Tuesday, February 16, 2021

The day started off great BUT THEN… The Emergency Room.

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So For Today:

Yep the day started off great. We had breakfast together. I messed with the computer some then went down to see the cats and talk to them some.

I noticed some trash bagged to go out. So out the door to the trash can. WHOOPS, today is the day to roll out the trash. So I started to the road..

Ahead of me I saw a ‘waving’ neighbor’ walking her Pit Bull. The bull is about 85 lbs and pulls the lady around.  As she got close and started to speak when the danged dog lunged for my throat pulling lady but only caught my chin and the edge of my throat. I pushed him away; then he latched onto my wrist. He turned loose to reach for a better hold thank goodness the lady had her footing and dragged him back a few inches just as those jaws snapped.

I was in shock. All that lasted less than 10-15 seconds probably. I looked down at my wrist and said, “OH SHIT!”

I grabbed some paper towels coming thru the basement, and they were soaked by the time Sherry saw me.

Anyway, the blood had stopped and Sherry was getting ready to take me to the hospital. I went next door to Tell neighbor Richard about the dog, because he walks that way often.

At that time the lady of the dog, walked up apologizing. I just waved her off and tried to talk but I was still sorta in shock. Richard had the presence of mind to ask about the dogs shots, she assured us they were up to date. He told her Animal Control would contact them automatically.

I was settling down a little on the short ride. I felt the small cuts on my chin and throat and it hit me how close I came to actually dying. If that dog had got my throat I would have been gone. On my throat the cut where the teeth brushed appeared to be done with a razor blade. That is some sharp teeth.

After 6 hours in Emergency, and a visit from Animal Control, I left with only a suture in my chin and one on each end of the 1¼” jagged cut. They did not sew it up ‘because it needed to drain, it was DEEP.’ The other 4 punctures were left alone.

The only time it really HURT was when the nurse cleaned it. That was a BIG OUCH!  LOL

Funny thing isn’t it, A few seconds just walking to put the trash out, can CHANGE your day. But in the end I am alive and feeling good.



PS: Even a dog on a leash can be dangerous……



Lisa said...

Oh Jack! This has me so upset. I am so glad its no worst than this. Everyone thinks their dogs will not bite. But they will!!! Those bites looks so painful! We worry about this happening while we are on our walks.

Prayers for your pain.

Mevely317 said...

Oh Jack, I'm stunned and saddened. What a close call! So I'm thinking, between the snake bite and THIS, Sherry's 'cool hand Luke' poise may be wearing thin? (HUGS, girl!).

Remembering the days I spent in the hospital following a dog bite, PLEASE be super careful that doesn't become infected?!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank goodness you are ok, it could have been worse. With a dog like that you'd think twice about waving at your neighbors. She shouldn't have been walking the dog if she couldn't control him. So glad you are ok. Take care and be careful. Love from the frozen north.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh that is HORRIBLE! I am so sorry. That lady has NO BUSINESS having a dog like that. Are they going to have to get rid of him? I hope you heal fast and stop hurting. God is not done with you yet. That was close.


I am so worried about you. saying prayers. what a terrible thing to happen. that dog should be put down. its dangerous. and could maime someone else. when i was young i was walking my beagle pup when a vicious dog attacked us. it was a shock and the terror has stayed with me. so when i heard your story i was just shaken to the core. you stay inside and away from that monster. i hope the wounds heal without further threatening your health. take care dear blog friend. take care.

Woody said...

I am Shocked but totally not Surprised, Pit Bulls are Tempermental, I know from working with K9"s that there are some dogs you need to watch ! I have a few nasty Bite Scars and so some other Officers working Training K(;s.
I am glad you were "Blessed" not to have suffered anything worse than what you were inflicted, Keep an Eye on those wounds, Take 2 Aspirin and Go lay down in your Rack !
I am sure your Honey will be watching you and taking loving care of you, sending down Healing Prayers and Love, Gary an Anna Mae

~mel said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! Jack!!!!! I'm so happy you survived this... could have gone terribly wrong. I just can't understand why people think those dogs are OKAY to have. There have been so many times when you hear of these kind of accounts. So sad. You're in my prayers ... and Sherry is too.

Candy said...

Had me in tears... So glad youre ok! Please stay away from them cats until youre healed, feed them of course but no contact ok? Please squeeze Sherry for me. If I'm this shook just reading this I cant imagine how shook the two of you were Love you 💜

boromax said...

I don't trust myself to say anything about that "lady" and her dog. I am so glad you are (relatively) okay. I am a dog-lover, and these kinds of incidents chap my hide.

Rock on, Bro!!!