement, the negative MUST follow. The follow up could just as easily be positive too. i.e. ‘they are working on other problems!’

I am thinking if a reporter was a Doctor his diagnosis might be: “Your dog bite is healing nicely, but most likely you’re gonna die of Covid!”

OUCH, What am I saying?  That is already happening. A doctor did the Covid test on Sherry. I was beside her and heard him say, “Even if this is negative, you could be positive tomorrow!”

When he said that, my mind asked me, 'then why the heck did we come here anyway?' Imma thinking he wanted a POSITIVE to get it over with. ;-)

How did we get so negative? I have noticed for years the concerned voices of news/weather reports of hurricanes when the reporter stands in the wind and tells everyone, "STAY INSIDE THIS IS A DANGEROUS STORM!"  I knew the reporter was enjoying every minute of his national exposure and he had to make it sound the worst possible.

The big problem with that statement above is: BOYS, Many men & Maybe some girls, if it sounds dangerous, we have got to see if it is as bad as he said, we have enough sense to know he and a camera crew MUST be out there too, so it cannot be all that bad. LOL

I have never seen or watched a ‘Reality Show’ but if someone is left on a deserted island to survive and it is filmed, SOMEONE ELSE MUST BE THERE to record that, sorta like ‘Gilligan’s Island.’

Now I am smiling REMEMBERING an incident as our family flew thru the ‘Devil’s Triangle’ to Cuba. I looked out a window and pointed to a small island, saying to son Mark. “Wouldn’t it be fun if the plane crashed on that island and no one was hurt and we could live like Gilligan?”

“Yeah!” he said excitedly, just then we hit an ‘air pocket and dropped about 50’, “But not right now!” he quickly added and grabbed my arm.

I think the public must be tired of BAD NEWS! It seems when things are bad, some news reports must make it BADDER! (Is that a GOOD word?)


PS: Ok, unless something is posted today, Imma missing and wondering about MA! ( Just learned, She had some internet troubles)

Also it is still hard for me to believe but I have had NO PAIN in my arm and just uncomfortable on my chin. Thank God.

So you wanted a HOT dessert, So Tom ordered this for Myra!.

(Only  few seconds long)