Thursday, February 11, 2021

Those Old photos, some fade.

  Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


TT's (Tarryterre) car yesterday; MA's parked just behind her

For today:

WE dropped by Mary’s house (She is Stella’s other great grandma) to drop off a BD card for Stella’s 9th BD. GGrandma wasn’t feeling great (reaction from the Covid shot). But she said she was feeling better even had time for her and Stella to bake a BD cake.

“Stella, show them the cake!”  Says GGrandma.

Stalla ran into the house, I was expecting her to bring the cake out for some reason. BUT here she came with her cell phone. Scanning until she found a ‘picture of the cake’.  It was beautiful multicolored, near modern art. But the point was, pictures are now stored by the thousands on our cell phones now.

The old B/W pictures we have, seldom fade, but this one  in color I ran across I could barely make out the subjects. I knew 2 of them. I could not locate the where. I could tell it was not in the USA, but nothing says where it was.

 I know the left is Malinowski (Ski) and the second is Achor from the USS Independence.

Black & whites held up well over the years.

 Below is Sherry's mama and daddy in circa 1952 

Jr and mama about 1942
Granny Loyd 1936
Below is my mama and daddy in 1924

I still use a camera. Mainly because I do not know how to ‘selectively’ move a certain picture without sending it as an e-mail to myself.

 I get a little put-out mentally when I see the thousands of paper pictures from very small snapshots to framed larger ones. I am wondering if anyone will ever want them?

I know I have 50 albums or more along with hundreds of loose ones. Mama had 2 photo albums (black pages) and a shoe box full. Most of the people only Sherry & I know.



PS: Friend Don was telling me of seeing large professionally shot pictures of parents on the side of the road for the trash. His neighbors had passed away and the kids were cleaning out the house to sell.


Glenda said...

As always, your family pics are great and the commentary, ditto. I so enjoy the family history of the Harris family and the Darnells. Hopefully, Jack, Jr, and Mark can archive the Shipslog so those younguns can enjoy glimpses of the life you and Sherry have lived. Just a thought, hugs from Chobee, Glenda

Unknown said...

How rude those kids throwing the pictures of their parents in the trash. No respect. Loved the old pics. We all have them don't we? People looked so much older than their age back then. You and Sherry have a happy Valentine's Day.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Like you, I have a lot of old pictures and yes some are fading. It's so nice to have pictures stored on phones and computers now. They'll probably last forever ! We need to take lots of them to share with loved ones, One thing about all pictures, they always show happy times and are good for us to remember.

Frank Malanowski said...

Hi Jack! I don't remember when this was taken but it must have been in Athens in 1968. The sign over the door on the right is in Greek alphabet.

Chatty Crone said...

I like to see family photos - most in black and white are so serious - but they had smiles!

Woody said...

I have Boxes of Pictures from the 1800's to today, Not anyone really wants the Old Wood Family Photos or History ! Sad, We have photos of long gone Family members going back Generations ! Sad ! Just sitting relaxing after the 2nd Covid Shot !

Mevely317 said...

You're right! I never thought about (why) my treasure trove of black-and-white photos remain so perfectly preserved, while some from the 70's and 80's look like they've been through the washing machine. And YES to some of my parents itty-bitty, teenie-weenie photos (ca. 1930's). Why? All the same, they're precious. Nice to know y'all feel the same way.

yaya said...

Jack and I frequently have this conversation. I'm trying to get pics together and take them to a place here in Ashland that will make them into a DVD although DVD's are going by the wayside too I guess. I know nobody will want all the pics we have. My #3 son, Phil, was working for a window place years ago and went to put in new windows and was shocked to see a dumpster with photos in it. He couldn't believe someone's life was just dumped! However, I'm sure when it comes to our stuff it will be dumped too but that's OK. I have my memories and if you don't know the folks in the pic what good is it? That's why I'm on a quest to get the ones the kids do want put in a form that will be good for them to keep.

Dar said...

We have so many photo albums that most of the kids and grandloves, love to look thru. I'm pleased that they do have a curiosity of who's in the photos. Furthermore, I love that some of them actually do want to keep them. It's been a chore, but there's a box for each one of every family member. What I don't like about today, those I take on my Point and Shoot Digital Camera have to be printed by me if I don't get to a place that makes them. Furthermore, they too, eventually do fade. I would so much rather look thru pictures I can hold in my hands rather than search for them in my files. So goes in my technical world. I cannot imagine dumping any I have. Sad. You and Sherry sure look like your parents........see, things like that. It's important to see our resemblances and where we come from.
loven'hugs from up north where our low this weekend is supposed to reach extreme cold of minus -40........we're staying in :/

Sheila Y said...

I spent a lot of time going through everything at mama’s to collect all the pictures. She had a couple of boxes full, albums too. I had to take frames apart because she would put pictures over other pictures. Check through all the books because she sometimes stuffed a picture in there. Plus others here and there in a drawer. I plan to scan them all and put them on a CD for all the siblings. I have a large one of her grandmother’s parents that I will probably have to take somewhere to get scanned. It makes me sad to see old pictures in a flea market or such, knowing they are somebody’s family. Hope you are not too cold up there. Happy Valentines Day to you and Sherry! Sending love from Florida, Sheila