Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Wooden you know! Nature’s beauty

Autos of beauty

Wooden car

So for today:

I felt good this morning, Temps in the 50’s just a little muddy in the picnic area, but I started a good fire. I have been playing at splitting firewood. Dar, who knows a LOT about splitting asked what kind I was splitting.

So I have split dogwood, oak and poplar. It all splits easy if there are no KNOTs or limb arms. It is a good exercise and not too demanding.  If the splitter gets stuck I use the sledge to urge the split. Today it was easy, mostly poplar from last year’s dead fall.

I love being outside playing, I think it is good for me. I just wanted to show you what I discovered on my 5th split. I spotted a ‘green’ heart.

This small section split into three good fire logs. The sun hit these colors and they just jumped out at me. The pictures are the same log I was just trying to get the clearest one for the color.

 The closer I looked I was amazed at the detail I was seeing.

Some areas looked like modern art expressions.


When painting or drawing in school, I loved outlining in black for emphasis.  Here Nature has outlined some colors in black. 


Do yo9u see a lizard likeness lying just below the green?

Anyway I just wanted you to see it. In pictures of course there is not the impact at holding and looking at nature’s art.


(This is a cross section to show all the different colors, try to picture all these pieces are almost flat.)

Since a child, the woods and nature have called me. I love it’s song and stories.



Chatty Crone said...

I never will look at a log or wood the same way again!

Glenda said...

Your photos have amazing clarity, just fascinating! I've split wood before back in the day...don't recall ever seeing patterns that distinct. Wonderful that you're doing well healthwise, Hugs to all y'all from Chobee

yaya said...

We heat with wood and with Jack recouping I've done my fair share of wood splitting this year! I also have noticed the beauty that lies deep in the wood as well as the beauty of the heat we get from it! I love our wood splitter but the boys have been here to help lift those logs! I would love a 50de day and hopefully will see one perhaps in March...please Mother Nature??

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

A 50 degree day sounds wonderful and I agree nature is amazing. Hopefully soon we'll be out of the deep freeze here. Right now it is 23 degrees here, but thankfully the sun is shinning.

Mevely317 said...

Yesssss, I see the lizard! That's so neat!
You're right about the modern art look. I can visualize those photos enlarged and hanging on the walls of some upscale medical clinic or law firm!

Woody said...

As a boy I helped Dad put in 20 cord of wood, we cut, split and stacked it, some firewood we bought and we also Burned Coal, Dad would buy several Tons a winter. Our Kalamazoo Furnace burned both Coal and Wood ! In School in the 50's we burned wood in a round Oak stove in the Center of the school ! I like listening to Cedar burn as it snaps and Crackles !

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Wood is beautiful! I like the variety of textures and subtle colors. That green is most unusual. Keep on splittin'!!