Friday, February 12, 2021


 Autos of beauty

I have no idea of the make, I just caught the paint job and a split convertible, I never saw that before.

So for today:

Normally decisions on traveling are easy for us.  This time not so much.  BUT it seems we are both leaning to getting back in the RV and heading to Florida in a week or so.

By that time I will have the basement about ready for our return for the summer. I had planned to put an apartment in the basement, but these few weeks here have told me if I do, I will need an extra heating and cooling system down there, space heaters will not be efficient.

The idea of an apartment developed when my sister was leasing the house. We knew she did not want to go to assisted living, so we were giving thought to the apartment for a caregiver to live here with her and have their own living quarters.


Of course her dementia gained ground and her health lost ground and she passed.

The idea had grown to include us. We want to live at home as long as possible, so considering the same scenario for us, our care givers could live in and we could stay at home longer.

Anyway we may think of that more seriously this summer. We had thought on arriving here that we would be happy to drive the car back to Florida and leave the coach here. But when I asked Sherry tonight what she wanted to do, she said, “I think I want to take the coach back down.”  I agreed whole heartedly.

WE are both feeling better, and ready to head south after a few loose ends are tied.  

One of the loose ends, a BIG one is to See the latest addition to Matt & Kiersten’s family, Little Mr. Jack Wiley. We have been concerned about spreading something and THAT IS THE LAST thing we want to do.





Lisa said...

I agree with Sherry. Take the coach back to Florida. Leave it where you spend the most time.
Now that is a beautiful baby. I bet yall cant wait to get your hands on that sweet thing.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't blame you at all for wanting to go to Florida, you were just really starting to settle in there. You have a perfectly good home there so there is no real reason to add the miles onto the coach, but I know you have a lot of things in it you want to take along with you. Maybe after this you can permanently park it and make your trips in the future easier. Just saying, do what makes you happy. Hope you get to see the newest little one before you go. They do grow fast.

Mevely317 said...

Sweet baby boy ... I so love his name!
That 'apartment' sounds like a win-win situation for a someday maybe scenario.
My son and DIL have a similar arrangement - where her widowed mother has her own master and bath. The only 'down' side is 3 generations trying to coexist peacefully under one roof -- LOL.

Glad the coach has another opportunity to hit the road!

Susan Kane said...

We have wondered about "what if" we need to have assistance. Years ago, my daughter and husband joked about building a "M-i-law" house in their back yard.

Florida sounds like a place to enjoy. Drive down there, and pick me up at the airport?

Dar said...

Whatever your decision for later in-home care, it'll be the right one. Everything seems to find it's way to working out. I used to tease the kids that we'd be living with each of them a few weeks, move onto another of our kids, til we get thru all 5 of them...then start house bouncing all over again til we die. Now it isn't so funny. You spur thoughts in my head. What a gorgeous little boy. He's going to tall as Grandpa, me thinks.
loven'hugs from up north.......yes, the deep freeze is still very apparent.

yaya said...

Jack is a favorite name around our house! What a cutie! Love that little hat! Have a safe trip if you decide to head south. Happy Valentine's day!

boromax said...

RE: that car pic: are you sure that is a paint job and not actually made out of wood?