Sunday, February 7, 2021

ME ‘n Sympathy

 Autos of beauty

This 1955 Chevrolet was new when I first dated Sherry! (and got the first kiss from her)

So for today:

Today has been a good day. I woke up with a sore throat and as I remember my mama saying on occasion, “I feel so unnecessary.”  LOL

But I knew if I played it right, I could get all kinds of sympathy. LOL AND I DID. Even my sweetheart who didn’t feel well herself forgot herself and sympathized with me.

The funny (strange) thing is my hearing reverted back to how SOUNDS were treated just after the Cochlear implants.  Some of you will remember just after the implant surgery healed and Dr. Raper energized one. She smiled upon seeing my expression when I heard her first words. She said, “I sound kinda like a duck, don’t I?” and she did.

True to her word over the period of the next months I forgot that sound and my brain made a little change and either changed the sounds or the processing. Gradually the mechanical sounds became ‘normal for me’ and I seldom reverted back to the mechanical or comic sounds. Well today, the duck sounds were back.

Singing is only squeals. I never was a real fan of music although I loved to hear it, I never attended ‘all night singings or concerts.’  They were never my ‘thing.’  Now kissing and smooching to the love songs of the 50’s that was different i.e. Deano singing ‘Memories are made of This,’ on a date with Sherry. I can still listen to some singing, but it cannot be in the a lot of high notes or a shrill voice.

I’m smiling now, Sherry and I have had some great conversations lately. Yesterday we were talking, and realized that kissing hasn’t been popular around here lately. Both of us THINKING too much and having some small symptoms of colds. Etc.

 I don’t remember thinking of it, but Sherry was the second girl I ever kissed. I musta lived under a rock I was 14-15 before I kissed a girl. Margaret, here in Belmont was the first.

But, oh boy, once Sherry taught me to kiss, we have been known as the kissing couple. LOL ;-)

(In New Orleans the boys said Sherry embarrassed them!) ;-O

She laughed reading her e-mail from Jack Jr. She had told him I had a sore throat and would not be a church. His E-mail back to her, “You shouldn’t have let him kiss you! LOL!”


PS: Most of the sympathy stuff is tongue in cheek.  But she does baby me. ;-).


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope both your sore throats go away soon and don't develop into any thing else. I think our throats and our ears are connected and that may affect your hearing. But thank goodness you can hear now. What a blessing. Sip the tea with honey and have some old fashion chicken soup. It will soon fix you up!

Dar said...

Exactly like 'MA' said...chicken soup and honey tea. A squirt of lemon helps too. We've had the same thing up north too, with our throats...but here, it's this bitter cold weather. Kissing has been by the wayside here too, but soon it'll be back to our normal. We woke to minus -28 this morning. Even the birds have their feathers all puffed up around them like we add an extra warm blanket. I agree also, about the throat and ear connection. Our having the slightest cold changes things. Hang in there.
loven'hugs from up north where thank God, the sun is shining...making the bitterness of the air more tolerable. Feel better.

Mevely317 said...

Your JJ cracks me up!
No matter HOW old I become, a dose of sympathy always feels good when I don't. Something's going around, for sure. Even today's Bible study was put off another week because several ladies reported being down and out. Hope you're both feeling like crispy critters again soon! ❤

Lisa said...

We all need a little sympathy sometimes. Sounds like you and Sherry have a lot of making up to do.
Hope you both feel better.

From gtown