Monday, February 1, 2021

Arrangements, mail and weather

 Autos of beauty

This SSC Tuatura (I had never heard of it)  was clocked at 287 MPH , that scares me... (It is made to chase the shuttle when it lands me thinks.)

So for today:

Normally we are still in Florida. Strange how life operates, although a lot of our communications are on the phone and e-mails, our lives still require snail-mail.

WE have three addresses, yep it can be fun. For the majority of our mail we uses a mail service in Florida.  When we depart for the winter or a long period of travel I put in a request for the mail sent to this house in NC to be forwarded to our mail service in Florida.

 Sherry called for our mail today, it normally would be delivered here. BUT, METHINKS. HEY, when the mail service sends our mail to us here, the mail forwarding service will send it right back to our mail service.  I did think of it before it happened and Sherry called and had them send it General Delivery, now I can go pick it up at the Post Office.

To us the weather is cold here. But for this Russian on the ice, it would be balmy. He could be from New York or Wisconsin too, me thinks. LOL



WE now have arrangements for Brother Johnny.  His ashes will be buried in our local cemetery on Friday.

I am working on a display board for some photos of him over his life. This will be only a graveside service and probably a small # of people due to this Covid.  I will post a picture of the board here once I get it finished.

I did like this picture:

                        Johnny and Sherry

Sherry likes pictures set square and in some order. She will be placing them.  We are different in that respect since I cannot keep pictures level and even, I like to sorta throw them up in no order so the angles and uneven design will be obvious it was meant to be that way. LOL   

Something like someone said about all those cushions and pillows on beds and couches to have an unorderly order. LOL Anyway something like that.  However, if I make a mistake I want it to appear intentional LOL.



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You and Sherry work so well together. What one can not do, the other can. I'm sure it'll be a lovely display. Glad Johnny will finally be put to rest. Sorry for your loss, but you do have some wonderful memories. Hope your mail catches up with you. Moving around like you do. It could get a bit confusing. Our mail has been late here. Taking weeks to be delivered. Some are still getting Christmas cards.

Mevely317 said...

Oh no! Who'd have thunk about snail mail at a time like this!
That's sure a precious photo of Sherry and Johnny. Reminds me of Huck Finn and Becky. (Or, was that Tom Sawyer?)

I did a big display board for my mother's funeral service, too, and regret not having taken a picture of it. Along with photos, I used long pins to affix one of her lace gloves, one of her baby shoes, etc.

However yours is presented, I'm sure it will be beautiful.

Mevely317 said...

OK, I actually screamed when, in that video, he went into the water. And that poor dog sounds so distressed. I'm thinking the pup has more sense than his master. 😜

Chatty Crone said...

That was an adorable photo of Sherry and her brother - no matter how they are on the board it will be wonderful.
That skater looks cold!
The car fast!

Dar said...

I'm so glad things are finally pulling together for Johnny's funeral. The two of you and Johnny's family will sigh knowing he's at rest. As for snail mail, ours has been a couple weeks late what's with that.? The delays have been happening since the election, good grief. Timely mail becomes late mail.
That car scares me......wowza!!! so fast. If only the mail were as efficient.
lol Good thing the skater is good on his feet, it his wet body were to hit the ice had he fallen, he would stick to it. ouch. Now that's intense training for hockey, I'd say.
loven'hugs from up north where our granddaughter's high school hockey team is now in the play-offs, # 1 team so far. So proud. Go Ryele, Go!!!

Woody said...

Nice Picture of Sherry and her Brother, Pictures are important, they not only capture a moment, they preserve it !! I love pictures, I favor the Old ones of family of which I have a lot and glad I do !
Just watching it finish up dropping 8 inches of snow, more tomorrow !! Take Care down there and stay warm, sending down love from the Snowy North, Gary an Anna Mae !