Thursday, February 4, 2021


Autos of beauty

This beautiful '51 Ford belongs to a brother of the  Blogger Lisa ('away from the office chair'

So for today:

We never stop learning.

I have learned a little over the years, some things I learned too late. If you need to tell or ask someone something, DO NOT put it off. Because as Myra put in her Blog lately, someone can leave home in the morning and the next time you see them they may be in the morgue or taking their last breath in an ICU.

I am sure no one will ever learn everything they want to know about their siblings or parents. After all there was a lot of living by your parents before you came along. LOL

When I started this I was remembering being under the house ‘inventing’ a ‘flash light.’  I had to ruin a perfectly good flashlight to make one, ;-O but in the process I learned how it worked. I reinvented it with tape and a copper wire. To a 6 year old that was amazing.  Daddy didn’t think so. LOL

During one of our separations, while in the military, a friend taught me to do ceramics. The process was interesting. I was amazed at what goes into just a cup. I also made Large Bowl and Pitcher.  WE still have it. I learned when painting ceramics the colors are not the same after firing.

Anyway, there is a lot left to learn in this old world, so you must keep on  trying.

Oh yes, if you did not seen my note. My girl passed her Covid test and she DIDN'T EVEN STUDY FOR IT.  ;-)

Grandson Matt sent over a couple gallons of pecans last week. I got around to cracking them today, mostly halves came out. NICE.

I also finished the Funeral Board for Johnny.


(click to enlarge)

Service will be a short graveside. Our pastor will say a few words and Son Jack will sing a cappella, Will the Circle Be Unbroken (Unless he changes his mind. I had thought maybe he would do ‘My anchor Holds’) but just him singing will be good. This has been a strain on my girl, it being her last sibling. She and her niece Brenda shared the planning. They have learned a LOT!




Lisa said...

I been thinking about yall and especially Sherry. Bless her heart.


Chatty Crone said...

The service will be filled with love.

boromax said...

Prayers for Sherry and you, Jack. These things are not easy. A couple of years ago my niece asked me to sing at my older sister's funeral. I sang "Peace in the Valley," but by the time I got to the first chorus, I asked the people to sing with me because I could not keep going in a clear voice by myself.


Mevely317 said...

I didn't realize JJ was a singer ... I so love that song. Bittersweet, but like Sandie's written, today will be filled with love. You done good on Johnny's board. I especially like your words/captions. Love y'all!

Dar said...

Our prayers continue for Johnny's family, Sherry and your families. Loosing so many of my family makes my heart gentler. I used to be a bitter ol' hag. You did a perfect job on the Johnny board. Very nice tribute. Yes, there will be a lot of love. Jack's choice of song is also so fitting. Dad wanted us girls to sing How Great Thou Art at his funeral. It was one of the hardest, proudest things we'd ever done. We never do stop learning...every day is filled with more knowledge.
loven'hugs from up north where the wind chill is supposed to drop to minus -40 this weekend...mercy, now that's cold. Prayers for Sherry and you as you remember Johnny always.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We truly never do stop learning. There is always something new. Your plans for the funeral sound good and it will be good to have him laid to rest. I love the song, will the circle be unbroken.