Saturday, February 13, 2021

TIME and the sea.


TIME and the sea.

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


For today:

 With this COVID problem Sherry and I have enjoyed our talks together

Today in our discussion again I commented on her cup. She likes the cup from Cuba. Then I glanced to my right and saw the lamp we made with sea glass. I have talked about the beach in GITMO that was covered with beach glass. It has been accumulating since the early 1900s.

The beach is just below a club at the top of a 40 foot cliff. Beer and wine bottles have   been thrown off that cliff since about 1908. It is amazing how time, sand and small waves will wear a tough material like glass.

Time will wear a tough guy or gal also. I remember seeing a later picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger, age chewed that man up some.  I am trying to forget what it is doing to me LOL

Speaking of time, we must go back in time, we still have a ‘pouting doll’ on a bed.

 Of course we have a few things around the house referencing the sea also, other than sea glass.  I love these white sharks hovering around a rock.


Another of my favorites is this ‘Old Man of the Sea.’ 

And a father's day gift from a couple years back from Jack Jr.

When you are sorta tied in, you notice more STUFF!

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PS: Speaking of water, What about a croc or alligator for dinner. This is one tough Cook!


Woody said...

I like looking for Sea Glass, It is pretty, we have a collection of it ! I think most former Sailors have a Picture, Statue or relic of "The Sea", I have a couple Sailors and the Old Man of the Sea wooden statue. We are sitting tight, I just had my second Covid Shot. Hoping you 2 are "High and Dry" as I hear you are getting wind and Rain ! Sending Down love and Cares, Gary an Anna Mae


I LOVE sea glass. it's beautiful, indeed. HAPPY Valentines Day to you and Sherry. ENJOY!

NanaDiana said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweet Sherry. I love sea is hard to find it anymore. We have a few sailing things around from our boating days. Hugs- Diana

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes when we are pretty much inside our homes every day, we do notice more. You have a collection of beautiful things that have meaning in your life. We should always have some beautiful things around us to look at. Most of all you have each other. Happy Vaalentine's Day !

Mevely317 said...

Cool post! Funny how some inanimate objects hold an enormous amount of memories. Ordinary, perhaps, to others ... but priceless to those who remember. To tell you the truth, I'd heard of sea glass, but never knew what it was/is. I'm loving the pouting doll. Is there a story I've missed?

Dar said...

We've found many pieces of sea/lake glass from Lake Superior and Michigan., formed the same way. It's pretty cool. The Old Man of the Sea carving looks very much like you, Jack. Now, the video cook, WOW, the cook is made of some strong stuff....gotta keep the pups fed.~~~lol
love n' hugs on this frigid cold Valentine's Day. Buttercup Squash is baking in the oven, chicken too.

Susan Kane said...

Sea glass is so beautiful! For Christmas, I gave one gr-daughter a bracelet made of the glass and it was a hit.

yaya said...

That video was like watching a bad accident..hate to look but can't not look. Seriously. What's with the cat in the basket? My first thought was she was going to feed the cat to the croc. Anyway, I guess she lives alone with her dogs and cats and take out is what's for dinner. I hear it tastes like chicken. Happy Valentine's Day!