Monday, February 8, 2021

The technical name for my kitchen prowess

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So for today:

Sherry and I for many years have shared the cooking. The share was more like 80% her and 20% me. Sherry worked in GITMO and many times I was home before she was, so about two days a week I made supper. I made a good meat loaf.

Since both of us are retired our cooking is closer to 60% Sherry and 40% me.  I actually enjoy cooking. Do you  follow a recipe exactly?  I cannot do that, I MUST take away or add. Sometimes due to not having what is called for. I have actually made some DELICIOUS SOUPS.  So much so that my sister said it was the best she had ever tasted, Son Jack Jr said I should market it.

Since I added this and that to a recipe I found on the net and have never seen again, I have never been able to duplicate it.

This came up because a year or so ago I had extra apples and made apple sauce.  It was VERY GOOD I loved it. I did seeds, peelings and all. I tried it tonight and it was okay.

So I have decided the technical name for my prowess is:

BEGINNER’S LUCK.  LOL!  And that methinks is the truth.


PS: I will keep on trying. I also want to remember to write down what I do.

 I later realized the problem with the OK applesauce was first,  I did not 'cook' the apples this time.  Then when I tried it with fresh apples the blender just hummed not feeding the apples down. Puzzled, I added some green tea. That did it, the blender started eating the apple chunks.  I added some cinnamon and Steva.  Sherry liked it. I did laugh that I did not cook the apples, like i said, a beginner.LOL.


Mevely317 said...

I think 'Beginners Luck' would make a great marketing name. Who doesn't love an under dog? (Just kidding!) I'm seriously considering trying my hand at soup-making. Hey, what can go wrong?!

Lisa said...

Hahha sounds like you made an apple salad if you didnt cook it. Haha.
I still think about that fish soup you said Sherry makes. I need to try it.

off to work

yaya said...

I make and can applesauce and it's a hit with family. I do however, always cook the apples. When I used to can with my late Mother-in-law we decided one year to leave the peels on. Every time we ate it we were spitting out peels along the way. We laughed at that and decided not to leave peels on anymore! I do the cooking but Jack is good at opening the jars and cans for me! Ha! Have a good day and today up here would be a great soup day! Snowy and cold!

Dar said...

Homemade applesauce is an item that quickly flies off the pantry shelves....the grandloves devour it by the quart and always take some home. They've learned that if they want refills the next time, they have to return the empty jar. lol We have a grinder that spits out the peel, seeds and core in a separate shoot. It saves a lot of muscle putting it thru a sauce sieve. Did you know that apple seeds can be toxic? My dad used to eat the whole apple, seeds and all. Mom would always tell him that soon he'd have an apple tree growing out of his ears. I rarely follow recipes either. There's always something that needs tweaking. lol
loven'hugs from up north where my dear man always makes his own breakfast and he'll cook if I'm busy mending his favorite work clothes or something. lol He's actually a great cook, doing all of it at the hunting camp. lol, he never should have told me......

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think it's great that you share the cooking. I would love it if someone cooked for me. I get tired of eating the same old thing so often try out new things and follow the recipes. Most good cooks, like you, don't follow the recipes but make their own variations. Have fun with it and keep on trying.


love your applesauce story. made me smile. my hubby is the soup maker, like you. has been since were dating all those years ago. although i make a mean chowder. glad you too share the kitchen. funny i wrote about food too.