Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Inheritance and homes

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


1932 Ford Roadster. Me and 'Bonnie and Clyde' liked the 30's engines and cars. LOL

Bulletin & update: I am doing fine. I am on an anti-biotic and only MINOR discomfort in my chin area. BUT DO NOT TELL SHERRY! Imma milk this for at least two months. I cannot wash dishes for a long time. LOL I am going to take a page from my sister Kat’s book. After a miscarriage the Dr. told Kat not to vacuum during her next pregnancy. She NEVER vacummed again her hubby did. LOL

For today:

At breakfast she said, “You know we never had a bathtub, nor owned a home when I was growing up, we just moved from one mill house to the other. The only things my family owned then was some furniture and stoves used in the house. None of the 7 kids expected nor thought of an inheritance.”

Sherry's sister Lennie and Elmer dating on the mill house front porch. I got a lot of sugar on that front porch myself!!

That is my sweetheart in Colette's arms beside the same mill house.

Then, I got to thinking, mama and daddy started off share cropping in North Georgia. Then lived in tents during the depression. Later moving to the North Carolina ‘cotton mills’ (and mill houses) for work in the 1930s. Once dad ‘felt the call to preach’ he built a church and parsonage. When I was born we lived in church owned properties until I left home at 16-17.

So neither of our families owned homes until near retirement; then both of our parents owned  small retirement homes.


My dad in front of the 2BR cottage. He was proud of the yard decorations his son Jr. had made.

The difference in our youth was Sherry moved within the town of Belmont and I lived within the state of North Carolina. WE both were raised in homes owned by someone else.

Then when we got married we lived in a 26 ft. trailer owned and rented out by the government. Sherry thought that little trailer was heaven, it had a bathtub. None of the houses she lived in had bath tubs.

ME? Shucks I lived in high cotton. We had a bath tub and indoor plumbing after I was 10 years old. LOL

I'll tell you one thing, there wasn't a lot of water on mama's kitchen floor!!!

Did you ever take a bath in a #2 tin tub?  As I remember it was parents first, then girls and lastly the dirty boys on Saturday. LOL




Chatty Crone said...

I am glad you are feeling better - boy that was a bad bite.

You come from great stock!

Lisa said...

Glad your feeling better. I have been worried about you.
I remember us having a large galvanized tub outside. This is where we washed the dog.
On hot summer days, we would fill it up and jump into it to cool off.
We always had a tub in the house but I do remember having to share bath time with my sister and little brother.

To work I go

Mevely317 said...

Now that you mention it ...
My homes have always had bathtubs. Funny, those things we take for granted. That said, I can't remember the last time I took a bath (v. shower).

Love these images -- especially Lennie and Elmer. The first things that crossed my mind, I wish people still dressed that way!

yaya said...

I didn't get a chance to comment on the previous post. That bite looked nasty but I'm glad you're taking care of yourself and also taking it, rest, rest! (Ha! I know you'll do as much as before..except maybe dishes!) I hope that lady realizes that dog is too much for her to handle. Let's hope he doesn't go after a child. Growing up I was blessed to live in the house Dad built. 3 bedrooms and one bath that housed 6 kids and my Grandparents for a bit. We had a house fire when I was 10 and rebuilding brought one more bedroom and bath. Having 2 baths was heaven! Mom lived in that house until she passed last year. 69 years! My sister inherited the house per Mom's wishes since my sister took care of Mom for 15yrs. We all agreed because none of us lived in Illinois and that way the house would stay in the family a little longer. I know you've provided your sweetheart with homes and bathtubs galore as time went on! Take care!

Dar said...

I do love your old pictures of memorable times past. Very cool. I remember too, the 9 of us kids lining up, also girls first, dirty boys last, to take turns in the galvanized tub. Mom still has her tub but now she uses it douse chickens for butchering. Funny, the memories you kindle. I was out of the loop for a while.......I understand you had a mishap...hope all's well again.
loven'hugs from up north where we FINALLY had an entire day above zero...we had 16 straight days of very frigid-air....all the way down to minus -42, actual temperature. Yep, it was a cold run. Take care Jack! Were you after more hugs n' kisses from sweet Sherry ?

boromax said...

Yep. I was the youngest of five kids. Every Saturday night, #2 tub in the kitchen, water heated on the big iron stove, taking turns bathing... by the time I got in the water was not especially clean and also not particularly warm anymore! LOL.

My dad and mom bought their first house in 1968, when I was about 13. It was the only 'real' house they ever owned. After that they owned a 'trailer' aka single-wide mobile home.