Saturday, February 20, 2021

TV and the news?

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Most folk know we seldom watch TV. HOWEVER lately, we have had the TV on.  I can watch about 15 minutes max, and over half ARE ads for medicines and cars.

Is everyone sick of ‘DOWNER’ headlines? I read with interest this headline:

“Power Restored in Texas, BUT problems continue to pile up!” Even with a positive statement, the negative MUST follow. The follow up could just as easily be positive too. i.e. ‘they are working on other problems!’

I am thinking if a reporter was a Doctor his diagnosis might be: “Your dog bite is healing nicely, but most likely you’re gonna die of Covid!”

OUCH, What am I saying?  That is already happening. A doctor did the Covid test on Sherry. I was beside her and heard him say, “Even if this is negative, you could be positive tomorrow!”

When he said that, my mind asked me, 'then why the heck did we come here anyway?' Imma thinking he wanted a POSITIVE to get it over with. ;-)

How did we get so negative? I have noticed for years the concerned voices of news/weather reports of hurricanes when the reporter stands in the wind and tells everyone, "STAY INSIDE THIS IS A DANGEROUS STORM!"  I knew the reporter was enjoying every minute of his national exposure and he had to make it sound the worst possible.

The big problem with that statement above is: BOYS, Many men & Maybe some girls, if it sounds dangerous, we have got to see if it is as bad as he said, we have enough sense to know he and a camera crew MUST be out there too, so it cannot be all that bad. LOL

I have never seen or watched a ‘Reality Show’ but if someone is left on a deserted island to survive and it is filmed, SOMEONE ELSE MUST BE THERE to record that, sorta like ‘Gilligan’s Island.’

Now I am smiling REMEMBERING an incident as our family flew thru the ‘Devil’s Triangle’ to Cuba. I looked out a window and pointed to a small island, saying to son Mark. “Wouldn’t it be fun if the plane crashed on that island and no one was hurt and we could live like Gilligan?”

“Yeah!” he said excitedly, just then we hit an ‘air pocket and dropped about 50’, “But not right now!” he quickly added and grabbed my arm.

I think the public must be tired of BAD NEWS! It seems when things are bad, some news reports must make it BADDER! (Is that a GOOD word?)


PS: Ok, unless something is posted today, Imma missing and wondering about MA! ( Just learned, She had some internet troubles)

Also it is still hard for me to believe but I have had NO PAIN in my arm and just uncomfortable on my chin. Thank God.

So you wanted a HOT dessert, So Tom ordered this for Myra!.

(Only  few seconds long)


Chatty Crone said...

Okay I think we are becoming more and more negative because we have been in this Covid situation for so long. It is hard. Whether in or out. Businesses are closed. Our church is closed. It is sad. You have to keep fighting tho.

Susan Kane said...

I watch youtube short videos. the baby ones are the best.

Mevely317 said...

Oh my word on that video! Good thing the patrons have a sense of humor, but I sure feel sorry for the waiters.

You absolutely NAILED this about all the Downer Dennis' out there. I get where doctors don't want to 'blow smoke' but I wonder how they'd feel if someone said that to them or to their mother? And newscasters? We're accustom to it, I suppose, but hate to think this is our grandsons/daughters 'new normal.' Mebbe you should start an on-line petition and we'll send it to the NY Times.

PS - That part about Mark grabbing your arm, "But not right now" cracks me up!

yaya said...

Once I was watching some survival show and the dude was eating a snake or bug or something and drinking something like his own urine. I kept thinking about the camera man filming it while eating a ham sandwich and drinking a pepsi. Doctors always have to give you the negative just incase it goes bad and you sue him because he didn't warn you about it before hand. The commercials for drugs are the best. Take this drug to save your life but you could get 10000 reactions or even die. Yep, sign me up!

Woody said...

I learned that "Good News" does not sell Papers or Draw attention to TV "Newz" Stories !
I have been interviewed over the years in my lines of work, back in the 60's and 70's the Reporters asked you your story and what the "Facts " were. Later in the 80's and 90's it was more they arked leading questions and then when the put it on the Newz or in the Paper it was their opinion and it was not what I said. You take care and take care of your Honey, sending down Love, Gary an Anna Mae

Lisa said...

Fun post. Read it aloud to Nick. We haven't watched the news in a while. It’s hard to believe anything. I’d rather be surprised at how life goes instead of constant negative thoughts and scare tactics.
I had a friend that her work made her go get a covid test so she made two trips across town to get one. One to get it and one to get the results. It was negative. Her employer told her that he would not accept the negative from the rapid test and she could either take two weeks off or go get another test. She took the two weeks off because the other test would have taken two weeks to get back anyway. How about that?

Liquid sunshine today.

jack69 said...

Test comment.

jack69 said...

testing to see if the recaptu is turned off. I know the icon is still there, but hope no one has to click on it to make a comment. I am not clicking on it, but since I own the blog maybe it knows I am not much of a robot. LOL lets see.