Sunday, February 14, 2021

The Under Dog

 Memorable Vehicles from The Past:

 The 1937 Ford House CAr

For today:

Much of my blogging subjects comes from Sherry & my fun time together. That is the time that we take just after a meal just to sit and talk.

You may not remember Charles Atlas, but most boys my age remember it very clearly. Any little skinny boy who met a bully remembered that last age in the comic book. There he remembered this ad or many variations of it:

You are gullible enough to think one 3 cent stamp will get you the body and muscles to ‘stomp’ the bully.  Yep I sent off for this thing two or three times. But what I received each time was instructions and more ‘challenging promises’ but send in some money in the end. So I remained the skinny kid. LOL

The song ‘Short people Got No Reason to Live’ coulda been ‘Skinny Boys got No Reason to Live. LOL

I pull for the underdog and try to understand the people who are the subject of over powering people.

I know people who maybe weren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, took some ‘junk, as they grew up, BUT with sheer doggedness they climbed the ladder to success. Many surpassed some of the people who made fun of them.

A funny ‘get even’ thing I remember from the USMC. I must have told this before, but it bears repeating. For many years the military paid in cash. Twice a month a half day was dedicated to getting paid. The troops lined up in alphabetical order to get paid. You were shown your pay on the books and signed for it. Then the cash was counted twice before handed to you.

The dispersing officer paid us in the barracks. That is Pvt. Barney J Randolph taking his pay and me signing for mine. This happened to be an official USMC picture.

Our new commander arrived. We had a battalion formation for him to address us and tell what his policies were and what he expected.

“I am Colonel Zachery, that is with a Z. I have stood at the rear of the line with Thomas’s, Wilsons, and Yanceys. BUT now that I am in charge, This battalion will line up alphabetically backwards. You Adams, Belks, and Cannons will know what it is like to be at the end of every line. I am gonna enjoy this assignment. Yes, you can smile, Now.... Dismissed!

I have always thought that was unique.




Chatty Crone said...

Happy Valentine's Day!


Great story. I think a solider or two may have learned a valuable lesson. Hope you and Sherry had a wonderful day. Happy Valentines Day.

Glenda said...

This is most likely the best blog commentary I've ever read ( Move over Sean Dietrich - You've been beaten). Perhaps because of our history, I'm prejudiced, but this is the most informative, delightful reading ever. (As you know, I'm a reader) When a gurl wakes up at 3:00 a.m. and heads to the Shipslog, ya gotta be flattered. Those photos are precious; your lady Sherry is amazing and I so love that you and your family are a part of my life. Hugs from Chobee.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

On my first job,, I learned how to do payroll in cash. It was no mall matter to figure out just the right amount and change to pay each what what was due them. I learned the ropes and never came up short. Hard to believe now giving someone cash in their pay. Most get direct payments to their bank accounts now. The underdogs can pull themselves up if they want to but it does take some effort. Take care and keep save. Love from snowy Ohio!

yaya said...

I used to work at Kresge department store when I was 16. It was a division of K-Mart. They paid in cash. The store was located in a big outdoor mall. Right down the sidewalk was my favorite clothing store for teens. I spent most of my cash there! Mom took me aside one day and said that practice had to end. I needed to put money in savings also. So I did and thanks to Mom's rule I was able to buy my first car when I was 19...a 1972 Chevy SS Malibu brand new and drove that beauty for 10 years. Love your photo and I also knew lots of kids who weren't the smartest in the class but turned out to be a huge success in life. Never underestimate the power of "true grit"! Happy Valentine's Day to you and Sherry!

Mevely317 said...

Of course I HAD to share this one with Tom!
Yes, he remembers being paid cash while in the military. Not so, lining up alphabetically. My maiden name 'Willer', I really enjoyed Colonel Zachary's logic. :)

Being the smallest kid in school, Tom also remembers the Charles Atlas ads. I don't think 'bullying' was a recognized thing back then, but it probably existed. Suppose kids just sucked it up and became tougher because of it? (Things that make you go hmmmmm...)

Woody said...

With the Last name W, *Wood I was always near the end of the Line with Watson, Williams, Ward, Wojakowski, Wienstine, In school, military and Police Assignments ! Just a way of life. I did send away for my Charles Atlas book for $ 5 cents, got it and threw it aside as I was on a Farm, all I needed was courage, I was big enough and strong enough, just lacked the Cowardly Lions courage but i did find it at 6 feet, 2 inches and 195 pounds!!!!
Hope it warms up, did here, it's up in the high 20's ! sending down warm wishs and love, Gary an Anna Mae