Tuesday, February 2, 2021

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So for today:

1955 news and mag stand

Newspapers and magazines at one time were the best way to keep up with the news, especially in pictures. Life magazine was tops for many years. The pictures I remember most were of mountains, oceans and huge animals i.e. Elephants, Rhinos.


As a child (even later) I didn’t look at the details to judge the angles and details that make good photography. I just saw the picture. Looking back I am sure that the photographers Life used were some of the best.

Later in life TIME mag was known for good news (which I seldom read) but the cover picture seemed to be of worldwide interest, so I did look at the cover picture.

I do remember the Boy Scouts and Schools used magazine subscriptions as fund raisers.  We receive only one magazine, and that is from the American Legion, and comes free with membership. I glance at it and throw the old copy away and put the new copy in the pocket behind the driver’s seat of the coach. There are about 2 articles in the 20-30 pages, and the remainder of pages are advertisements.

I smile to think of our church publications. We used to take pride in reporting EVERY church, its pastor, monthly tithe and attendance. Imma thinking the officials became ashamed of the number of SHRINKING churches. And that is not so much now.

OKAY our latest news. Remember a post of mine: “When I start thinking, then I start THINKING!”

Well my sweetheart has a sore throat and feels listless. With Johnny’s service coming up, and some family will be there; she doesn’t want to spread anything, cold, flu or the COVID. So today she went to be tested. Results in a couple days.

The dude doing the tests was good. Knew how to put Sherry at ease (she gets a little up tight). He walked out to the car with a note pad and asked how she wanted her hamburger.  We all got a good laugh

Asking questions checking blood pressure and temp he said she had no solid signs of COVID, they did a test for strep and it was negative. We do not expect she will be positive, but she will feel better.

Things are moving right along. Life itself is good.




yaya said...

I'm a magazineaholic...I used to get a lot from Jack's office but with Covid you can't have them in the waiting room any more so he doesn't have subscriptions now. I get a couple in the mail and love it when they arrive. I stop at the magazine counter and peruse to see if anything grabs me. Usually it's the price! I could buy a book for the price on the magazine so the book usually wins out! I'm glad Sherry got tested just to be sure. You two should be on the list for getting the vaccine with your age. Unless you've decided not to get it. In any case, I hope she's feeling better soon and tests negative. Stay warm...it's been in the 20's here and we got about 8in. of snow the other day. I think you'll like where you are now!

Candy said...

I hope you took Sherry out for a burger afterwards 😉 Keep us up to date on hertest results, fingers crossed for a good result, I'm sure its probably all the stress & weather changes Love you two!

Mevely317 said...

I wish I might send you some of my Yogi Throat Comfort tea, Sherry! How well I know the 'what-if' feeling in this season of uncertainty. Praying for good lab results.
Yes Jack, these photos bring back so many memories. My dad used to subscribe to both Time and Newsweek ... we lined the bottom of the canary's cage with the pages. As a matter of fact, I've still a coffee-table book, "The Best of Life" (magazine) that belonged to my father.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Will definitely be praying for good lab results and hope Sherry is feeling better. The stress over all that's been going on probably didn't help things, But assuredly things will be good there for you. Hang in there and keep healthy. Things will get better!

Woody said...

Keeping Sherry still in our Prayers and also you Jack !!!! The loss of Family is tough, having lost my sister and 2 older brothers it still hurts ! I always enjoyed the Photographs on magazines and in school I remember the Principal used scissors to cut out any "revealing" photos in National Graphic, LoL !!! Take care an Stay Warm !! Love, Gary an Anna Mae !!!

Dar said...

It's always so hard to say ' relax ' when it comes to family funerals...I'm sure Sherry is feeling the stress of it all. soon she will rest easier. Prayers for favorable results with the covid test. One of the boys family had to be tested numerous times depending on where they had to be...no fun. Bill and I just returned from getting the first of our Moderna covid vaccines. Even tho it's not effective until after the 2nd shot, we both felt a sigh of relief. I'm a magazine fanatic when it comes to gardening and home improvements. It gives me something interesting (to me), to read all winter.
loven'hugs from up north where we are in for up to another 7-8 inches of snow, then a week of bitter cold again. So it goes where we choose to live. Throwing in firewood today was downright refreshing.