Saturday, February 6, 2021


 Autos of beauty

This Cupell was born the same year as my mama 1905. It was super powerful, 8 horse power. Probably your lawn mower has more horse power.

NOTE of GRATITUDE:    We appreciate all the sweet condolences to my girl. She thanks you all, be blessed yourselves.

So for today:

Any family is fortunate when small feuds and an under tow of ‘words’ do not separate members. It is a wonderful thing when families are considered ‘forever’ and those little spats do not become fences and are never mended.

Something that MUST be considered for peace in a family are marriages.  If you don’t ‘care for’ your brother or sister’s choice of mates it is BEST you bury that feeling deep. That choice hopefully made your sibling VERY HAPPY and someone on the outside looking should NOT do anything to SPOIL that happiness.  Marriages are important and need all the ‘encouragements’ they can get to be long term, happy and successful. NO ONE SHOULD BE A MARRIAGE SPOILER.

I had a good friend (?) who told Sherry that if she married me my parents would not like it.  That friend did not KNOW Sherry; she went to the source and called my mama and asked her what she thought of the marriage. Mama told her it would be a good marriage and they would love her as always. Their love for Sherry was always obvious.

No one knows the future but in the end, Sherry became the BEST caregiver ever to my Mama. Mama was bed-fast and a double amputee, completely dependent in the end. Sherry treated my mama like a sweet baby until she passed a year or so later.

(When mama was moved around she went in style, we all laughed about it, we were in the back of an old Studebaker Truck from Jim's Studebaker collection. We were the Beverly Hill Billies.)

My mama was always self-sufficient. In her case the dementia was a blessing. If she had known how dependent she was, it would have driven her mad.  Some morning’s mama would tell me (from her bed). “Jackie, I fixed your breakfast, it is on the table.”

(Mama in the bed)

If you are smart you will not correct a demented mind, you are NOT going to fix it. ;-O.

It embarrassed mama when I would clean her. I would try to joke and say something like, this is pay back, you had to clean me many times. My mama’s words toward the end were, “You never know what things will come to!”

Families should TRY to stick together.


PS: OUCH to all those weather reports in the comments from the frozen North. -13, -40 chill factor, 2' & 1' of snow.  That is scary for us down here. LOL



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree marriages are precious and should be encouraged. Nothing more precious than a loving family. I like to think I've got one. So far anyway, I can only hope they always remain close. I always like to think that a family who prays together stays together.

Mevely317 said...

As ever, yours are WISE words!
Wish I could slip this anonymously to Tom's son and daughter -- they've barely spoken in years due to their mutual dislike of their choice in spouses. Even tho' Tom and I agree about his son's choice, Tommy seems very happy. And it's easier being 1,000+ miles away.

It's still wet and chilly here. I kept hoping for snow, but no go.
Have a super day!

Chatty Crone said...

You are right - we make mistakes in the family - but we always have to stick together and love!

Dar said...

Family is so important in my book. We are supposed always love cuz God said so. We don't always have to agree or like other's choices, but we do have to still hold onto the love for our families. I love your mama. I've never met or knew her, but I love her. She sure loved you and Sherry for loving her back. We laughed a lot in our family, even when one of us slipped up. We always tried to find at least one good thing in the day. As I was growing up in a houseful of siblings, Mom always had fresh baked bread on the table, Daddy provided the meat, and our thankful prayers were always said. Family really is made of love, forgiveness and understanding. Loved this reminder, Jack. Thank You
loven'hugs from up north where, Yes, today is wicked cold, waking to minus-26, wind still blowing in the minus 40's. Soon this Polar Vortex will be over.